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Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on December 3, 2021

There are a vast multitude of patriots, lightworkers, truthers, Q followers, etc, who are looking out into the world, wondering when IT is going to finally happen and just what this IT is going to look like, if it ever actually comes.

There have also been a great deal of complaints and people threatening to give up, or shouting to the sky, or through their keyboards, for the “White Hats” to Do Something!– and DO IT NOW! As if there was a group of people in a military bunker somewhere with the power to end this “whole charade” whenever they wished. 

Last night I had a telling dream about how this is actually transpiring. It is a metaphysical take on it, to be sure, but it is also playing out in the “real world” just the same. 

What I got was this: It Happens Within.

We’ve all been ‘looking glassing’ into the outer-drama of the world, searching for clues and answers, waiting for a grand Deus-ex-Machina curtain-yank to take place. The EBS. NESARA. A roll-out of miracle-machine med-beds, which can cure anything and make you 20 years younger in 15 minutes! Unlimited funds for everyone who has a “humanity project” — funded by magical zim-zala-bim coins issued forth from the paymasters in the sky. 

We have all been a little childish in our wish-fulfillment demands and expectations. 

It was the same when Jesus Christ walked the earth, proclaiming the new gospel and demonstrating its efficacy within his own person. His apostles, disciples, and even his own family, especially his mother Mary– they were constanting asking something different from him than what he was actually doing. They wanted and expected him to enact their wish fulfillment  of the long-awaited and prophesied Messiah. They wanted an all-powerful figure who would blow their enemies away and bring a glorious new kingdom right to their doorstep virtually overnight, thus seating them all in high places of power in the material world. 

When Christ made his first public appearance as this foretold Messiah at the Wedding at Cana, it was expected, especially by his Mother, that he would perform some great demonstration to prove himself to everyone, but this was never his intention. 
When Christ spent 40 days in the mountains alone, and conquered the Luciferian aspect of this world, he had an option before him, one in which he could choose to be a figure of supernatural power, one who could move mountains and cause everyone, especially his enemies, to fall at his feet and worship him as God, or at least as a god. His other choice was that he could choose to do God’s will, whatever that might be. We know from his subsequent life which choice he made, though even to the very end he had the power to revert to the original option. His ultimate triumph was in choosing to do God’s will right to the last moment, through the horrible physical suffering that accompanied his crucifixion, as well as the very difficult times before it, such as just prior to his arrest, when it dawned on him that his time was rapidly coming to an end, and a gravity of the situation overtook him for a while, and he felt the utter loneliness of it. This was when he called three of his apostles to stay with him and keep him company while he prayed, yet they kept falling asleep. As ever, he faced his human fears and triumphed over them. And it was his majesty in facing his death with such grace that instantly converted some of those who were near him at the time, such as the thief and the centurion. When Christ died in body, his last words were: “It is finished. Father, I commend my spirit to you.” The centurion stationed at the cross became an instant convert at witnessing this, and he was the one who protected Christ’s body from being taken away by members of the Sanhedrin after his bodily death, and thrown in an open pit, which these men were determined to do, to thwart any talk of a resurrection. This centurion later became a great preacher of Christ’s gospel. 

One might get the idea that it was God’s will that Christ die like this, on the cross, however, that is not the case. It was God’s will that Christ experience the death of the body, as every human being must, so that he could be one with them and their natural struggle, and not exempt from it. What happened to Christ in the world was not God’s will per se, but a matter of letting human free will at that time play out without obstruction. The sham trials and crucifixion was the result of that karma-drama of that age playing out according to the human choices of all involved.


Back to the Wedding at Cana. When the wine ran out and the planners of the wedding rushed to Mary all distraught, she said don’t worry, my son will solve this. And when she went to Jesus, asking that he perform a miracle, stating they desperately needed the wine, he was upset with her. He said: “Think not that I have come to this place to work some wonder for the gratification of the curious or for the conviction of those who doubt. I have not come to do things in this wise. Why do you trouble me again with these matters?”

“But my son, I promised them that you would help us; won’t you please do something for me?” she entreated.

And then spoke Jesus: “Woman, what have you to do with making such promises? See to it that you do not do it again. We must in all things wait upon the will of the Father in heaven.”

Mary was stunned and crushed, as tears streamed down her face. You have to remember that she was an outspoken believer in her son being the long prophesied Messiah. Her faith in this had carried her through many long and difficult years. She was bold about her belief in this and she was not wrong, that is the key point here. She was not wrong, and yet she had her own ideas and expectations about how this should play out. Like most of the Jews of the day, from even the enemies of Christ, like the members of the Sanhedrin, all the way to Christ’s own apostles, it was expected that the Messiah would seize the reins of the world and triumphantly bring power and glory back to the Jewish people, almost overnight. 

Can you imagine her disappointment, were she to realize that Christ could actually have done this if he had chosen to, instead of what he did choose, which was to do the will of God? Think about it. What would have happened if Christ took this worldly power and moved mountains and made entire armies fall lame at his feet? What would that have taught everyone, with regards to the gospel that God is within each and every individual? It would have actually worked against this teaching, because the people would have worshipped Jesus the individual as some kind of all-powerful super being, and they never would have understood his message of the individual God-spark contained within each and every living person. They never would have awakened to this kingdom within, whose gate key is their own decision and intent. The kind of “superhero” actions they were begging for would only have blinded them to this truth in actuality.

As it turned out at the Cana wedding, Christ felt great empathy when he saw the woman who had borne him in the flesh weeping. He said: “Mother Mary, grieve not over my apparently hard sayings, most gladly I would do what you ask if it were the Father’s will–” He stopped short at this, hesitating. Mary sensed something, and leapt up in joy and kissed him, running off to tell the servants: “Whatever my son says, that do.” Jesus realized that he had said, or rather, thought, too much. And yet, he was as surprised as anyone with regards to what transpired. The 20 gallon stone pots that were filled with water had become filled with wine. The explanation of how this occurred, all without breaking any of the natural laws of the Universe, as well as a far more detailed description of the life and teachings of Jesus, can be found in the Urantia Book.

I am now bringing this back to our current day and our current world situation, because I feel that many of us in the “truther” community are like Mother Mary here. We want the world-miracle-events to take place in the way we expect them to, as well as the way in which they have been prophesied to us by many of our fellow truthers. Jesus, you should know, in his subsequent ministry became somewhat estranged from his immediate family, because he was not doing things in the way they expected. There were many, not just in his family, but also within his closest associates, who could not believe that he was going to let himself get arrested and convicted of crimes, when he could have defeated all of these organized factions if he simply took charge of the powers at his disposal. When Judas Iscariot realized that Jesus was going to let himself get taken, he understood at once that he, Judas, was going to be perceived as being on the losing side of all of this, and as a failure. He could not stand this conception, as he was very egotistical. He wanted glory in the world, which is why he looked to be an apostle in the first place. He thought it would get him in at the ground floor of the Messiah’s new kingdom. Can you imagine his horror when Christ informed him that his kingdom was not of this world? 

Some think that Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss for 30 silver pieces. It’s true that this is what he received, but he did not know this beforehand. He went to the Sanhedrin/Sadducees, etc, to see what he would get if he helped them in their cause to rid the world of this prophet who was upsetting their power structure. He thought they would place him in a high position in their organization if he helped them. They said, in essence, do the deed and you will get your reward. When it turned out to be a mere 30 silver pieces, the price of a slave at the time, Judas was overcome with shame and devastation. He saw that the Sanhedrin looked upon him with utter contempt, as simply a traitor and nothing more. They didn’t want anything to do with him. Judas threw the coins at their feet, stumbled out to a hillside and hung himself. 

We now find ourselves in a very peculiar crossroads moment in world history, one which could indeed be termed “Biblical.” 

Some of us here are calling for epoch-shifting overnight miracles to save us all. Yet the power we call out for, like Christ proclaimed in his ministry, comes from within.

We might wish for the existence of an all-powerful Alliance that can do anything it wants once it decides to “pull the trigger” — yet we then become disappointed because we’re waiting so damn long for this. “C’mon, Alliance, I can’t take this anymore. My mother needs the med-bed and my rent is due next week! Stop the world and bring on the EBS and NESARA! My friends and enemies need to see that I was right all along in my predictions!”

I am not looking to shatter anyone’s dreams with this post. Remarkable things are happening every day and it is true that Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. However, it is coming through a different avenue than some might perceive. Yes, this is all playing out on the world stage, yet it is playing out from WITHIN through the very characters onstage, and those characters are everyone in the world, not just the famous personalities. 

That is why nothing can stop what is coming. Yes, there is an Alliance, and the Q drops were a strategic part of that, in that they played a role as a reverse-psy-op to the media’s psy-op. The Deep State, or Cabal, has been far more organized in this “battle” than you could imagine. That is how they were able implement the rigging of the 2020 election and the subsequent acquiescence of Congress and the Courts, as well as everything happening with Covid, along with the central banking system on top of that, as the metaphorical all-seeing eye at the top of their occult pyramid. 

From one perspective, the Dark Team has this game all sewn up. Just like in Christ’s time, they have the whole political system in their pocket, and even those who might be modern-day Pontius Pilates in this system, who don’t really want to go along with the whole sham ordeal, they also, like Pilate, don’t have the courage within to make a real stand against the powers that be, because of what they think they might lose.

Even Trump himself, who is the freedom movement’s hero for many around the world– he is also limited in terms of what he can do individually to alter or effect what is transpiring. That is why, when someone like General Flynn said, in effect, that there is no cavalry coming, and we have to do it ourselves, I think this statement devastated many. Because many are indeed looking for that “white hat” cavalry to come over the hill in the traditional way of wars from the past. 


You have to understand that something which Juan O Savin has pointed out is very true. He said, in the end, we were all going to recognize that this was of God’s hand and give all the glory to Him. That does not mean that all of these patriot individuals, as well as ourselves, are not involved in the drama, and that all the detailed movements and actions on the world-stage are not important, because they are. But it means that there is a different aspect to this 5D chess game, one that is beyond the mere moves and countermoves of a battle or war.

Here’s how it is playing out. Every single person in this world is either creating their own reality from within, or they are ceding this inherent power to factions outside themselves. But in this accelerated meta-historical moment, no one can escape the extrapolation of their inner realities onto the outer canvas of the world. And karma is now kicking into overdrive. That’s why you see what is happening with people like Alec Baldwin, or all of the CEO resignations, or the Maxwell/Epstein trial for child trafficking and worse. Karma is flooding onto the stage for everyone in the world-drama to see. True, the old world order is running around trying to put their thumbs in the dike, but the old world order is composed of actual individuals. While they are doing this, their own karma is getting away from them in this accelerated karma manifestation.

That is how God’s will is the Trump Card in all of this. Things are speeding up beyond anyone’s ability to micro-manage by mere outer-world organization. Superior organization behind the scenes is what formerly was the dark side’s ace card up the sleeve. In their occult ceremonies they would set their stage 5 minutes before the hour, to underline that they “get there” metaphorically “5 minutes” before the sleeping world, so that they can rig it in their favor. But now that 5 minutes is being taken away from them, not by the Alliance, but by God. Things are being sped up beyond their ability to control or get ahead of. 

It is also beyond the Alliance’s ability to control. That is why, as individuals, Trump included, they do not have all the answers. They don’t know how this is all going to play out either. Even Christ himself did not know how his journey was going to eventuate on the material stage. He hoped, at times, that a turn might take place which would change the reality of the crucifixion, yet he also endeavored at all times to be an active and faithful agent of God’s will. 

It is not my intention to suggest that there is not an active Alliance in our world, in the “Patriots are in Control” sense, or that there are not many incredible technologies around the corner in both the energy and medical sectors which will change our world. From the thousands of suppressed patents alone we know that such things exist, however one should be careful about projecting too many all-powerful hopes and wishes onto a machine. A machine is not God, nor does it have the power of the God-within which we as human beings are invested with. Also, the Alliance is not some all-powerful superhero. It is an organization, sometimes a loose and shifting organization of men and women, the same as the Cabal. They are all, in the end, actual people, even if you take into account beings from other dimensions which may influence them. The Patriots, like yourself, are also influenced by beings from other dimensions. We sometimes call them angels. 

So, we must be careful not to project onto things outside of us the power that comes from within. We are going to see incredible things take place on the world stage because of the “Operation Warp Speed Karma” which is now in effect. It is this karma acceleration which is God’s miracle for this historical moment, and NOT a Deus-ex-Machina event which supersedes human free will. Human free will is still playing out. Everyone’s karma is coming home to roost. That is why the dark side cannot win. They are already screwed by their karmic actions. Everything done in the dark is now coming into the light. 

At a certain point of acceleration the general public will be in awe of how this is all playing out. That is when the God-component will start to be recognized. The spiritual types will get it first, but then later, even the atheists and materialists will have to recognize that something truly incredible is unfolding. That is the “It’s Gonna Be Biblical” aspect.

The recognition of this will stir revivals across all lands. The people marching en masse against Covid tyranny this very day is a presage of that. You’ll notice many of them are singing songs of their homeland. Something is stirring from within them. The coming Freedom for humanity, in the midst of the plans of Tyranny, is starting to dawn on them. And this is not just an intellectual understanding, it is an energetic realization, for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.”

There are some out there, especially among the dark, who will not be able to maintain bodily integrity as the accelerated energies increase. That is also part of Nothing Can Stop What is Coming. There are those who will pass from the earth in this coming time in order to be reborn or reincarnated again in the coming transformed world, or in other worlds of re-education. Of course, on a long enough timeline all of us are destined to do the same anyway, in the transformation that comes with death. So, no wringing of the hands regarding the passage of souls is required, because nothing has changed in that regard.

That said, I know that there are many in this community who wish to surf this energetic wave to the new shore, and who eagerly await the accelerated energies afoot. Yet, you might well appreciate the time you have now to prep your surfboard and make peace with not only what is to come, but also precisely what is happening right now, even if it seems obscure or somehow in doubt.    

While I am not at all a fan of the politics of Bruce Springsteen or what he has stood for vis-a-vis President Trump, I can also separate an artistic work from the one who crafted it, and allow it to exist independently on its own, in order to appreciate it as such.

In the song “The Promised Land” from “The Darkness on the Edge of Town,” he sings:
Well, there’s a dark cloud rising from the desert floor
I packed my bags and I’m heading straight into the storm
Gonna be a twister to blow everything down
That ain’t got the faith to stand its ground
Blow away the dreams that tear you apart
Blow away the dreams that break your heart
Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted 
The Promised Land

There is a profound association here to our “Storm” — long prophesied by Q, and many others.

This is ultimately a Storm of God. It is not altering human free will, it is only speeding up its karmic cause-and-effect on the world stage. Do you have the faith to stand your ground as this “twister” plays out? It may blow away the dreams of many, but only the dreams that break your heart, and only the lies that have left you nothing but lost and brokenhearted. 

What will be left after this Storm is the “Kingdom” which Christ spoke of and demonstrated in his person. He told his apostles to love their brothers and sisters, not just as themselves, but also as He loved them. And He loved them with the Love of God the Father for His children. 


Wanting to crush your enemies, that is the desire of the old world, not of God’s kingdom, the kingdom within. Because in God’s kingdom we know that others are but a reflection of ourselves. It is, of course, the Unity Consciousness of Christ of which I speak. His gospel declared that this consciousness belongs to all, Jew and Gentile, man and woman, young and old. There are no special chosen ones here. All have been chosen by God by virtue of them being His very children. 

So, find your faith within, by way of your own personal connection with Source. Even if this accelerated historical moment were not actually taking place, you would still have to face your own individual death, would you not? And this faith within will be an invaluable companion to you at that moment, as surely as it is now.

Regarding the infamous “jab,” I will not go into much detail, beyond the assurance that no one is being subjected to anything that is beyond what is within their own personal karmic perview. There are many versions of the “jab” out there, as both sides have tried to get control of it. How do you know which one you would get? Well, the simplest approach would be to not get any of them. However, there have been many well-meaning and sincere people who have gotten these jabs, and gotten them for their children, believing in their hearts they were doing the right thing, in their deepest and purest wishes to care for their charges. 

Remember the story of Jesus at the wedding. He did not know that the water had turned to wine. It was his love for his mother in that moment which made the transformation occur, even when he hadn’t planned for it himself. He told his apostles afterwards not to tell anyone of this. He did not want to be known as a miracle worker, he wanted to spread the gospel at a level in which he was one in the same as his people, and no different from them, beyond the depth of understanding he had regarding his connection with Source. True, he was far advanced from his fellows in this way, but he was not ultimately different from them. “You will do all these things and more,” he said. 

So, trust your Father in Heaven. He is not punishing every child who has mistakenly taken the jab. Water can indeed turn to wine in an instant of no-time. As I said, behind the scenes many versions of the jab have been created. But even a bad version can be neutralized from the God-within if your heart is pure in intent. Others may have problems with it. No doubt, some will pass away by this scenario, as we have seen. Ceding your power to outside authorities that are not of God is a lesson humanity is now learning at large. 

As far as Trump is concerned, under his authority, a “positive” vaccine, if you want to call it that, was created. There are also neutral, placebo-style vaccines out there, as well as more normal flu-vaccines types, as well as the other type of “conspiracy vaccine” that some are afraid of, while others consider this ‘NWO jab’ to be nonsense. 

This is not about putting your faith in Trump, or any world leader, for that matter. You can put your faith in Christ, that is recommended, as his true teachings will never fail you. As far as Trump, he has done and is doing his best, as any good man might, given the extraordinary amount that has been put on his table. This has been, in many respects, a war, like the Revolutionary War. General Washington did not have the power to end the war in victory any time he wanted. And he had to make many very difficult choices, some of which resulted in the death of his men. It was unavoidable in that context. Washington prayed often, and stated many times that the only thing the Continental Army had was Providence, because everything else in the world seemed to be against them. In the moves and countermoves of any war the complexities get deep. The vaccine plays into this notion. It is not a simple case of ‘good versus bad vaxx’ when it comes to that. You can’t say that because Trump recommended the vaccine that he is controlled by the opposition, and on the side of the bad team. That is most assuredly not the case. Many claimed the same thing about George Washington during the war. 

Free will and choice is paramount here. The individual and collective karma will play out. At a speed beyond the control of all mice and men. That includes the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” The kingdom-within of Christ does transcend the physical world of absolute cause and effect. So, with that knowledge, take back your power over the outer-world by way of your connection with Source. 

Understand, like Christ did, that there is nothing in all of existence more powerful and profound than your decision and intent to do God’s will. That is our ultimate prayer and it is our ultimate salvation. “He who believes in me shall not fall,” Christ said. To believe in Him was to believe in His Way, available to all, excluding none. And thus we pray:

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done;
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.


When Christ emerged from the empty tomb in a new and different body, to appear to once more his followers in person, he did so 19 times, to both individuals and collectives, and his last words before he vanished from their mortal sights each time, was “my peace be with you.” Not just peace, but His peace, the kind which transcends the life-and-death concerns of mortals. It is a peace rooted in eternal life. 

When you find this peace within, and it will come in stages as your human mind, with all its attendant concerns, wrestles with it, you will find that this peace will be your “superpower.” 

Your inner-calmness will be like the superpower of angels. It will carry you through whatever is “happening” in the world around you. 

You were told about the approaching Storm long beforehand, not so that you would fear it or seek to profit from it financially, but so that when it came you would be like a lighthouse, a calm in the eye of the storm for your brothers and sisters. You do not necessarily have to explain these things to them, not unless they ask for such explanations, and even then your perspective will be by its very nature limited, but rather you are to demonstrate to them by your being a calmness and a peace in all things, a peace that comes by faith– a faith that is not blind, but which has eyes to see that which is true from within. 

You and God are One at the very deepest of levels. 

Your trespasses can be forgiven if your heart is sincere. 

The world is not here to hurt you, not unless you give it your own power to do so. 

When the Arthurian knight Percival finally “found” the Holy Grail, what he found was this proclamation from within: “You and the Land are One.”

That is to say, your inner-world projects your outer-world onto the screen of your life. 

Yes, a battle is taking place in the collective world, in terms of Freedom and Tyranny. But it is still a choice for all, in the sense that this “battle” is between those who consciously choose freedom and those who unconsciously choose tyranny. The small number that represent the Cabal, it is true, are the one that consciously chose a tyranny of themselves over the masses, however, remember that in this time they cannot win the game, because their karma is being sped up unto their very worldly dissolution. 

Find your peace in that knowledge, and, of course, in the Way of Christ. 

“Enjoy the Show” does not mean to do nothing as a mere spectator in the audience. It means that the drama-world which is so important to many of us here, vis-a-vis what all “happens” and when– this world is about to take on a very heightened and dramatic showtime aspect, as the events on its stage come to remarkable, thrilling and unexpected conclusions. 

And at the end of those dramas, we will find ourselves in a world of new beginnings. Those who have the faith to “stand their ground,” that is. 

There is a reason why Christ said that the meek (humble in spirit) will inherit the Earth. 


Are you ready for a new “landlord” in this realm, one which doesn’t serve Mammon, but serves God Almighty, the maker of heaven and earth?

It is You who holds the key in your hand to this new dwelling place. The old landlord is nowhere to be found now.
You are the One that you have been waiting for all this time.

And the power to do all of these works of wonder comes from only one place.

From Within.


Parting the Washington Sea


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