(Reader: Luna) A Lightworkers Path: Life Gets in the Way


Reader Post | By Luna

A Lightworkers Path: Life Gets in the Way

Life gets in the way. So you are probably wondering why I’m telling you this is because we never really know what life is going to throw our way.  I am blessed to have had such a strong belief in God/a higher power that has always been watching over me. I, also, believed that everything that happened to me happened for a reason. I knew it was another lesson and something for me to figure out. I had to know how it fit into my life and then I was able to see where it fit and why. It made it easier to let things go. 

I had trust in my inner guidance and whole lot of faith in that all will be as it should. I just had to go along for the ride and try not to react to it or take anything personally. I knew that I was only to observe and by doing that I see patterns and the overall picture. So in other words, I could tell which direction things would go and so I could prepare.

I truly trusted and that was now today I am here. I’m here not only building my dream and in this midst of this storm. I learned to disconnect from the drama and dream my dream and I’m still doing it. I can assure you that I AM dreaming even bigger because I know that everything happens as it should. I’m here at this time like you because we chose to be here for all of this. Yes, my faith in our Creator directs us all and though I feel like I am in the midst of this storm, I still have faith which I feel is even stronger. Prayer and meditation are part of my daily routines. It helps to ground me like going for a walk in the forest or by a river. Just listening to wind blowing the leaves on the trees calms me. Sitting on my deck watching the clouds go by or seeing the moon shining down on the lake. It makes me realize how lucky I am to be here and be a witness to all this glory!

 I have faith that I will always be ok and that my guidance will take me exactly to where I need to be, as long as, I listen and follow my intuition. Yes, even though I get a lot of criticism from those around me I just don’t pay attention because they have their own of seeing or understanding of what is happening around us. I don’t try anymore because I know I am talking to the programmed part of them what I call the ‘AI’. It’s like a computer program with limited information and so they can’t do a task beyond that.  When you realize that you just have to just stay in the background and I know it’s not fun because we have seen them make decisions we know they will regret once they wake up.  There is still hope for all of them with the new technologies that are to be released after Nesara/Gesara is announced.  I also realized that it is not my ‘job’ to wake them up but it wasn’t easy for me especially when they are your children. To me they are my kids but they are fully grown adults and so I just let them know I am here for them.

We all want our families to just be ok and see the truth of things in our world and you just wanted them to be as excited about all the amazing things that are coming for all of us. Then I realized that they either can’t see it and that I had to allow them to do it at their own pace. Don’t shut any doors even if you were hurt by them. They truly are not themselves.   

We are not all strong or warriors. I thank God I am. I give thanks everyday for that and for being awake. We should always be grateful for what we have and concentrate on those things that lift us higher and not on those things that tear us down.  Believe it that all is as it should be for your highest and best.


It’s not easy to be the only member of your clan that is awake and calling things before they happen and no one pays attention to you or ridicules you. Understand that is by design because every family has at least one person awake. The reason for that is by God’s design and that is to pull families together after all the truths come into the Light! You will then shine just like the lights you all are! Believe me! Then they will know who you really are. They will also notice that you never really gave up on them for you continue to hold the light for them. All the members of your family and close friends that you consider family are truly part of your soul group and you all incarnate here in different roles to support each other. You know all the lessons you are to learn here and even how. You decide that with your Soul Group and with the ascended masters in your group. You always retain your free will so you may choose not to do something you said you would in this lifetime so you keep coming back until you learn that lesson. After you have completed your lessons you ascend to a higher vibration.

In this next place 5D, we won’t don’t have to die to ascend. In other words, this is the first time in human history that we are taking our bodies with us. This is a truly a gift. We have been deeply longing for this place but we didn’t know the truth about it and that it actually existed. You see, we were stuck in the Illuminati’s way of death wheel. That’s where we come back here through that portal and are perpetual slaves in each lifetime just like all of our ancestors were. To make things worse they even lied about death and that was never supposed to be something to fear. In each lifetime we are supposed to ascend and live a life that was better and better and that was usurped too.  Then we find out that all the while they were trying to kill us through our food, Medicine’s, etc.  In order to correct some of those lies, the truth has to be told now hence the disclosures that will be coming out during the next few weeks.

Remember not to get pulled into the fear you may feel.  The darkness has to be exposed and come into the light to be transmuted.  I have been training for these times my whole life here on this beautiful and majestic planet Through my life my angelic guides imparted much knowledge and steered me to the truth. I am eternally grateful because when the time comes the people who will be traumatized I know I can help them because I came equipped with all the tools needed to help God’s children.  I’m not alone in this because I know there are many like me. There are so many Lightworkers like myself around the world. So, if you don’t have someone in your family you could go to them or if not, I’m sure you have a Lightworker nearby. Remember that you are here as a witness of the greatest event that has ever happened not just here on Earth but in any galaxy ascending with our bodies. Many of our star travellers have come from far beyond this galaxy to be here and to support us. That’s how important we all are. You will be amazed at how much we are loved and admired for the courage we all show during these difficult times on our planet. It truly is an amazing time and it’s my honour to be here with all of you.

Now I am told we will be transitioning with this body to a higher state of being.  It’s difficult for some of us who have families that are not awake because we want them to know what we know. But they must be allowed to follow their path and what we as Lightworkers are supposed to do is simply to hold the light for all of our loved ones.  Don’t give up on them I know it’s hard think of them they are asleep and we can’t wake them no matter what we say or do. We are the conspiracy theorists. Or obsessed with seeing evil in the world and yes as a matter of fact it is evil but worse corrupt for the sake of the ‘almighty dollar.’ The dollar came before everyone and everything. It is a means to an end to their greed. Yes devils and many wore disguises so we could not see. Yet disclosures were in plain sight.

We need to realize that we are firstly, not here by accident but that we were charged with holding the light for humanity while they transition including Mother Earth.  Now many of us, will take on a grander role in protecting her. We cannot heal until we are all free from the chains that bind us! Then we must know the truth because then and only then can we truly see all the pieces and the truth of our existence and then we will feel whole. All we have been doing is existing! But soon we will live again in peace and harmony and more love than we could ever have imagined. 

Even Mother Earth is transforming with us. We were to be her Guardians. We need each other. It is like we are connected within our bodies for we need air to breathe and water to live. Everything on this planet needs water to survive. It was our responsibility to make sure that our air and water was clean and we failed that miserably. But now we have a chance to re-create our New Earth and please, let us all learn from the past mistakes. We have so much to do and we can’t do it alone because we need to do it together. Fifth dimension is about Unity conscious. We are coming together in groups for Soul work together as one family for all people globally. Much work awaits us! Are you ready yet? The call has been sent out. We, your family await you with open arms!

If you want to find people of like minds who care not only for humanity but all that this encompasses and beautiful human beings who work from their hearts, come join Geo and myself at the World Benevolence Group. My personal email is below.


Again, if you need me or have any questions, know that I am here for you. For now, I will wish for you to find the peace we all deserve and I send you all much love and oh so much joy.
Peace, Love, Light


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