Greg Hunter’s USAWatchDog — Mitch Gerber: World Ignores China’s Massive Organ Harvesting Operation


World Ignores China’s Massive Organ Harvesting Operation –Mitch Gerber

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Investigative journalist Mitch Gerber has dedicated more than two decades to investigating the live organ harvesting operation in China.  It is estimated the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is harvesting up to 100,000 people a year while wide awake on the operating room table.  Gerber explains, “This is forced live organ harvesting while they are awake, while the blood is still flowing, yes.  They know they are having their organs removed while alive.  To your horror, they all know this is going on.  The United Nations knows about it.  All governing bodies know about this:  The European Union, the European Parliament, it is still going on to this day.”

It’s not just governing bodies like the U.S Congress who also know about live human organ harvesting in China.  It’s the NFL, NBA, MLB, Big Tech, Big Pharma, social and mainstream media too.  Gerber says, “They are criminals.  They are complicit in murder and crimes against humanity.  They are breaking the Nuremberg Code.  They are breaking the Constitutional laws of the United States.  They are breaking genocidal treaties.  These are crimes the World has not come to realize yet.  The people of China are controlled under this mass murdering regime. . . .They have their evil claws into the United Nations. . . . They run the World Health Organization with the CCP UN Secretary General Tedros.  They have many entities and government officials in their pockets.  They have 70 members of the CCP on the criminal cartel and Anti-Christ board of Pfizer, and it’s not just the board of Pfizer.  There is HSBC, Boeing . . . .There is about two million CCP agents and loyalists that have been infiltrating government agencies in the UK, U.S. and the Australian government. . . . The Australian government is now the new CCP. . . .I am actually disgusted with the cowardly nature of these individuals who are turning their backs and hearing no evil, seeing no evil and speaking no evil.  They know exactly the criminal record of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  It’s not like they were born yesterday. . . . This is one of the biggest crimes against humanity, and they all know–extinction before loss of profits.”

Gerber goes on to say, “This is a multi-billion dollar operation that the Chinese Communist Party has used and expanded globally. . . . There are 252 concentration camps in China, and shame on the Olympic Committee because the Winter Olympics are about to be conducted in China where people are being harvested in 252 concentration camps and more than 3,000 hospitals. . . . It’s forced labor and forced organ harvesting for the Falun Gong, Uyghur Muslims, Christians and Tibetans.”

Join Greg Hunter as goes One-on-One with investigative journalist Mitch Gerber as he details organ harvesting on an industrial scale that the world knows full well about and continues to ignore. (11.30.21)  (There is much more in the 30 min interview.)

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The videos Gerber mentioned in the interview are here, here, and here.

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