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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

This article will contain many questions. And I realize that I am addressing an audience here that is in the process of awakening, so to put it with a German saying, “I’m knocking down open doors!”

But maybe there is someone among the readers who is also asking these questions right now.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Do you really believe that this chaotic world we are being shown right now can still be saved? That this world will “recover” and we can return to our known lives?

Do you really believe that the conflicts we are shown by the MSM and some alternative channels are real? I am thinking about Poland and Belarus for example. How did the “refugees” get to Belarus? It is a visa required country!!! Did these “refugees” get an entry visa? Or did all the soldiers sleep for days at the other border? Are these films and pictures we are shown really from Belarus?

Do you really think that we have not been indoctrinated for decades?

Indoctrination refers to a targeted, massive manipulation of the attitudes, opinions or values of individuals or (social) groups through controlled, one-sided information, using psychological techniques or coercion. The goal is the suppression of independent thought, the prevention of (political) criticism and/or ideological conformity. Source: Schubert, Klaus/Martina Klein: The Political Encyclopedia

Does this sound familiar to you? Especially in the last 20 months? I emphasize from the quote above “ONE-SIDED INFORMATION”!

So many pictures and movies have gone viral showing politicians, corporate CEOs, and celebrities wearing masks or with massive external changes. Do you really think these are still the real thing? Do you really believe that, especially in the Deep State strongholds of Europe, Australia, the originals still exist? Do you really believe that the measures, “laws” and “regulations” serve to do good for you? Or to fight a “pandemic”? They are fence posts that the alliance waves, they are so big and so heavy, they hit so hard that just watching them hurts.

In Germany right now so many bombs are being found all over the country, supposedly from World War II, folks, I wouldn’t trust the worst military with that many duds. And strangely enough, these “duds” are always “found” in places, sites or facilities that raise questions. Only few ask the questions. Sadly! In order not to make the whole thing too one-sided, i.e. boring, there is also sometimes a rampage or a crazed “refugee”. Also important building sites become sometimes necessary at strategic points. Do you really think the allies in WWII dropped so much scrap? Do you really think that in a pandemic “refugees” would go crazy or that anything would be repaired? Do you really think you can get away with it, no questions asked?

Let’s get to the smurfing. Do you really believe that so many people in Germany are smurfing? Who publishes these figures? Who has been lying to us with numbers for decades? Who has been lying to us in general for decades and concealing everything that doesn’t fit the narrative? Do you really think the alliance would allow harm to those who are needed in the new world? Never!!!
Do you really believe that the media is telling you the right thing? Do you really believe that alternative media warning about vaccinated superspreaders or even future zombies mean well? They are all participating in divisiveness that we are witnessing now, live and in color everywhere. And they are causing panic. Panic that is unfounded, but divides society. Do you really think Germans would have learned from their past? Do you really think that a nation has learned from its past? Every day we see the opposite. Each in a different way. The new “Jews” from the Third Reich, the new “Native Americans” from America are the unvaccinated or the vaccinated, depending on “which side you are on”. All of a sudden they spring up like mushrooms. The block watchers, the denunciators, the know-it-alls, the exclusionists, the censors, the bullies, the collaborators. Do you really believe that this was not the plan of the alliance?

Now for an important topic. I have written many times about the silent masses that exist in every country in the world. The masses that have or had doubts about everything, but have not dared to stand up until now. For whatever reason. Each individual has his individual reasons for it. These don’t matter at all, because the important thing is only that this silent mass doesn’t keep silent any more! Do you really believe that the existing companies can compensate a failure by sick notes, as it happens just now in Germany? I know industries where 5-10 percent of employees are on vacation or sick and it comes to a standstill. Don’t you think it’s time to thank the Alliance for allowing or mandating these “rules to protect against C”? Don’t you think this is the next step in the destruction of something we will never need again? Don’t you think it’s time to finally help bring down the system? What can happen to you? If you are sick, you have (at least in Germany) six weeks of continued pay. After that comes sick pay. Perhaps you will also be dismissed with unemployment benefits. So what? But during these weeks the system is broken for a long time and can be rebuilt. And for that, everything is on hold. Do you really believe that there is no plan for THEREAFTER?

And finally: Do you really believe that other civilizations in the universe get up every day in the morning, wash themselves and go to some kind of work? Only to fall asleep exhausted in the evening on the couch in front of a sprinkling and indoctrination device (TV)? And to get a wage for it that is worth less and less? Do you really believe that a community can only function if there are enough rules and laws? And the more laws and rules, the better? Aren’t many laws and rules rather a raison d’être for judges and lawyers?

Quote from the movie “Philadelphia”: “What are a thousand lawyers, chained together at the bottom of the sea?”

A good start! And we’ll all have that soon. How, when and with what we will see. Do you really think the Alliance doesn’t know who we are?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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