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November 27, 2021

Back before I died of boredom waiting for this darn RV to pop, I used to be a now-and-then contributor here at Intel Dinar Chronicles. That was back in the Yosef days. Anybody remember him? He was sumthin’ else.

Nowadays that sweet lady Judy Byington seems to be the best aggregator of all things RV, especially when it comes to the dinar. She does a good job of chronicling the snail’s pace of progress the world is making toward what we have long hoped would be a happily ever after for us all. We’ve hoped it so anyways. It’s probably better that Ms. Byington offers us a soft and gentle news and updates delivery as opposed to Yosef’s salty fire and brimstone. I don’t know about anyone else but my get-excited days are over and I’m thankful for the calm. Most I can muster up these days is a “yeah, suuuuure” when someone tries to get people all stirred up. This Memory popped up on my Facebook page today, made me chuckle:

I guess that’s what prompted me to write this post today. It used to be easy to get all worked up when a Yosef or a Field McConnell would say something to make us feel like we were real insiders to the whole shebang. Now it’s just: same news different day.

Except for that bit about John F. Kennedy Jr. might still be alive. That’s kinda fun. The thought that he faked his own death just so he could spend a couple of decades plotting out his father’s revenge and simultaneously drain the swamp? Pretty sexy. And practically single handedly if you follow the Q crowd. Which I don’t. Well, not much anyways. I mean I like the idea of there being a Q crowd. I just don’t feel much a part of it. Not autistic enough I guess.

But even the Q crowd seems to have fizzled lately. I guess when Jr. and JFK Sr. didn’t magically materialize at Dealey Plaza earlier this month a lot of people lost interest. Just a guess on my part. I have no way of knowing for sure. But to be honest, I was secretly hoping they would make an appearance just to give us all a little something new to talk about. That would have been fun! Look at some of the teasers they put out there:

But honestly when I think about it that kind of thing might have been a little too romantical and fairy-tailish for me. I mean why would Jr. work so hard to avenge his father’s death if Sr. was never really assassinated? Sure would raise a lot of questions…




What the country kid in me would like to see is something more like this. This fossilhead would just love to see Jr.  roll up to the White House and walk up those stairs and fricking (not my choice of words but trying to respect Patrick’s wishes that we don’t use profanity) – that Jr. rolls up right out in front of the White House and fricking owns it! Like a boss. And why not? It’s empty anyways. We all know Bidumb’s not in there. Never has been. I’d just love to see Jr. step up and out the fact that Bidumb is a big old phoney balogny and always has been. Someone’s gotta do it. And so far no one else has stepped up to the plate. Not even Trump.

I know it’s just a pipe dream but I don’t have many more maybe tomorows, or maybe before Christmases, or maybe at the fiscal yearends left in me. I have grown old waiting for this thing to happen. Lost a lot of friends and spent too many holidays alone. Sure would be nice if we could wrap this thing up before everyone just gives up.

Thanks for listening.


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