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The key now is to trust the plan? How long have we been hearing those words? At what point do people simply come to the conclusion that this may be just a ploy to keep patriots at bay while the elites move forward with their depopulation plans.

ALL- including the “so called white hats” in on the entire thing, while people that would normally revolt sit back and trust the plan – trust Q?  Believe me when I say I want nothing more than for the Q operation to be truly what it claims to be.

A plan where the good guys are attempting to thwart the bad guys and restore America and the World to a place and time where evil did not reign, at least not at this level. It all sounds good right? We can just sit back like we’re watching a movie?…No one taking up arms and taking back the corrupt government? The purpose the second amendment was put in place was to keep the government from overreach. Isn’t that what we are watching now with lockdowns and mandates from sea to shining sea, while essentially we sit on our hands and wait for a most likely fictional Q to save us?

If Q is for real and an operation against the deep state cabal proves successful, we will know at that point GOD’S hand was surely ON the entire operation from the beginning. Most Americans have zero patience- they want things now. I’m certain thousands who were once certain of Q are now not so sure.

Too much evil has been allowed to pass for Q to be real?

I for one have not ruled Q out, but I’ve forced myself to take a step back and realize- the only ONE coming to save us is not Q- but GOD HIMSELF. HE must step in.

If this is not the “times up” moment for humanity- GOD HIMSELF will need to be the ONE to intervene. Will HE use the white hats and the Q group to facilitate the downfall of the satanic bloodline families?  This I don’t know. I hope HE does, as it would restore hope in humanity for many. If it turns out that we’ve been manipulated by a very clever distraction in order that we were kept glued to a screen and out of the way, I am blessed to know in my soul that this earth is not my home. I  can pray  that Q and the premise of exposing and punishing evil are real but beyond that my peace comes from JESUS.  I know HIS plan is perfect and it is HIS plan I trust. I’m not wasting another day pining for clues or waiting for arrests. It’s not as if I will walk completely away from researching but I’m done letting it effect me emotionally. I’m going back to living the best life I can and trusting GOD.

It helps me so to remember- HE’s got this!


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