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Operation Disclosure | By Wayne Miller, Contributing Writer

November 27, 2021


I want to wish each person that is reading this article, a belated Happy Thanksgiving. Despite all of the problems in this world, we have so much for which to be thankful. First, and foremost, we have a Father in Heaven that loves each and everyone of us, and it is he from which all of our blessings flow. It is he that will free us from the evil present in our world today.

I trust that the world is undergoing changes, and I absolutely believe the best is yet to come, but still I’m in search of answers to many important questions. I’ve posted a couple of these questions in earlier articles but since I haven’t received any definitive answers, I’m going to ask some of the questions again. Plus, I will make a few additional points I haven’t as yet mentioned.

1. Why is President Trump, still pushing the vaccines? And why is he doing this at a time when they are now administering the killer vaccine to children as young as 5 years old, and are planning to give the shot to babies? Every day you can find the following words on Operation Disclosure: 

“The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.”

I don’t know if there’s a comm I’m missing or not, but I always wondered how any act made before he was sworn into office could be deemed an official act. But, forgetting about the problems with the statement itself, I’m totally in favor of the war on child trafficking and the rape, torture, and murder, that accompanies the trafficking, and I want to see every person that participates in any part   of these heinous activities to pay the maximum penalty allowed by law. But, subjecting a child or any other person to a slow, or not so slow death through vaccination isn’t much better.

If anyone can provide a definitive answer as to why President Trump praises and/or pushes the killer vaccines, I would be most grateful.

2. Where are the rescued children? We are told millions have been rescued. I pray each day that this is true. But think about what is being said. By the use of the word millions (plural) the least number of children spoken of would be two million. To date I’ve seen a picture of a single solder cuddling what appears to be a child wrapped in a blanket with blood stains. I’ve read about the children seen coming out of the White House and boarding buses and being taken somewhere. Where are all the phone videographers when you need them? In our country there aren’t many cities of two million people, and to house that many children and adults would require many thousands of buildings and hospitals. Perhaps there’s an island somewhere and the military has erected a huge tent city to treat and house all the rescued children and adults. Or perhaps the rescued are taken by spaceship to a mother ship the size of the New Jerusalem. I can’t think of any other possible explanations. And how many parents have you heard of that has talked about how ecstatic and blessed they were over the return of their child. And to keep this whole operation secret, an argument could easily be made that you would have to keep a hundred million or more people from saying anything to keep this secret. I have never had a problem keeping either a personal or corporate secret, and there are many other people that are the same way, but unfortunately we are talking about people that are the exception rather than the rule. SO, WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?!

3. We have been told the cabal essentially had surrendered on the 6th of November. Why are we still seeing chemtrails in our skies. chemtrails, along with 5G, and the poisoning of our food and water are among the most serious problems humanity is confronted with. If the White Hats have defeated the Cabal, are they the ones now responsible for the chemtrails? I certainly hope not.

4. Why does nearly every TV show, or movie contain Masonic symbolism? Shouldn’t we by now be seeing a reduction in the use of the 666 sign, which is now the flavor of choice? If you watch Hallmark movies (and I know, if you do, you have to place any IQ points above 80 somewhere outside the room where your TV is located) in order to enjoy the repeated scenarios they attach to their movie template. But, on virtually every movie they have made over the years that I have watched them, they have either displayed a Masonic handshake, flashed the devils horns, or the 666 sign. If we are on the verge of eradicating the evil of    the Satanists, shouldn’t we start to see a reduction in this type of activity?

5. Since the White Hats are in a battle between good and evil, and have chosen to be on the side of God, when does all the disinformation (lies) stop. God is truth! How long do we feel we need to use the tactics of the devil in our attempt to defeat him. Aren’t we using darkness in an attempt to defeat darkness? When do we expose darkness by the light of God. I know about the strategies outlined in the book, the Art of War. I know it has been said that it is one of Trumps favorite books. But isn’t the “art of war” really an oxymoron, as art is beauty, and war is just the opposite. I know a well executed plan to defeat an enemy can be seen as a thing of beauty, but isn’t now the plan to eliminate war.

I remember the 5th of November, but now it has passed on both the Gregorian, and the Julian calendars and I guess I must have missed the compelling reason to remember that date. I will say I do still like the “V” for Vendetta movie. Being told that Tesla energy is ready, I question why that hasn’t happened. We were told that their would be a significant increase in Social Security for seniors implemented in November. I guess there is still time. If they were thinking about the Julian Calendar we still have a couple of weeks ending on the 13th of December on the Gregorian Calendar. So in theory that could still happen.
It’s hard for us to know about the fate of the Three Gorges Dam, as from what we read it must have the ability to resurrect itself. And when will NESARA/GESARA be announced and/or implemented? There is so much more that could be said, but I think I’ll hold those things for another day.

Recently, I’ve read many articles written out of frustration. I do sympathize with writers of those articles, but we all must remember that patience is a virtue, so let us not give up.

I have 100% faith in God’s plan, and I know we are living in Biblical times. I know God wins!! I encourage anyone reading this article to pray without ceasing. The Bible says, the prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Place your trust in God, and you can de assured the best is yet to come!

In closing, I want to give a shout out, to Christine and Kathryn, two ladies that responded to my last article and offered me an invite to their “after” party, or said they would come to mine. When we see things we’re expecting, come to fruition, what an after party that will be!


God bless you all!



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