Starship Earth: Time to Get Real about our Illusionary World


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November 26, 2021

November 26, 2021: Time to Get Real About Our Illusionary World [videos]

Simple truth is something that more people should contemplate. Not only is the “plague” not what they told us, it is not the threat. Their fake vaxxine is the threat but thanks to the global control freaks’ media, the reality is not represented. They create fear out of thin air with no proof and let people’s minds run away with them to complete the illusion.

The meme below says no one who had polio, MMR, chicken pox, influenza, HepB or other vaccines ever worried about someone unvaccinated giving them the disease. No, that stupidity started in 2021. [thanks to the lying, treasonous media]

For those of us who are the “true bloods”, as part of control group the biggest threat is from vaxxed lunatics who believe we are a threat to them. It’s quite the reverse. Did the jab make them violent?

Link to Telegram for the following:

2,500 brave Croatian men have formed a volunteer battalion. Many of them are in the army or police force or were previously. They are sending a loud message to the ruling party. If the Croatian government continues to push vaccine passports, these men will fix that problem by any means necessary. Expect to see more of this coming into 2022.

The intellect of the dumbed-down “normies” has sunk to new lows and we have to speak to them accordingly.


The meme below says, “Don’t forget to wear your coat this winter so the person next to you doesn’t freeze to death.”

Oh, brother.

QAnon’s ‘Queen of Canada’ Calls for Followers to ‘Kill’ People Vaccinating Children

With respect to the Kyle Rittenhouse circus, LT at And We Know included a portion in a video showing that the trial was at least partially done in green screen. One fellow’s foot “disappeared” like Hillary’s arm in a campaign tour a few years ago and similar to the way Sleepy Uncle Joe’s hand interacted with a microphone recently. It’s all theatre, folks. Not real. I hope it was this one.

11.22.21: WISCONSIN, RACISM, Rittenhouse … Information WARFARE at highest levels! PRAY!

I’m only part way through this video below about Human Trafficking, Epstein, what they do to children, etc. There is material here I’ve never seen/heard before, too. They take Ghislaine Maxwell’s penchant for piloting submarines and show us there are yachts that morph into subs and and can sustain the inhabitants for 10 days. Who knew?

They also say North America is “floating” and you can go underneath it via water. I also thought Monica Lewinsky’s remark about wanting to be a pizza was interesting… round and flat with lots of toppings. Kind of like Earth/Terra? They love rubbing it in our faces, don’t they?



I’d say this is a must-watch video, although I do warn you some of it is difficult and repulsive but we do need to understand what is at stake here and why we are fighting this war for the survival of our race.

Cantankerous people who stomp their feet and get abusive because things aren’t going the way they would like need to sit down and give their head a shake. This and these operations will go as the top gun warriors decide it needs to and our Creator will do the rest—in Divine Timing. From Disclosure HUB on Telegram.

Just The Tip: We Never Knew We Knew – Can you fact check a nightmare

We have to educate the world about the reality. Canada has been one of the worst cesspools. Some say THE worst in the world.

Kevin Annett’s eloquent and impassioned weekly column:

Living Alongside the Devil: Canada’s Normalized Genocide – Annett’s Weekly, No. 6

I’ve just learned we have a dinner invitation for tonight and have to take dessert so off I go to bake.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and if you’re at peaceful protests, stay safe. Also, as we know, malls, parades, sporting events, zoo lights, etc. where people gather in large numbers for festive reasons are prime targets for terrorist attacks by the psychopaths so maintain situational awareness at all times.

They want us to have plenty to distract from the more important things going on—like the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. I heard one judge said there was too much information not fit for public consumption. That doesn’t mean the public gets to stay asleep and ignore it.

Will the predicted “solar storms and CMEs” provide cover for the control freaks to shut down the Internet or social media? We’ll see, but we are half-expecting the EBS/EAS so…


I am still dealing with issues as a result of my new PC/Windows 11 so bear with me. No time to sort it out right now so you may be getting just my blather and no images.

In joy and gratitude.  ~ BP


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