The Rotterdam Demonstrations


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 23, 2021


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Here are more insights from our European correspondent on the Rotterdam Demonstrations against the genetic vaccine bioweapon.


Here is the only footage that remains of the guy that was shot by police in Rotterdam last Friday during the anti Corona restrictions demonstrations (they were demonstrating because fireworks are about to be forbidden for a second year in a row during the holidays).

His name is Amir Yousef but that is the only thing that is known. It is not known five days later if the man is dead or alive. One video where you can see him carried and dragged into an riot police van more dead than alive has been ‘removed’ from social media. That footage is no longer accessible. In the two pieces of footage below you can see him get hit by a targeted shot and can see him bleed from an artery. There are other videos with much blood on the pavement in the aftermath. It is still not clear today if Amir lived or died.

Several others were reportedly shot by police with one a notorious crisis and disaster journalist provocateur. He had several operations and is no longer in danger. The first man remains unaccounted for however.

It is also clear that this was not a case of self defence by the police even though they say they were defending firemen. Around the corner where Yousef was standing there was a police car on fire but that was 15 meters away and around the corner and police behind a phalanx of riot police seems to be targeting the protestor from distance. Police has acknowledged they shot and aimed for people’s legs but the second man down the journalist was shot in the stomach. On several occasions warning shots in the air were fired as well.

For the rest there remains a media silence and of course speculation is rampant.

Dutch police shooting at protestors Rotterdam netherlands

Here we have a question and answer dialogue with our European Correspondent:


European Correspondent:

Yes, the vaccine experiment is undermining public health steadily, slowly, and deliberately. As more and more immune systems get challenged more and more people will become sick, especially the old, and that is what you are seeing reflected in the number: instead of being a solution the vaccines are causing higher number of sick people as the quote virus keeps moving under the radar; the faster it changes and adapts the less and less the previous vaccine shall be. That is what you get for not allowing natural immunity to deal with it. Artificial solutions never work properly as you are behind the eight ball. So then the whole edifice of the social contract will come crashing down as the previous belief in vaccines and good government is breaking up slowly as more and more people start realizing that they have been had as part of a global experiment. Some of these people will indeed fall sick, others who will not will now start challenging their governments, whereas a third group will go after the unvaccinated like rabid dogs because they need a scapegoat for their own cognitive dissonance. It will lead to levels of orthodoxy vs heresy which already we see in Australia. This may reach maniacal levels if there is no coordinated resistance against the demonization of the unvaccinated. 

Clearly what undermines public health at this point are vaccines and not the unvaccinated but before that becomes part of the general consensus indeed a revolution of sorts may become inevitable or necessary. We already see the violent reaction this week in the Netherlands where there have been violent riots in at least twenty cities and villages including the bigger cities of Rotterdam and the Hague. As less and less people are vaccinated however more and more people will understand that it is actually the vaccines that do not protect and are actually undermining public health. Let alone the lockdowns and all other measures which make life hell for people. It is not a healthy situation to be in in general and it should be openly compared to war. 

The Covid wars are here as people who live in conditions of restrictions across the world face situations similar to peoples who previously experienced living in the Warsaw Ghettos or in the Gulags during the communist purge, or going without food supplies while restrictions on travel of Holodomor. People will start rioting world wide if these societal pressures do not stop and everybody will have to become, well, French, because the French of all people love rioting and rebelling most. Although the Dutch make a good show of it as well. Only if the fear of God is put into tyrants will they stop abusing their powers. This is an old law. So yes the death rates and hospitalization rates will have an inverse relationship with people’s resolution to rebel and roll on the streets.

REPORT: Data Shows A ‘Pandemic Of The Jabbed,’ Dying At Twice The Rate As Unjabbed


What do you think of the genetic vaccination growing death rate spiral discussed by this researcher, Cliff High, which ties into Dr. Vernon’s observations, that is leading to a breakdown of the societal structure in his evaluation. He sees this in the increasing inability of transporting goods in the US slowing down the system as an example. In Vienna there have been empty shelves on occasion for essentials as milk and other foodstuffs. Shortages are turning up all over the United States. Truck parts are not available on occasion making it impossible to use part of transportation system.


The shortages are a deliberate part of the plan to bring the economy down, just like the inflation is meant to destroy the value of the currency. It’s a fourth turning, Yuri Bezmenov’s fourth cycle of subversion, in order to complete a complete set of rule changes. It’s all related. Fake pandemic, 3.5 trillion in cash credits for banks who buy stocks, that is an unprecedented robbing of the casino, so it all ties in in order to cover systemic risks. When the casino no longer functions, just bring down the house, that kind of thing. Very Babylonian.


Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”

REPORT: Data Shows A ‘Pandemic Of The Jabbed,’ Dying At Twice The Rate As Unjabbed

David Lifschultz


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