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11/22/2021 Something To Think About

Government mandated lock down is happening all over the world and coming to US shortly. Within weeks we’ll have this horrific push. In Austria, the Covid Antigen tests are required every 2 days to any that/don’t want don’t have vaccine – in Netherlands, UK, Australia, all over the world. And the government is not paying for it. These people are against the forced coercion. They are against the subterfuge. Pfizer signed with the US Government, a 55 year waiver to all liability from the vaccine. In “Occupied Europe” the pressure is intense. It’s impossible to fathom how we can move from normalcy to insanity so quickly but here it is. It’s coming to US in a matter of weeks.

In the meantime, the brilliant, courageous Mike Lindell, together with many heroes, has pushed the 2020 ELECTION STEAL lawsuits to the Supreme Court and tomorrow, November 23rd, we have Our Day in Court. If the Supreme Court is cleared of corrupt influences, then the verdict will be clearly stated, DECERTIFY THE ELECTION. The Military will be called to act.

This is a pivotal week in history. This is our absolute back wall. This is what we’ve been waiting for! This is our Week of Reckoning. The importance of this week and the subsequent actions demonstrated, tell us all where we stand and what to expect.

1) If the 2020 Election is DECERTIFIED, then everything is undone – everything Biden has done is stopped and corrections will immediately follow. The Crimes Against the People – ala Nuremberg, ENDS and the criminals behind this murderous forced act will be held accountable.

2) If the Supreme Court does not act For the People, and on behalf of/according to the US Constitution, then we know, we’re in for a battle. Things will get much worse.

In Europe the people are required to carry passes to allow dining in restaurants, to allow shopping in grocery stores, visiting malls. People are being stopped in the street to check their vaccine passport.

GOOGLE is taking over every app on “Smart Phones” cataloging/registering/reporting everything. This is tracking every movement, every conversation, text, comment – looking for what? Coercion, forced action, absolute adherence to these Draconian measures, is standard operating procedure. The German Health Minister said, “By the end of this winter all Germans will either be vaccinated, cured or dead.” The Paris Health Minister, discussing separating the vaxxers from those who are vaxxed said, “How do we eliminate these anti-vaxxers?” The French Military have said, “Good luck with that, we won’t be checking people’s health pass.”

The push is on for the US to conform to these WEF, WHO, UN mandated standards and with this Administration, its obviously headed that way. This Global Theft of Every Individual’s Sovereign Freedoms is amazing in that it’s such a well-orchestrated global totalitarian takeover using a mass hypnotic message, “the VAX stops infection.” According to an Israeli study of 600,000, so does natural immunity – but natural immunity is 20 times greater at fighting Covid than the VAX. This Globalists Agenda though, won’t allow this message to be shared.

The best hope here is that we are in a week of FRESH STARTS. The US Constitution stands for Freedom from Tyranny, Freedom from Royal Decree, and Freedom from all of the incredible overreach being forced out now. If Tuesday tells the story we’re expecting then Wednesday brings blessed relief.

11/22/2021 Podcast Something To Think About



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