(Reader: Serdar Duzgoren) Investigation Report: Result of a Different Perspective


Reader Post | By Serdar Duzgoren


We would like to share a report of an independent investigation on the current events and the results which indicate the existence of a high possibility of a deadly event happening in the near future which would eradicate the majority of the population in a different way than anyone ever thought of!

Following information points to a reason why the mRNA vaccines are holding an even bigger potential threat. Please read below the detailed facts strongly related to the presented issue.

If depopulation is the idea, the method of “giving another protection secretly against a real lethal pathogen (Another immunity against a same family but much deadlier engineered version virus beside sars cov-2!) only to the planned numbers of people worldwide, using ONLY ONE of the Covid 19 mRNA brand vaccines and then releasing that deadly version of the virus and eliminating the majority of the population who didn’t receive THAT protection” must be the method! Because it has much better results for the ones behind it all! If there is such a plan, the company which fits the criterias is Moderna because of the reasons that are explained shortly in this article below, and in more detail in a longer document that we can send upon your request.

The reason why mRNA technology started to be used widely in this pandemic might be because, only with this technology, it is possible to immunise people secretly against a different but much more lethal version of the disease, using a part of that genetic code in the vaccine mRNA sequence. This technology could easily be used in a biological attack which could result in a planned number of people to remain alive in each country when this disease would be released in the future!

Classic way of producing vaccines (which is necessary to use weakened virus or virus components) could not be used for giving another hidden immunisation because producing a vaccine with a future to be released, deadly virus components would have been visible by scientists! There are NO virus or virus components used in mRNA vaccine production! 

If such a plan would be finalized and a super virus would be released, vaccinated or not, everybody else except Moderna vaccinated ones would get sick and die in the near future: there would be no more China, Russia, Israel, North Korea (none of these countries received Moderna), no more Vatican nor Pope (All Vatican received only Pfizer-Biontech), no more kings or queens nor royal families (none that we found who got Moderna), neither majority of the judicial nor governments’ critically positioned personnel (Majority of them were vaccinated before Moderna reaches because of  WHO’s priority vaccination groups). Survivors would be mostly ordinary, under 60 years old, relatively healthy, working people. They could even determine how many people would survive in each country by the number of doses they would sell to that country. 

The WHO priority groups divided the world population into age and health conditions groups – this ensured that the desired vaccines would reach at the vaccination time of the targeted populations NOT before! A very alerting detail of priority group was that in some countries like in Canada and Australia, at Phase 1b of the vaccination program included Elderly adults aged 70–79 years but for ethnic people (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people) the age limit was aged 55 and over, while Phase 2a included Elderly adults aged 60–69 years but this age limit for ethnic people was as young as over 18! Majority of those ethnic group people, even the young ones, were vaccinated before Moderna arrived!

It looks like this plan was prepared especially for non-EU countries (except USA and Canada), where 7 billion people live. And we believe that’s why Except USA, EU, Canada and Switzerland, in every country that Moderna was sold, its delivery times and volume is in reverse correlation with each country’s vaccination progress on risk groups of the old, sick people (Moderna is not delivering, or delivering less than the agreed numbers of doses to the countries which are far from starting to inoculate younger, healthier people)! Why are Moderna vaccines NOT given to any new country where vaccination is slow and they are still vaccinating old, sick, handicap people?  

This ‘delaying deliveries to countries depending on their vaccination speed’ is still the main method used for Moderna vaccines to reach their desired part of the population! The delivery date/volume relation to vaccination stage pattern is the same in every new country they start selling. 

Moderna just announced not selling to any new countries, giving the reason as being a “small company” and producing only for the existing clients. We believe Moderna has been kept intentionally small. Pfizer has more than 79,000 employees internationally, and J&J has about 130,000 globally while Moderna has only 1500! Now that the whole world is demanding their vaccines, why are they slow at investing heavily in production capacity? Cost of raising production capacity would be nothing next to the profit they would make from selling those extra vaccine doses. The Moderna company has been kept small and did not produce more than enough to supply the EU, US, Canada and a few other countries. In this way, their vaccines are not there when those poor countries are vaccinating their old, sick, handicap people and government authorities! Since Moderna was founded, it has been receiving billions from joint venture investors, government, Darpa, Bill & Melinda Gates foundation…Money flooded in while the company didn’t produce anything for 10 years! Where are those investors now that they got the chance to sell vaccines and make huge profits? Why didn’t they support Moderna to grow right after they got the modified sequence from VRC on 14 Jan 2020?  In 22 months, they could have opened many new producing factories and sold much more. But then they had no justifiable  reason for NOT selling and vaccinating old, sick people of Africa, S.America…! African, South American or most of Asian countries have published their interest and requested the Moderna company to sell to them, but there were no answers to those demands, not even from the Moderna side. Anban Pillay, deputy director-general of South Africa’s Health Department, at a briefing “We tried to persuade them around supply, “It’s clear that they have no intention of filing a dossier any time soon with SAHPRA.”

If the idea was to make money why wouldn’t they sell to new countries instead of over stocking in EU countries such as Romania? We found out that 2.800.000 Moderna vaccines were received and only 800.000 doses used up until that day. And every other week another shipment is coming from Moderna to Romania. Poorer countries are going to receive the Moderna next year when they will be vaccinating younger, healthier part of their populations! This ‘delaying deliveries to countries depending on their vaccination speed’ is still the main method used for Moderna vaccines to reach their desired part of the populations!

Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna are the only two companies producing Covid19 vaccines with mRNA technology. Both got their emergency use authorisations in the same days of December 2020. But ONLY Pfizer-BioNTech delivered its vaccines to over 80 countries, right from the beginning of the vaccination program. Following WHO’s recommendation, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines started to be used with priority on groups of medical staff, old, sick, handicapped, and homeless people in every country! Meanwhile, Moderna vaccines were delivered only to America and Canada and many military bases around the World! And started to be used on soldiers from Afghanistan (23 Jan), Israel (11 Jan), South Korea (29 Dec ’20), Japan (08 Jan).

Moderna vaccines started to be delivered to EU countries from 12th of January but many countries, like Romania, did not start using the doses right after receiving them, instead stocked them until mid-February. When Moderna vaccines started to be used, 722.000 priority groups of people were already vaccinated! Think how many priority people would already be vaccinated by other brands until Moderna vaccines reaches first time to those countries around second half of 2022 (depending on each country speed of vaccination)

Even bigger “coincidence” is that the Moderna company has still not officially published their mRNA sequence to this day. Stanford University published a paper studying the sequence of Moderna, explaining that the original vaccine RNA sequence was not available at the time of the study and clearly stating that it could not be checked against a published reference.

Such a plan must have been made in a way to create every necessary logical reason to cover up any of the steps, and taking every precaution to keep people busy through Pro and Anti media, such as giving a vial to Stanford University to create a reference of the mRNA sequence of Moderna. A vial containing a different mRNA sequence could have been given to Stanford scientists to reverse engineer and then results to be published. All major media channels made news about this study without asking: if the vaccine code was already published then why Moderna company was still not publishing theirs officially? Maybe because it was not the same? This study was intentionally done and given access so the scientists who would get curious about the Moderna vaccine code would have a reference. Dr. Sin’s reaction and reason were the same as the other scientists who we have been in contact with, just as Ms.Kariko, Mr.Norbert, Mr.Xuhua… They all replied to us the same: “Stanford scientists already published the code!”. Yes, exactly for this reason it needed to be reverse engineered again from a randomly chosen vaccine vial. A different result could give a solid proof to this theory!

Moderna just officially announced that; They are offering to give co-ownership on vaccine patent to NIAID but also clearing out that the mRNA genetic sequence used is theirs and it will not be shared! Even though it is already published by Stanford University! So it is not a secret, it is out there already, then why is Moderna still hiding its mRNA code? IF their sequences are the same as Stanford’s! They didn’t acknowledge that the Stanford results were the same as their genetic code either!

Moderna was given a gene sequence, modified at the Virus Research Center by two scientists working on it, Baric and Corbett, on 10th of January 2020. Why didn’t Moderna receive the genetic code of Sars Cov-2 directly from WHO like other vaccine producers? Or why did NOT Pfizer BioNTech receive this chimeric mRNA from VRC when the “global health is in danger” and what is best and ready should be shared and used immediately by both mRNA companies?

Pfizer BioNTech had to take time and create and use their own sequence! Instead of asking coronavirus expert Baric’s already ready sequence!

In order to understand the relation between these events, we must take a look at some facts: Ralph Baric has been experimenting on corona viruses for over 35 years trying to create more lethal versions of the virus and getting their genetic sequences in the name of a program called ‘gain of function’. His job was to create deadly mutations before the mutation happens in nature. Just to be prepared! All of his studies were supported by the government.

Therefore, during 35 years of gain of function studies, Dr. Ralph Baric and his team might have engineered a super virus (Genetically engineered in a way not to mutate further so it will not become resistant and erase all the humanity) with long asymptomatic incubation period (people would infect each other without knowing that they are already sick) and they might have used a part of the sequence of this super virus spike protein when he and his scientist colleague from the University of North Carolina, “Kizzy” Corbett created the modified sequence used in Moderna vaccines at the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) on 10th of January 2020.

Interestingly, Baric got vaccinated with Moderna on Sept 9th 2020, 3 months before the vaccine was even authorised by FDA for emergency usage. He is the number one person knowing the whole truth about this virus (that the already circulating mutations are not dangerous), why did he still get vaccinated with Moderna? To have protection against another mutation of the virus? Just like other possible involved persons: Fauci, Angela Merkel, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, Justin Trudeau who also got Moderna vaccines!

Have you heard of a universal coronavirus vaccine or Pan-Coronavirus vaccine? One of the colleagues of Baric, David Martinez of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that they are developing one vaccine for all kinds of Corona viruses INCLUDING the FUTURE versions! “Instead of including the mRNA code for only one virus, however, the researchers welded together mRNA from MULTIPLE coronaviruses”.

Do you think they just got this idea of producing a vaccine for future viruses, RECENTLY? Or did they already produce that special vaccine which gives immunity against SarCov-2 and also against a real deadly version? During his gain of function studies, with Darpa’s Thor program and Francis Collins’s NIH funded, Human Genome program results, Mr.Baric could have easily engineered a deadly pathogen which can avoid every human defence mechanisms regardless of genetic differences, got its gene sequence and later prepared Moderna mRNA sequence ADDING the necessary part of the sequence of the deadly pathogen. He had all the access, information, support, and means for this job.

Government is responsible for its citizens’ health and safety. Injecting a private company produced, unpublished and patent protected genetic code to millions of people should not be allowed! Because a slightly different code would produce a different protein which would give a different immunity. And this could be easily used as a biological weapon by giving immunity to some people against a lethal virus. Only CALCULATED number of people who received THAT genetic code would survive when that disease would be released in the future!

This is why, from a RANDOMLY CHOSEN vaccine vial, the Moderna vaccine sequence must be reverse engineered and then compared with the genetic sequence of spike protein of Sars cov-2 and ALSO with the sequence that Stanford published!

A result different from the Stanford Moderna mRNA sequence could give a proof of existence of this feared plan that Moderna mRNA might be encoding a protein with genetic information of another version of the virus as well!

How about the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, South Korea, Canada, Australia… deciding to use Astrazeneca vaccines for people older than 60 years, giving the reason as AstraZeneca provokes blood clotting in ‘YOUNG people’ which resulted in more Moderna vaccines to be given to people under 60 years old?

Some countries, just as in Romania, some members of the Secret Service (SRI) have been given the Moderna vaccine at the Military Hospital in Bucharest, in February and March 2021. They received Moderna vaccines even before their age categories vaccination time. From May 23, only a part of the promised Moderna vaccines were given to Japan and they were used on vaccinating SDF members (Secret Services in Japan)!

Imagine if you were the one with such a detailed plan of a selective depopulation, wouldn’t you create EVERY DIVERSION necessary to cover it by keeping people busy fighting against the given reasons such as: increased rate of deaths, forced vaccinations, side effects, economic struggles, restrictions (green certificate, mandatory mask, social distancing), controlled pro and anti-media news circulating every day…

Purpose of such a plan would not be to keep alive all Moderna vaccinated people! It makes it even less suspicious when some of the Moderna vaccinated people are dying from the side effects. If somehow, someone would talk about this plan, people will react immediately by saying “but, some of the Moderna vaccinated people are getting damaged, even dying”. This further guarantees that no one would listen if the real plan was about to be exposed. Through the media, people are manipulated to think of it as “just another conspiracy”, without even checking the facts!  

Forcing vaccination is another method to cover the real plan and is also necessary for reaching the ‘target number of people to be vaccinated with Moderna vaccines’ FASTER! Work, education, international travel and social activities related regulations will push mostly to under 60 years old people to vaccinate. 

Do you think we can gather our efforts to find a scientist to: reverse engineer Moderna’s mRNA to make sure it is not a chimeric mRNA added also a part of the genetic sequence of a deadly version of the virus? There would be no legal issues against this study since it is just a repetition of Stanford university work. We would like to mention that we would be the sponsor of such a study with a reward of 10.000$!

 Would you like to investigate further this sensitive subject to see if the “coincidences” around Moderna vaccines will continue? Thinking of the consequences of such an event happening in the future, would you get involved to stop this possibility from becoming reality?

Hope to hear your thoughts,

Thank you for all your efforts to create a better future for our kids! 


Moderna officially published that they are offering co patenting to Us government but not the genetic sequence!

Moderna just re-announced that they are NOT going to send any vaccines to any new countries:

Moderna’s mRna-1273 was designed by Dr.Corbett’s NIH team from viral sequence

Work on coronavirus vaccine trials Baric and Corbett

Modified sequence used in Moderna vaccine

Stanford university reverse engineering reference:

Joint venture investments in Moderna company

DARPA awards Moderna

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation contribution to Moderna

Overstocking of Moderna vaccines in Romania and in other countries instead of selling those vaccines to Africa, S.America

Ralph Baric CV, check to see what his government paid job and studies were

Baric’s published paper on emergence of Sars-Cov 2 in bats warning coronaviruses might infect human

Kizzmekia Corbett – her work developing coronavirus vaccines

Moderna not even replying to Africa’s vaccine requirements

Pan Coronavirus vaccine

Fauci and the other officials received the Moderna vaccine from the agency’s first shipment of 100 doses

Bill Gates received the Moderna vaccine

Angela Merkel received the Moderna vaccine

Justin Trudeau got the Moderna vaccine for his second dose (first dose Astra zeneca)

Kamala Harris got the Moderna vaccine

Moderna used at the many military bases, while Pfizer vaccinating old,…

Afghanistan military bases

Israel military was given Moderna vaccines

South Korea military bases using Moderna vaccines

Japan military bases

WHO backs AstraZeneca vaccine for people over 65

On 4th March – Germany approves giving AstraZeneca shots to people over 65

Italy approved the use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine for people over 65, becoming the latest European country to reverse its stance

Canada’s use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

Canada suspended the use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for people under 55

France health authority recommended reserving the AstraZeneca vaccine for people aged 55 and over, despite advice from Europe’s regulators

Spain has announced plans to stop administering the Covid-19 vaccine made by Oxford-AstraZeneca to people who are under 60 years old

Finland received a recommendation to continue to use the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine for people aged 65 years and over only

Australia use of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

those over the age of 60 will remain eligible only for the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Moderna vaccine will be made available only to people aged between 18 and 60. 

All Moderna vaccines will be used only for people who are 12 to 59 years old

Sweden clears AstraZeneca vaccine for use in the over-65s

Moderna reserved for young people in UK:

Indigenous people who identify as First Nations, Métis, or Inuit vaccinated before Moderna arrived 

DARPA’s Technologies for Host Resilience

Human Genome Projects

Moderna arrived for the first time to Romania with 14.000 doses on 12 Jan 2020

Moderna arrived second time to Romania with 21.600 doses on 29 Jan 2020

Moderna started to be used in Romania from 04 Feb 2020

Moderna vaccines were given to Japan and they were used on vaccinating SDF members


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