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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany!

Six days clouds, six days no sun. Only once very briefly in the late evening the moon was visible, two days before the full moon. And above the clouds airplanes can always be heard. What is the alliance hiding above the clouds? What are we not allowed to see yet? And again, I can, we can, only guess. We are just not the military working its plan, we are the audience in the show. What we all expected last year, because some signs were also visible last year, we can expect this year. Watch everything and wait patiently, that is the best motto now.

Yes, I know! Many of us, of you, are tired of waiting. But honestly, when in your life so far have impatience and forcing things got you further? I think never, right? The world and our environment are chaotic, because it must be just so today. It is so on the plan! And nobody, certainly not an individual, can accelerate this plan, no channels, no groups, no demonstrators. Everything what happens in the outside just must be so. When does a population accept a military takeover? The pressure in the cauldron must rise, and it does.

The Germans have voted. At least they think so. Officially, talks are taking place to form a new government, traffic light coalition. So red, yellow, green as party colors. That means Social Democrats, Free Democrats and Greens. And the first plans are already leaking out. And they’re not good, and people read that. Crap, again we have “chosen” the wrong thing, nothing will change, it will get worse and worse. Especially more expensive. Electricity prices have already gone up, gasoline prices too, measures against the flu are also being tightened, a new lockdown already decided and forced vaccination is imminent. And a media campaign against the unvaccinated is still the topic of the day. In my community, the first unvaccinated people are already being ostracized. From their fellow men. The third Reich sends its regards, apparently we have learned nothing from history. This is how indoctrination, mis-education, manipulation and propaganda work. Everything that was so bad for people before is returning.

But if I stay in the observer position, playing for time, in everything that happens to me right now, I recognize more and more a pattern. And the strange time I mean in the title is really there. Because almost unnoticed, a good feeling, a confidence creeps in. And I realize that the Deep State is the Titanic going down and the MSM are the band playing on to the end. If the military would take over right now, right here, right now, end all flu measures, even the last indoctrinated will cheer. Because deep down, everyone knows that we have been lied to in recent months. With the flu, with the climate change and with alleged states.

That we have a pandemic of the vaccinated, can simply no longer be hidden. Even if in Germany the patients in the intensive care units are changed from “vaccinated” to “unvaccinated”. It cannot be concealed, it is noticeable! For sure! The truth always comes out, even if it will take a while. And this is also a mess. Small, medium and even a few larger companies are now reaping what they sowed last year: Sick vaccinated people, that is, staff absences. Some company owners are now falling to their knees in front of the unvaccinated, those they have booted out, fired or forced to quit in the past. Not all, but it’s coming. I have read in the last few days that no one is responding to job offers anymore. Maybe a good opportunity to negotiate a double or triple salary, right? And to insist on my right to decide for myself what happens to my body. But then am I not playing their game and becoming a war profiteer? The same goes for false vaccination certificates, false tests and the like. I am playing THEIR game with that, too. You want me to do that? This close to the end?

Thanks to social media, we do know what’s going on around the world. Demonstrations everywhere. Patriots are taking to the streets all over the world. They are showing the respective “governments” that they have lost. But instead of overturning the king, that is, giving up, they want to make “tabula rasa.” And the military will prevent that. And, folks, this should be clear to all of us: Nobody is going to wait for Germany to do that. Neither the alliance, nor the military! You all know that instead of demonstrations there are only queues for the booster shot.

They know what indoctrination and manipulation the Germans were subjected to. No, here comes the military sledgehammer! Hard and relentless! The world cannot wait for the Germans to start thinking. The best part is that everyone here had the same chance to wake up. Those who have taken their chance are to be congratulated. Every single awakened person is a hero. And honestly, what do we want in the new world with all those who keep falling for manipulations and lies, who simply cannot think logically or use their common sense? They have to learn this painfully. And that will happen, or is happening right now.

In the video footage of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, there are already signs again that this has also been a show (suddenly a shoe is “invisible” while walking). We know this, or rather those who look. If so much is just a show, shouldn’t it slowly dawn on everyone that maybe EVERYTHING is just a show. OK, I have also had phases where I fell for media presentations and did not immediately understand what is really happening there. But over and over again a saying comes forward from the convolutions of the brain, “Enjoy the show!”. Q means what he says because he realizes that nothing is as it seems. Especially not when it’s presented in the media. The military communicates with codes, flags and signs. And they are recognizable. If you stay calm, take an observer position and consider all the pieces of the puzzle.

All who are just yet confronted with the matrix, however, trying to play for time, take the path of least resistance, it will not be long. Even the animal world senses the coming change and is in an inexplicable state of anticipation (was brought to my attention by someone who can communicate with animals). So why shouldn’t we indulge in the anticipation, which we somehow perceive as a weird, inexplicable feeling? The champagne is cold, the military is in position worldwide, what could possibly happen?
Gaudeamus igitur!

We are going to show you a new world.Those who are blind will soon see the light.A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.We take this journey together.One step at a time.WWG1WGA!Q

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