(Reader: Luna) A Lightworker’s Path-Series: A Spiritual Beings Account


Reader Post | By Luna

A Lightworker’s Path-Series: A Spiritual Beings Account

I am certain that some of you may already be having some spiritual experiences which you have never had before.  So what that means is your light codes are being activated or turned on because it is time now! In other words, you may experience some other things as well. Just breathe you are becoming your galactic self. We came in with all the keys for us to be able to have a smooth transition. This ascending with our physical body has never been done before in any galaxy  in the universe not just in our galaxy but all the others out there!

 I personally feel so blessed to be here and I feel that our Creator is acknowledging those of us who have believed without physical proof that our Creator/God exists.  I understand all too well that “we are not Human Beings having a Spiritual experience but that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience!” Don’t forget that.  Not many have heard of this it’s not like we are taught this in our schools. The reason is our schools have been indoctrinating our children to give their power away! It’s an evil program.

 All our gifts will come back from other lifetimes. We all have them.  Why all of us are not ascending together is that we are on our own timelines.  Many of us have had more lifetimes, so therefore, part of our mission is to teach and we will teach by example.  This is our time to lead and teach. Our whole lives have prepared us for this moment in time. We are to shift together then work together in unison. No more looking to others for authority or guidance. We won’t need it anymore or ever did. No wars, no more death, no more borders, just peace and harmony.  We will work in harmony with each other and no one will be left behind. Even those that are not awake yet will be given one last choice to ascend with us. If they are not ready they will not go forward but will instead stay in their third dimension lives to finish out their lessons or they will chose to leave or they will some of millions of souls on this planet that will leave. I’m told that they willingly chose that exit so that many high level beings can come down here to help with the transition to 5D. How selfless of them and I, for one am grateful to their souls.

I looked up the word ‘mission’ mission; plural noun: missions

An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel.

I feel we are all so very blessed. Currently on this planet, we have many Healers/Visionaries and many types of healing practitioners here at this time. They are here at this time on Earth who speak our Mother’s native tongue. She speaks to us in numbers, sounds, vibrations and it is the call to earth’s music and it moves mountains… literally and figuratively.

Our Angels/Guides know exactly what’s going on here on this planet. They know how we were manipulated not only our whole lives but for generations. Not only were our lives stolen but they also kidnapped our children about 8 million worldwide and that’s the ones that are reported.  I think about the many orphans that go missing from orphanages that no one keeps tabs on or miss them when they don’t show up. 

There are also many children that were born in the D.U.M.B.S. (Deep Underground Military Bases).  You may not hear of this yet but you will.  Natural laws were broken and that was DO NO HARM. These demonic/satanic pedophiles have infested our communities everywhere on this planet. It will literally blow your mind.  These sores are being healed!  Band aids aren’t enough we must release this darkness back to God and we must never forget that our children are our most precious gifts from God. 

Many of these children have been rescued over the past few years worldwide and have been treated with the kept technologies that came from our brothers and sisters from other worlds. we must ensure that this will never happen again. No more, will we be like the ostrich who sticks his heads in the sand. No more, shall we look away and no more, shall we weep. Just remember to really open your eyes and see so you don’t ever forget or repeat our mistakes. It’s time to heal and create a world full of love, kindness and joy.

Do you know that many of the humanitarians here, don’t even know that they are earth angels who came down from higher dimensions to help humanity. They came here just because they love us. It is our nature to love and nurture. We have compassion and we love eternally.

It is natural for humanitarians to think of others first.  They are not only here to help mankind but they WANT to help mankind. I see all of us humanitarians getting together globally in groups such as the World Benevolence Group.

We are waiting for those of you who lead with your heart. We all need to band together and carry out our mission.  So if you feel called, please contact me at luna@worldbenevolencegroup.ca. I hope you will join us and finally be the humanitarian you came here to be. Let’s do this together! We have zoom meetings twice a week on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s at 2 pm EST. I hope to meet you soon and meet your fellow humanitarians and together we will dream our dreams!

Peace, Love, Light


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