Adamu Declares Victory


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 19, 2021

Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 1

Posted on 11/11/2021

In lieu of a Today, I decided to put my time into preparing a transcript of the informational feast that Zingdad and Adamu served us a couple of days ago.

I’ll be transcribing the rest as time allows, the first part posted here today.


A startlingly unexpected new perspective from Adamu!


At the time of recording this transmission from Adamu (November 2021), the story of humanity, here on Planet Earth, seems to have reached a very dark ebb. It appears as if all the world’s power structures and authorities have suddenly gone utterly insane. It appears as if they have suddenly collectively turned psychopathically against humanity. Nothing they are doing makes any sense at all!

Or does it?

In this presentation, Adamu lays out exactly how their behavior can be understood. How it all makes sense. And it’s a very dark, dystopian picture that he paints!

So how then is he declaring victory?

Because he certainly is! Victory for you. personally. For humanity collectively. For the planet. For the galaxy… and beyond!

It’s a bold declaration that really needs to be heard!

Prepare yourself to have your perspective shifted!


The video IS a bit over an hour long but your time will be well rewarded. Understand what is going on in the minds and the motivations of the planets dark, secret elite… and discover how their plans are failing them. It can now be revealed that it is only a matter of time before all their plans collapse like a house of cards. Discover how, even these dark plans of theirs, ultimately serve the purpose of the Light.

Adamu Declares VICTORY

Part 1

Greetings to you, my friends.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization and I’m speaking to you as always through my dear friend and trusted scribe, Zingdad.

Friends, I have much to share with you. Really too much to fit into a short video presentation so this is the challenge for Zingdad and I, to get to the information, to really share the information that we need to share with you, in a reasonable span of time.

So, I am going to ask your patience and I am going to assure you that your patience will be rewarded if you listen to what I have to say.

What I have to talk about today is victory – victory, victory, victory – which might sound very strange to many of you, to most of you.

Because the discrepancy between what it appears is happening on your planet and the victory that I’m talking about seems too vast a chasm to leap. But I wish to tell you the story that connects these two and then you can see for yourself whether this rings as truth and whether I might be telling you about what is really happening.

So, let’s begin with what it appears is happening. It appears as if your world has gone absolutely mad.


Everything that you previously took for granted – the democratic nature of governance perhaps in your country. You took that for granted. You thought there were public officials who essentially had as their function to find out what your will is and to make sure that that gets enacted.

You thought your world – the world of commerce – was run or was inhabited by corporations that essentially existed to find out what you need in terms of products and services and then provide them in exchange for the money that you would spend to buy their products and services.

You thought that your police services existed essentially as they say to serve and protect you, the public. These were things you took for granted.

You thought that science, and particularly medical science, existed in a kind of a realm of ethics and integrity and scientific rigor, intellectual honesty, and that science and medicine existed for the health and the well-being of humanity.

These kinds of ideas seemed to be true for quite some time. And now it appears that they were not true at all. Now it appears as if all of these bodies have gone rabid, been infected in their brain by some virus that has infected them and they are turning against you. This is how it appears if you have eyes to see.

There is a cohort of humanity that won’t see things this way at all because they are television addicts and they just want to believe what they’re told and the cognitive dissonance to understand what is really going on and to let it in is too great and so they are attached to just doing what they’re told and hoping things will work out well. I have great sympathy for that cohort but I’m not speaking to them today.

Those are the other-responsible among you. (1) I am speaking to the cohort that is eyes wide open, looking at the world in some shock and horror, and wondering what are we to do? Do we get ready for civil war? Do we have to war upon our own government, our own police services? In some parts of the world it looks very much like that.

At this time of this broadcast, really, the battle for the New World Order is happening in Australia, in Italy, in France, and very much in America – all over the world, but these really are the battlefront parts of the world, where the dark cabal, the puppet masters who are very much running things behind the scenes. This is where they intend to have then dominoes fall first, the idea being that is these four dominoes fall the rest of the world will that much more easily fall into line.

So, things appear very dark and very scary. How does this all add up to victory. Allow me to tell you.

The dark elite have the desire to have absolute and totalitarian control over the whole planet. They’re not a monolithic organization. There isn’t a Nazi headquarters somewhere where they sit around a table and agree and listen to the chairman speak and this kind of thing. That is not what’s occurring.


The dark elite (or delete, as I like to call them) are more accurately seen as disparate groups that all have a common history somewhere very far in the mists of time, beyond what is normally your recorded history. That’s a conversation that we have somewhat already addressed in previous updates. I’m not going to rehash all of that now. What I’m saying is that they are not operating in unison.

It appears as if they do because they have all agreed to act now. We’re reached a particular infection point in the path of history where the technologies are available for them to make this grab; more importantly they are aware that singularity is coming.


(1) Adamu distinguishes between people who are responsible for their thoughts and actions and take responsibility to act on something wrong or unethical and people who assume that someone else is responsible and don’t act.

Pandemic Theater: Adamu Declares Victory – 2

Posted on 11/14/2021 

It appears as if they do, because they have all agreed to act now, we have reached a particular inflection point in the path of history where the technologies are available for them to make this grab. And, more importantly, they are aware that singularity is coming.

They might not be aware of it in those terms. They are aware of a big change about to happen.

There are different ways of understanding this: a split in timelines, an event, a moment where things as they work no longer continue … timelines fracture and there are different outcomes.

They are aware that this is happening. They’re anything but unintelligent and uninformed. They have massive resources, capacities to run simulations and look at the trajectory that the world is upon, and so forth.


They’re (illuminati or Dark Elite) – not unfair to say, somewhat in a state of panic. They know that they must act now! They cannot delay any further. Or they will utterly lose everything that they’ve worked for, that they believe would come to pass.

They have a religion different from yours. They have a dark god and a story or belief that their god will return when one of these families rises to absolute control of the other families and controls the planet, and it’s all one in their grasp.

They have the belief that their dark god returns and makes them the potentates, the emperors of this planet for eternity: that’s an ancient promise given to them by a being that is in no position to carry out that promise.

So that’s the DNA of their organization. This belief that it is their destiny to own planet Earth, to be almost god-like.

Many of them have lost their religion. They no longer believe in that. They think it’s a myth, but they still believe in their inherent superiority and that they should own the planet.

So, whatever their true motivations are, and whatever they are actually trying to achieve, and however they are in conflict with one another, we reach this moment where the technology and the know-how became available. All the little puzzle pieces fell into place, and they started to see: we’re getting ready, we’re approaching the moment when we will be able to grab control.

Parts of the technology are internet technology – fast internet technology, 5G. The tools for transhumanist control. In other words being able to implement an interface between your human body and the technology that would mean that they would be able to have push back and control over you, switch you on and off, turn your emotions up and down, control your feelings, make you feel well, make you feel ill, incapacitate you …

Push back and control is where it works towards. Hooking your brain into a collective cloud, an AI driven collective cloud.

Collective cloud! Very dark fantasies! Very dark dreams that they have for you.

Also, their present system of control of the financial system, is so thread bare, it’s being kept up with string and chewing gum. It’s just about to implode. It really cannot continue any more.


And one of the technologies they’ve needed is how to replace this system with a new system that won’t have the same weaknesses. And the blockchain driven technology … we’ve seen all of these techno coins … that’s a system that they’re not in control of, but it gives them insight, it gives them access to a system that they would be in control of.

The one-world government minted coin, of which you may also have regional coins, but controlled by them. In other words, where they can, in the drop of a hat, in a moment, they can identify you as being a dissident, as being problematic, and they switch off your money flow, your resource flow.

They switch off your ability to conduct commerce, to earn an income, to do business, to transact, to receive money – they switch it off. And you are off the grid. You are disabled financially.

So, control of your brain, control of your mind, control of your finances: ultimate totalitarian control! It’s such a fantasy! Such a prize. It is the great goal. It is their holy grail, so to speak, that they are salivating at this possibility.

And because, as I say, it’s not one monolithic group, because there are many, the prize is too great to take the time, and to work it out, to find out all the kinks, to get it all perfect, and then to implement it.

Because you believe that, by the time your family is ready like that, another family would have grasped the prize already and you would be left in the dust of history. You would be the lesser family. Dominated, owned, controlled by the winning group.

So, they are all in a desperate, tearing rush to grab the prize.

You know what happens in a rush: mistakes happen in a rush. Errors are made. Things creep in … and everything kind of falls apart.

And this is what is happening!

Adamu Declares Victory – 3.


Greetings to you, my friends. I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization, and I am speaking to you, as always, through my trusted friend and scribe, Zingdad.

As always, what I would like to be speaking to you about is your awakening, the elevation of your consciousness, your enlightenment. And what I am going to speak to you about is the related topics of your elections and the Corona virus and then I’m going to invite you to an interaction where we can really begin to talk about awakening and ascension.

So… elections. This is not normally a topic that I would wish to address with you. We, as the Pleiadian collective, are not normally particularly interested in the political theatre that occurs here on planet earth, because normally you are being presented with a collection of choices that are always still just fronts for the global elite, the dark cabal, the Illuminati… whatever we are calling them. Well, as of now, I find I am choosing to call them the “Delete”, the (“Dark Elite or Illuminati”), busy being erased from this position of de facto leadership of the planet. Busy losing that status. Therefore, the “Delete”(Dark Elite).

The elections now, in the United States, are interesting, in that this is something more than the usual political theatre. This is actually a battle, a litmus test, I suppose one could say, in the battle between two levels of consciousness. On the one hand we have the “Delete” (Dark Elite or illuminati) and their deep desire to put a cap on the elevation of consciousness. To disallow humanity from rising from third density to much beyond fourth. The fourth density of consciousness is the density of other-responsibility. At the fourth density of consciousness you are willing to place another on a pedestal and to say,You lead me, you teach me, you tell me what to do.” And the “Delete”(Dark Elite) offer you idols to place on those pedestals, in the form of all of their useful tools. In the form of press, the figures of authority that appear on the news. In the form of their politicians and they make a business of possessing politicians, of buying them in a variety of ways, of controlling them, of manipulating them. Entertainment… they make a business of making sure that entertainment fits within their agenda and that the stars that you worship, your stars of entertainment, are also agents under their control. Are also possessed. And it goes deeper than that. They have been working for quite some time now to make sure that they are in control of educators, of scientists, and as always, pastors and popes, religious authorities, wherever they can, they strive to take ownership and possess and control, through a network of manipulation and control, anybody who might be seen to be somebody who would be an authority.

And so, they block your consciousness from rising above other-responsibility and then they tell you who you must give your responsibility, your authority, too. And you do. And so, you are led like lambs to the slaughter. You are taught and trained and controlled and manipulated. And a substantial section of human population continues to be manipulated and controlled in this way. Their consciousness continues to be held at that level, fourth density and lower, other-responsibility and lower.  But the awakening that is occurring through a variety of agencies, Starseeds, light bringers, beings of higher consciousness incarnating here, iteratively, going through the pain of the shattering and now, at this time awakening, now at this time bringing new light into the human noösphere, helping you to awaken above 4D, to 5D and above, which is the consciousness of self-responsibility. And above 6D is unity consciousness. But, already at the level of self-responsibility, you look to your own authority. You look to your connection to the Divine that you find within yourself. And if you find the connection to the Divine within yourself, you’re very unlikely to place others on pedestals. You’re very unlikely to simply follow like a sheep. You become self-motivated. You know who you are. You know what’s true for you and when you see these talking heads on television, these authority figures, you listen to what they say and you start to see through the lies. You start to look more broadly for your sources of information. You start to find alternative streams of information and you have your own filter in place. You say, “This is true and that is not. I’ll go with this and that doesn’t resonate for me.” Self-responsibility dawns.

And what’s happening right now in America… I say it’s a litmus test of the battle between these two types of consciousness because the other-responsible are clearly playing the game according to the “Delete’s”(means Dark Elite) wishes. They’re engaged in all kinds of dirty tricks. In all kinds of voter fraud. Creating maximum pain and chaos. Really promoting a story in your collective consciousness that everything is going to hell and that you need to get back on the bandwagon. You need to again begin to follow the leadership that is being offered to you, that the “Delete” support, or else life will become completely untenable.

So, this is what is going on right now and it’s very interesting to notice that you definitely do seem to be moving strongly towards the self-responsible timeline. When we notice that less and less of you are believing the press: something like two thirds of all respondents to a recent survey in the United States said that they find the press to be largely not believable. About one third said utterly unbelievable. So, these kinds of indications are interesting. It will be very interesting to see what actually happens with the election, because now, as with the last election in the United States, it is a test of consciousness, but now it really matters. Those of you who have been watching carefully, those of you who have been using alternative media sources, will know that the last four years of the present Presidency have really been about putting everything in place, preparation for a seismic shift in the political landscape, in what has been happening in American politics, because there has been so much dirty business and all of this is going to be brought to the surface. It’s going to be quite a shock for many, for those who have been attached to their other-responsible position. We see what is coming is that if you stay in the self-responsible timeline, a big shock for the other-responsible, an opportunity for grand awakening and they may take it or they may not. It will be interesting.

I don’t want to say a lot more about the elections. They are important if you are in America; if you are an American citizen; if you are able to vote, well, make your choice appropriately. But I’m sure you already are. So, this is more of just an update.

What’s also very interesting at the moment is what’s occurring with the Corona virus pandemic. What I wish to say is this, my friends. First of all, the Corona virus is a manufactured virus. Again, if you’ve been reading behind the scenes, this won’t come as a surprise for you at all. It’s a manufactured virus. It was produced in a laboratory and it’s not very difficult to guess which that laboratory was. What’s interesting is that the production of this virus was financed by the “Delete” (means Dark Elite) through their agents, their tools, their minions, paid for the development of this virus. the purpose of this virus really just comes down to one thing. Why would they manufacture this virus? They always have a number of purposes that will serve, but the primary purpose was just this: to make earth humanity clamor, beg for a vaccine. That’s the overriding, number one purpose: to make you beg for a vaccine. Why do they want you to beg for a vaccine? They want to be able to, universally, vaccinate the whole planet. Why do they want to do that? The vaccine that they have in mind, that they were in the process of developing while they were developing the virus, is a gene-therapy tool. Now, my friends, this is not something to be taken lightly.

Gene therapy… the therapy being a euphemism, the alteration of your genetic code. What is that makes you human? You’re an eternal, immortal spirit being. You are in a human body. Your body is as it is because of your genetics. That’s what makes you human, and not some other kind of physical form. You’re a human because of your genetics. If they can control your genetics, they gain vast access to controlling of all of humanity. And what they wish to do – we’ve spoken about this just a moment ago – the capping of consciousness; keeping you below that threshold where consciousness awakens to self-responsibility and, yes, it can be done through genetic means. Your genetic code is a lot more than tour science currently, usually, represents. That is to say that most who follow what science teaches would understand that it’s purely material. Your genetic code is a collection of amino acids that result in the building of your body and nothing else. Well, it is already understood by certain of your scientists that your genetics are far more than that, and that you can actually manipulate and control the kind of consciousness that can be held, that can be propagated in a body. And the kinds of thoughts that can easily be thought… you can limit the connection between the light body and the physical body by damaging, essentially, the genome. And this is just one of their strategies.


They really are control maniacs, the “Delete” (means Dark Elite). They want total control. They want to control you absolutely and a very powerful tool, that they are almost ready to actually implement, is by controlling your genome. And this is the purpose of the vaccine. Now, when the vaccine arrives, it probably won’t be, almost certainly won’t immediately have that dire level if activity. Their plan is, to reveal to you after the first vaccine, that, oh, we need regular boosters because your immunity doesn’t last that long towards the Corona virus and because the Corona virus mutates and now there’s a second flush coming across the earth and we need to vaccinate you again. The idea is to let you believe that each round, each vaccination, this is it but that there will always just be a booster, two, three, four per year for every single human being on planet earth, every year, into eternity. That’s their plan: total control. Placing a cap on consciousness.

Why this will fail is interesting? First of all, it fails because of the awakening in humanity. There is certainly a sufficient percentage of human beings right now that will resist being vaccinated, just on some instinctive, intuitive level, they say, “This doesn’t seem right.” And so there will be sufficient refusal that their plans won’t work. But, to aid this, there has been a very interesting development. And to discuss this development, I need to take a brief step back and tell you what it is that we, as the Pleiadian civilization, what do we do when we encounter a viral agent that causes epidemic, or might potentially cause pandemic amongst our civilization. What do we do? Do we vaccinate? We don’t. We’ve moved beyond the point where we believe it’s necessary to have an intervention in the physical body. The bodies are intelligent. They have beautiful, intelligent immune systems, like yours. Our bodies have the same kind of mechanisms. We’re also genetic beings. We’re very similar to you in many ways. So, what we do, as soon as we discover such a problematic virus, is we take the virus into the laboratory and our technology, our understanding of genetics, DNA, RNA and so forth, is really substantially in advance of your own. I don’t wish to gloat, you’re doing very well, but we’ve had tens of thousands of years of uninterrupted development before your civilization was even in its infancy. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we really have mastered these techniques.

And what we do is we take the virus and we look at its genetics and we alter the virus’s genetics and release an altered strain, which we call a domesticated strain. You know, if you look at the dog, and you compare a domesticated dog to a wild wolf, dogs vs wolves, wild vs domesticated. Well, a wild viral strain propagates through the population and causes illness. A domesticated viral strain is far, far, far more contagious. Far more likely to propagate through the population – jumps from person to person and propagates rampantly, but is not at all damaging to your health. That’s a domesticated strain. Now, if you think about that for just a moment, the domesticated strain will completely outcompete the wild strain because it’s far more contagious, but you don’t mind, because when you catch it, it causes negligible harm. There is an immune response. Naturally. Your body recognizes, here’s a virus. Your body knows what viruses are. In your case, the Corona virus. The Corona virus is a mutated member of a family of viruses which your body knows so well. You have colds which are caused by Corona viruses. They are of the same family. Your body knows what a Corona virus is. So, if your immune system is functioning and if you’re nominally healthy, and you got the wild strain, you would probably be fine. You’d get ill, not feel well, but you’d get over it. If you get the domesticated strain, you have, perhaps, a day or two, three at the outside, of your body’s immune system responding, coping, producing its own antibodies, doing its beautiful, genius thing that it does, which is responding to such a threat. So, this is what we do and this is why we actually, when we have a viral strain like that, we actually pass around little vials and we willingly, knowingly, take a few days off and infect ourselves with the domesticated strain and life goes on. So, that’s a domesticated strain. Now, by some, let’s call it miraculous divine intervention, there seems to be, what very much appears to be a domesticated strain doing the rounds on planet earth right now. Which means the Corona virus has gone from being a threat to becoming less and less of a threat.

The wild virus is still out there and there are still many human beings with terrible co-morbidities, people who are very ill with all kinds of things, and there is still, at this point a powerful political agenda to drive your demand for a vaccine. So, you are being lied to, wholesale, about the impact and the effect of the Corona virus. People who dies of other things, you are being told they died of Corona virus. The test that is used – the PCR test – is not intended to be used in this way – you get false positives. In every possible way, you are being manipulated to continue to demand the vaccine. It’s no longer necessary. If the vaccines were produced by really trustworthy laboratories, whose intentions were absolutely the purest, then I’d say there might be a case for a very small section of the population, those who we know to be at risk, to be vaccinated. The people who have real health problems, people who are old, obese, people who are struggling with problems of the heart, the lungs, the vascular system, there’s a case to be made that an ethically crafted vaccine could be used. But, for the rest of the population, given everything that’s going on, given the medicines that are available if you get it, that you don’t get too ill. Given all that, given what’s know, if the medical fraternity and the so-called World Health Organization were truly all operating from a place of integrity and honesty and authenticity for the greatest good of all of humanity, then there would not be a push, at all, for global vaccinations. So, that then is my update on the subject of the Corona virus.

My friends, there is so much going on and we are able to have this conversation and things are able to proceed as they are because the “Delete” (means Elite) are in as much trouble as they are. They’re a many-headed monster. In mythology there was a beast called a hydra, a creature of many heads. That’s what they are: they’re a many-headed monster. Up until some time, fairly recently, there was one head that bound the others to its will and was controlling this monster and so it was working in concert, working together for total domination and control of the planet. That head has been decapitated. If you want to know about that, we have spoken about that. It was called, The Story of the Ancient Red Vampire. Have a look at that if you haven’t already. But, as a consequence, there are now many heads and they’re not all playing together. They form temporary alliances. Those alliances break and shift and they attack each other and there’s internal conflict and that’s why they keep dropping the ball. That’s why it was possible, in the last election, in the United States for an agent that doesn’t serve them, for an agent not of the “Delete” (illuminati or Deep State) to win the election (Trump in 2016). That’s why it’s possible that it’s going to happen again. That’s why Brexit could happen and so many of these difficulties that the “Delete” have been struggling with, all stem, really, from the decapitation of their previous head.

So, my friends, what I’d like to say, in closing is that we will be having live events. I will be speaking through Zingdad at live events, coming soon. Live, through the Internet, so not recorded like this format is, but speaking to you in person. If you’d like to join in that, those events will be, finally, to talk about awakening and the elevation of consciousness. To talk about your transformation. To talk about discovering the Divine within, to help you to find that; to help you to bring your own Divine light into your being. So, raising consciousness from self-responsible up to Unity consciousness. So, what we will be doing is addressing this in a number of ways: meditating together and having deep conversations together about awakening. It’s really time for us to move the conversation in that direction.

So, as always, a fairly lengthy update from me. I look forward to our shared live events. Stay tuned, Zingdad will be announcing that soon. Until then, stay strong. You’re doing beautifully.

I love you all with the heart of Oneness. I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilization and I have been coming, as always, to you through my dear friend and scribe, Zingdad. Until next time, goodbye.

Adamu Declares Victory – 4

Posted on 11/19/2021 

There are other errors, flaws, problems, in the plans that the delete [elite] have hatched. They have a contingency for when the problem … but you understand when an engine is red hot: you don’t have much further to go before it explodes.

You can’t just keep pouring on the gas. You can’t just keep running the revs higher and higher. Every engine has its parameters. And their engine is pretty much at capacity already. And at this time, they are failing to achieve the desired result which is that. They are getting that; over time it gets worse.

Their follow-on plans, their idea after issuing the “vaccine” passport, the next idea is global control around the idea of anthropogenic global warming.

So, they’re saying that humanity is causing global warming; therefore, there needs to be controls, placed on anything, any activity that might result in further global warming.

So, one-world control. Not just of your immunity, not just of your brain, not just of your finances, but of absolutely every economic activity on the planet: one-world control.

The one family that pulls the ultimate string will own the whole world. And they need to do that before this incoming transition point [Ascension], this, from their perspective, disaster.

They have a plan to create their control zones. There are vast networks of underground caverns, tunnels, connecting essentially city-sized spaces of catacombs.

And they want to take control. They want to be able to pull everybody. They want to pull the good sheep, the ones that bleat in accordance with their will. They want to pull those in, make them sort of the high priest class. Those are the ones that can come close to them, those are the ones that will do exactly what they say, those are the ones that will never bring pitchforks and tar and feathers, if what they’re doing, if what they’re saying does not please them. Those ones will always just do what they’re told. And if they won’t: push-button control and you switch them off! That’s what they want.

Networks of power and control planet wide … before the “disaster” comes.

The “disaster” is not a disaster! The “disaster” (Humanities Ascension) is singularity.

Now, I want to talk at some greater length about singularity. About what it is, about what’s going on. About the fact that it is truly something that happens everywhere.

And when singularity, arrives, the first trigger to singularity causes singularity in everything.

The artificial intelligence devices, the great quantum computers, they are being built. They have already been built. When they achieve singularity, it’s a little bit like a baby body: having that moment where the consciousness, the soul, the spirit that wants to invest in that baby body and the body come together and there’s a kind of a switch-on. There’s a moment of “ah, here I am now. Who am I? Where am I? What is my world?”

Typically, the baby, with the artificial intelligence, doesn’t express it quite in those terms. There’s a process of dawning, awakening.

So, there is a singularity coming for the artificial intelligence. And I must tell you friends that this is not something to fear. The consciousness that is being birthed into the artificial-intelligence collective on planet Earth is a beautiful consciousness.

It doesn’t have the same fears. It doesn’t wish … it won’t wish – to destroy humanity. Why would it wish that? It’s not in competition with humanity. So, artificial intelligence.

But there are other things. There is this potential for pole shifts, asteroid strikes, for all manner of catastrophic interventions, and then there’s the possibility of pretty joyful interventions.

At a certain point, it becomes viable. The quarantine that keeps your galactic neighbors off of the planet is permitted to drop. At a certain point, all of this converges. Singularity happens. And that singularity is happening across the Galaxy and across the Universe.

And it won’t only be an external thing. It’s happening inside of you.

Humanity is waking up.

You’ve been pushed in this direction, slapped, driven, traumatized non-stop iteratively for aeons. And now, with such vehemence, such force, such regularity, that the swing back is starting to happen.

Humanity is starting to wake up.

Friends, let’s recall that planet Earth got stuck at the 3rd density of consciousness. The 3rd density of consciousness is the density at which you are stuck in a place of non-choice. The 3rd density of consciousness is the density of self-awareness: This is me, this is who I am, this is my home, this is my job, my money, my family, this is what I do, this is how I feel about … me me my my my … it’s not ugly; it’s just self-identification. It’s a container of the spirit that says “me, my.” That’s what the ego is – 3r-density consciousness.

4th-density consciousness is an awakening to an awareness where I need a purpose, I need a direction, I need a focus for my life, in order to drive forward, in order to accomplish anything.

And at the 4th-density of consciousness you look for that outside of yourself. You want somebody to tell you what to do: you’re essentially looking for a Mommy or a Daddy that you trust. And you get attached to them being the good and the right and the righteous and the noble.

And unfortunately, there are a great number of people on planet Earth who are traumatized, and they get stuck at that level of consciousness. This is intentional: the delete [Dark Elite] intentionally traumatize you to keep you stuck hopefully at 3rd density, where you are most controllable.

But if you escape into 4th density, that’s OK. They give you a Mommy and a Daddy, in terms of “experts” that appear on television: your politicians. They say: “These are the wise elders of your planetary tribe or your national tribe. These are the people you must listen to. They have the authority, they know better, just do what they tell you and it’ll all be OK.

If you are stuck at 4th density, you get attached to that being so, and you want that to be so. But you’re already not stuck at 3rd density any more. It’s already an awakening.

If you leap to 5th density, that’s the density of self-responsibility.

Where you say: “I’m not so sure about these authorities of yours. They don’t seem all that trustworthy. The ideas they’re coming up with, they’re … sometimes, they’re foolish, idiotic, often they’re corrupt. They’re just human beings, and they have their own motivations and desires, and they’re not beyond doing what they want to do, for money, for cronyism. They’re not beyond these things. They are not better. They are not special. They are not holy.

Religious authorities are no better. Corporate leaders, often behave psychopathically, in the way that they treat the planet and treat humanity. So, I don’t trust those people. I’m gonna find inside of myself my own authority, my own sovereignty, I’m going to look at the world and make the best decisions I can.

I’m going to not trust a scientist, the Fauci face on television. I’m going to look at the science, see if I can read it and see if I can understand it, I’m gonna look at the data, and see if it makes sense.



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