(Reader: Luna) A Call of Duty: A Light Worker’s Path


Reader Post | By Luna

A Call of Duty: A Light Worker’s Path

In this life, we are called to do many things, but many, do not hear their Call. I say their Call because we all came here for a purpose and our purpose in this life is to identify and work to our goal to discover that purpose. Once here, we don’t really get to choose whether we want to do it or not.  Unless of course you wrote that in your Akashic records before being born. Or, put it another way, if we don’t learn that lesson here; we will have to come back and start over.

We chose the manner in which we incarnate too. For example, you can be born as a baby, or a walk-in where one soul steps out willingly because he/she has decided that they do not want to finish their mission (their choice) and the other steps in because their lessons were basically from adulthood onward and don’t want to waste that extra time in infancy (again his choice). 

You chose all that you need to learn in this life before you come here and even who is going to teach that lesson too. It’s like you got together with everyone that loved you in your last life and in your Spiritual family/Ascended Masters and Guides and discussed all about your next life.

Have you thought about what in your life no longer serves you?”

I know these questions can be very difficult for some. It must be done. Just as the truth MUST be told. The Light needs to permeate the darkness for it to be released. Then we are truly free!

What have you done about it?”

But many hold on and for dear life. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?”

Then let go and tell our Creator that you got that lesson. That’s it! It’s simple! Why is it so scary to many? Just let it go. Besides that it’s behind you or in your past. We can’t go back and change it. It happened because that’s all you knew to do back then and that’s ok.

Why are you beating yourself up for something you can’t do anything about now?

 It’s like you’re on the hamster wheel until you do something different you won’t get a different result.  So just acknowledge it and let it go! It served its purpose because you noticed! Please forgive and let it go. I promise that you will feel lighter! You will be surprised how much lighter you will feel! We take on so much and sometimes we take on other people’s stuff. Your responsibility is to yourself first. I know society conditions us otherwise. Sometimes your upbringing too or it’s generational. It’s ok to let that go it was never your lesson. You cannot nor should you take on anyone else stuff. It’s futile it serves no point. Not your job! Period!

There are many of us that are ready to ascend because we have completed our lessons here and are not holding on to any other trauma. Those of us in that position came here with a knowing and likely a remembrance of who we are. Now in this timeline we get to right all the wrongs of the past and be here for humanity during this tumultuous time on planet Earth. It’s like the Hunger Games. The cabal told us in their Hollywood movies.

This isn’t something we are making up. Look around you, our world is crumbling but it’s not a negative thing that’s happening. That’s what the Cabal (1% the elites that run the world) want you to believe. This is happening because the one rule we have on this earth as Natural Law is to DO NO HARM! Well the cabal has kept humanity enslaved in every way imaginable. Just wait when the disclosures happen. 

So we are righting the wrongs. We were born free and so we are being liberated in every way. The New Earth will be a place full of love, light and joy. I know that concept in third density is unbelievable but I promise you it is real. This programming I’ve talked about has kept you from living your true life. Now you can but you have to let all that has not served you in your life go. Now is the time!

How we can tell that we have ascended? I can describe it like the scene in Robin Williams movie “What Dreams May Come” where his family and himself are running around in a garden. It looks very magical but mostly you will notice how all the flowers in the garden were SO vivid. I swear there were colours I have only seen in my dreams/visions. Another indicator will be when you see new foods appearing, such as  apples with custard cream inside being introduced. You will likely come across this in your local grocery stores. You may even think it’s just a new fruit imported from a foreign country and in a sense it is. It will be from our distant relatives in some other galaxy!

Our way of being will shift to match the vibration of this New Earth.  It will be a place where worry can no longer exist because we will be in a much higher vibration so it trumps everything below it. Can you imagine this place where you will be completely without any stressors at all. I know how this sounds but the third density chaos cannot exist in the fifth dimension. Just like this ‘war’ where the Light wins over the darkness/evil! That’s why we say ‘God Wins’.

When we are in 5D many of us will just wake up telepathic or even more telepathic which many Light workers are.  It will then become our natural state of communication. These things and much more awaits you. I know you will be ready for you all came equipped with what is required , you simply have to sit back and remember! Remember that YOU are the Creator of your dreams. If you don’t like it change it. A change can’t happen if you don’t try something different.

Part Two will follow.

Peace, Love, Light, & Joy,


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