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It seems that we are stuck and need a strong push or kick to move to the next level.

The Breakthrough

Today my note is a cry from the heart!

We know that vaccines are pure blood pressure and gradually scientific data are coming out to confirm this…

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EPIGENETICS: Vaccines Are Deleting Human Genes & Transfecting Cells With Ebola/Marburg

By Dr. Ariyana Love

Stockholm University just released a scientific horror. The “spike” protein in the Covid-19 “vaccines” are penetrating the cells of the vaccinated, reaching the cell nuclei, and impairing your cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA.

Pharmaceutical “vaccines” are silencing the genes responsible for DNA repair and deleting them forever in humans.



When people close to me get vaccinated, it knocks me off my feet, because I think I made a mistake and could not save them (this is a delusion !!!! BUT IT HURTS ANYWHERE !!!!).

People close to me do vaccinations secretly from me, because they know that I will fight against it! When they tell me that they have already been vaccinated, I begin to cry like a small child who has lost a loved one. Then my loved ones think that I have lost my mind and begin to worry about me.

The blood pressure that awaits people who have received the vaccine cannot be described in words !!! They will be so shocked by the truth about vaccinations that many will die of shock! It is very difficult to survive the fact that you are a walking corpse !!!

Imagine that the ALL TRUTH ABOUT PLANET EARTH will be added to this !!!! Also, mass deaths of the vaccinated will POSSIBLE! A real Armageddon awaits the vaccinated !!!

MAYBE (this is still unknown !!!!!) quantum medical beds will be able to reanimate the vaccinated, but until all this becomes possible, many people will die !!!!!!

The next SHOCK and HELL awaits human Souls after death – THIS IS THE UNDERSTANDING THAT THE VACCINATION HAS DISEASED THEIR DNA AND THERE IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE EVOLUTION! This is the MOST IMPORTANT LOSS and it is not known if new technologies will be able to fix it …

If you still think the “sleeping” (including the vaccinated) “stupid sheep” and that they deserve all this hell, then you are in serious trouble.In this case, you are just as stuck in 3D as the people who vaccinated were stuck in the same 3D.

Now most of the manipulative systems of psychos have already been weakened or destroyed. Also, a huge amount of energies of high vibrations enter the Earth. Under such conditions, you, as a human Soul, must clearly understand that deceived people are victims. Even if they were impolite or aggressive, rude and arrogant with you, they are still victims, and you are WINNERS.

The Human Soul is not able to take revenge, rejoice when someone is bad, be cruel, especially with people doomed to suffer.

These victims have already punished themselves so badly that no more words need to be said!

If you are a human soul, then in your heart there will always be mercy for the doomed.

It is MERCY, not Pity !!!! Pity is arrogance and low vibration energy.

MERCY is love. By being compassionate, you are sending megatons of love to the suffering person to ease their suffering!

Get ready to be merciful !!! The time for this is drawing near!

Another cry of the Soul for today. It will be about the rescuers of the planet.

I have said many times that it is better not to worship anyone and not to idialize anyone. Still, it remains noticeable that many people believe that the Alliance is saving planet Earth and that the Alliance is decisive.

Very briefly about this: the Earth and humanity are saved by a HUGE TEAM, EVERY LINK OF WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT !!!! That is, the Alliance is doing its job of saving, and we are doing our job and we are all EQUALLY IMPORTANT for the process of liberating the Earth.Now I will not go deep into the topic WHO DECIDES WHEN EVERYTHING BEGINS, much has been said about this before.

I want to say a few words about our galactic rescuers. For some reason this topic is ignored, although in fact it is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS!



Human DNA is made up of about 200 different elements of alien DNA! That is, about 200 representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations gave fragments of their DNA for the creation of mankind. That is, the galaxies are our direct relatives.

Planet Earth has been invaded by EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATIONS OF EVIL. Their technologies, thanks to which mankind was kept in a prison the size of a planet, ARE EXTRATERRESTRIAL (for example, such as the matrix, topline bombs, implants, etc., including the covid vaccine !!!).


This is inaccessible, I understand the work, it can be done ONLY by FRIENDLY ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS!

Which they did: dismantled the matrix, saved the Earth with us from destruction many times. Civilizations friendly to us helped the Earth Alliance rescue hostages in tunnels, because the security system, monsters from tunnels and in general the whole hell of tunnels is beyond human understanding and capabilities !!!!

If not for our friends from the Galaxy, WE WOULD NOT HAVE ANY CHANCE TO SAVE, even if the entire planet rose up (and this is completely impossible for many reasons!) !!! We could never be free if it weren’t for the Galaxies !!!!

Those “rods of God” (Mjolnir), about which so much is written now, are an ALIEN WEAPON !!!!

Those miraculous quantum Medbed that are able to restore youth, return lost organs, limbs, heal from all diseases – ALIEN TECHNOLOGY! This is a gift to humanity from friendly Galactic friends!

The psychos seized this technology by deceit and used it to encourage their slaves – the well-known 13 bloodlines of slave families who ruled the world and created hell on Earth.

The role of our Galactic family in the liberation of humanity is HUGE !!!

Alien civilizations friendly and dear to us ALL THE TIME HELPED US AND PULLED US OUT OF HELL! They have always been here and now here! They don’t show themselves massively because they know that most people are afraid of aliens. For millennia, psychos have driven into our heads the fear of alien civilizations, and also have driven us into the idea that there is no life near the Earth, and then they don’t know.We’ve been swallowing this lie of the millennium!

Now we know that psychos had bases in space with human slaves, and psychos also worked closely with alien civilizations. But we, the minority of mankind, know about it. Most think the same way!

Our friendly civilizations helped us as much as they could and in exceptional cases even more than allowed. They cannot radically interfere with the liberation of the Earth WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION for two reasons: observance of the Galactic Laws and in order not to hurt us (scare, for example, by their unexpected appearance). Of course, not all Galaxies are humanoids, and even if they are humanoids, they DO NOT AT ALL LOOK LIKE HUMAN! And we need to prepare for this!

Only psychos live in anarchy. Galactic highly developed civilizations live according to Galactic Laws.


The Galactic Codex


Civilizations friendly to us have done and are doing for the Earth only what they can. A huge part of the work remains with us, because the Earth is OUR HOUSE !!!!

Friendly aliens see that we are still floundering in the web of psychos and the process of liberating the planet is being delayed, among other things, because of OUR INABILITY (as a collective consciousness) to MAKE THE NECESSARY BREAKTHROUGH AND ACCELERATE THE LIBERATION OF THE EARTH.


This is a UNIQUE OFFER! This is what we dream of – TO END HELL ON EARTH SOON !!!!

I thought ALL PATRIOTS WILL SAY “YES !!!!!!!!” and will run to immediately sign the petition that we AUTHORIZE AND ASK OUR GALAXY FAMILY





This is what is MOST IMPORTANT to us now !!!!


It’s already been a week since the petition was launched, and it’s not even half-signed yet! It just amazed me! What could be more important now than GET HELP AND FINISH A DARK AGENDA

ON EARTH ?????

If patriots continue to be unable to distinguish cases of GLOBAL IMPORTANCE from cases of zero importance, if we continue to react to cases of GLOBAL IMPORTANCE with the pace of a tortoise, then we will have to wallow in this hell for a long time !!!!

To sign this petition, you need not only write your name, but also include your address.This is necessary because we need to finally learn to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN OUR HOUSE (EARTH), and not hang around and wait for saviors!

The second reason is that our Galactic friends should know exactly where they are awaited and are NOT AFRAID !!!!

And when they appear in the sky on their beautiful ships and all people freeze with fear, then you say: “Calm down, guys! It’s my relatives from the Galaxy who have flown to me))))))).” And you will wave your hand to the Galactam)))))

That is, you can contain your panic! YOU WILL BE A BEACON OF Tranquility amidst the panic.

Of course, Galactic friends will not come to your house for tea))))) They know that we are not ready for this and never cause us fear or pain. At most they will show their ships in the region WHERE YOU ARE THE WARRIORS OF THE WORLD LIVE!

This will be a personal acquaintance later, not this time.

I ask you to hurry up with solutions, share information everywhere so that we can end this madhouse on Earth as soon as possible !!!!! I already have no strength to endure it !!!!!

You can sign the petition here:

Planetary Liberation NOW!




God bless us !!!!!

Victory of the Light!


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