(Reader: Cinemo Galactic) Hollywood Dreaming? Prepare to Storm the Gates of Hell


Reader Post | By Cinemo Galactic

From October 20, 2017

Hollywood Dreaming? Prepare To Storm The Gates Of Hell

In light of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, which is undoubtedly going to uncover more horror stories of abuse within the Hollywood industry, as a writer/producer on the outside of an industry looking in, the larger story of evil men controlling entire industries while keeping good people from thriving couldn’t be more apparent. 

I shall give you two examples, one very much public, and one that happens all too often to aspiring film makers like myself, of how good people wishing to tell stories in Hollywood must prepare for an eternal battle of good vs. evil. 

The first, as previously mentioned, is this now very public sexual predator Mr. Harvey Weinstein, considered to be one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. Now, a little background on me. I was raised in house full of women. I am the only boy with three older sisters, along with a mother with an enormous heart who devoted her life to the education of children. The way I was raised could not be more contrast to the life and actions of Harvey Weinstein. My scripts and stories reflect as much, and to think that if I ever had the chance to pitch him a project, the two opposing forces that would be at play in that meeting would be cataclysmic.

I believe Humanity has entered a new era, and era of the Feminine Divine. I believe that women everywhere have yet to discover their true power and majesty, and this scares a certain kind of man. But not me. I believe that when men truly see women for what they are – as Daughters Of God – it is only then that men truly become Sons Of Light.

Now imagine me telling that to Harvey Weinstein.  

The only true “power” meeting I’ve had was with a powerful figure at one of the top agencies. I was quickly told that if I change key aspects of one of my projects then they will get behind it. What they told me to take out of my story was any mention of GOD. Yes, the God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The God that billions of people on this Earth believe in. Now keep in mind, this wasn’t a faith based project I was pitching. But the mere mention of God for them was like throwing holy water on a vampire. It made their skin crawl. I politely thanked them for the meeting and walked out, never to speak to them again.

The second example is one that happens all too often with aspiring producers seeking funding, and this occurrence happened just this morning. (NOTE: There are many Harvey Weinsteins-in-training hoping to climb the ladder of fame and power, and whose arrogance is unmistakable.) For a creator, writer, cinematographer, producer or director, no project can be made without money. Wading through the sea of “financiers” out there who claim to have money, who can talk a big game and are charming and witty (a key trait of Mr. Weinstein according to his victims), who’ve put out press releases of partnerships with other investment groups, but oddly enough there’s no sign of them ever funding a single project.  But you still agree to get on a call with them. After all, what can it hurt?

On one brief call with one such group, with one particular gentleman, he ended up telling us about all these huge deals he was about to do until they fell apart at the last minute, intertwined with my project not meeting his requirements. So after the call I basically brushed it off. No big deal. Then a few days later after some messages exchanged on LinkedIn, this same guy said he can help raise funds for us if we paid him $4000 a month. 


As I pointed out the obvious red flag of a man who just told me he almost bought a major company for $250M one day, and now wants me to pay him a monthly salary to “find” funding then next day, he clearly became agitated much like when you catch a kid in a lie. But in a very clever and manipulative way he tried to make me feel like it was I that was being foolish, and that I just screwed up by calling him out. This very exchange happens all the time for people with great projects who are speaking with arrogant douchelords who carry the same traits as Mr. Weinstein. 

With all the stories coming to light about Harvey, I’ve realized that the Hollywood industry is a magnet for true psychopaths, and the artists trying to break down its doors don’t just need a sword and shield, but a doctorate in psychopathology. 

My only hope is the rumors and whispers of major changes coming, in every aspect of Human life. Changes in governments, in economies, in banking, and every industry on this planet, including the film industry. Perhaps Harvey Weinstein is the spark that lights the cleansing fire to bring radical changes to not only the internal workings in Hollywood, but the outward stories it brings to the world.


Cinemo Galactic


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