(Reader: A Fellow Patriot) Response to West Texas Girl Regarding “Who and What is Gaia”


Reader Post | By A Fellow Patriot

Response to West Texas Girl RE: Gaia

Let me start by apologizing for any seeming sense of rudeness or bluntness.  That is certainly not my intent.  George and I both tend to be very serious in our defense of the Faith.

I looked for a way to soften the edge of this, but decided to offer it straight from George.

I have admiration and respect for the patriots everywhere, including those who follow this site.  I consider you among my friends.

Please know that I am a novice at much of this, and tend to rely heavily on those few that I trust who have devoted significant research using keen discernment, such as George.

I submitted this in hopes of starting a conversation. Many thanks to your welcome response.

What I have managed to piece together (please check me on my logic – I respect and appreciate all input):


Freemasons are Satanists.  They have heavily infiltrated the church.  Our Lady has prophesied this multiple times over the centuries.

Freemasons are very devious in designing tools to achieve their objectives.  The New Age Movement (NAM) is one of these tools, as is the New World Order, “Global Warming”, the Plandemic, etc.

We see undercurrents of the NAM, and the Freemasons in Agenda 21, the NWO, etc.  We see many high profile Satanists pushing the NWO along with the NAM.

Gaia has been promoted through the NAM.

The NAM is a recycling of ancient heresies (it isn’t new, just timely.)

Gaia has two sides – the one that is promoted by the NAM, and the original side dating back to early civilizations, that of a false Goddess.  Both sides push God to the shadows, at best.

The NAM, Gaia, etc. are leveraged to sever man from his God, leaving him adrift and highly susceptible to Satan who desires all souls.


On All Hallow’s Eve, my wife and I greet the children at the door with a three foot tall statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Almost all the children can name her as Our Lady of Guadalupe, or Mary.  When they do, they get extra candy. <We dress as ourselves.>

The children in our neighborhood delight at helping us put out our life-like Nativity scene for Christmas.

Satan has co-opted All Hallow’s Eve (the Eve of All Saints Day), as he has co-opted the Mass, Christmas, marriage, the family, the White House, schools, nurseries, welfare and adoption agencies, etc. – with various inversion techniques.  But, not at our house.

By the way, this last Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve), all the children who visited (all with their parents) came as themselves – it was delightful to see.

Genesis 3.15: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed: he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.”. 

A Fellow Texan Patriot


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