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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

You haven’t heard from me for a long time. That’s because I had some ideas for articles in the meantime, just no flow, as it usually is. That means I was stuck and just couldn’t finish them. Then, when things got a little better, the topic was out of date. You know what they say, “Nothing is older than yesterday’s paper!” This saying comes from the time when there were still real newspapers and not state propaganda sheets. And there are less and less newspapers, today everything has to be readable “online”, even if the display is so small. But that’s not a bad thing. A few years ago, ophthalmologists would have been happy and the pharmaceutical industry would have been happy, today we are happy, because the medbeds will also be able to heal eyes.

Since I went public, I also get feedback from readers or subscribers. On a small scale, not everyone has my contact information. I talk on the phone a few hours a day anyway, answering mails and personal messages. That’s important, because it shows me what makes people tick, what keeps them busy, what moves them. That’s why I’m also in some groups or channels. And believe me, it’s not always nice what I get pointed out there. When I then try to counteract some of the developments through articles, I am disillusioned in some cases. In Germany, they say, “I might as well be talking to a parking meter!”

The wall I mean by the title is not a wall of the alleged sleeping sheep. I still assume that those who welcomed the “refugees” with teddy bears, who think Germany and other countries are states, who work in “ministries”, “offices” and “administrations” or at insurance companies, large corporations and banks, who scream “HERE” at every vaccination, are not souled people at all. Anyone who has ever looked around an “office” will know what I mean. Most are “regulatory compliance monitors” with no logical thinking of their own. A song by German singer-songwriter Reinhard Mey once summed it up: “An application for the issuance of an application form, to confirm the invalidity of the carbon copy.” I hope that comes across as grotesque in English as it does in German. It really does, it describes the way “officials” work to a T.

And what happens? NOTHING!!! Just like in performances of comedians, who let off steam about reality, pack the truth into a funny lecture, the audience sits or stands there laughing and clapping, leaves the show and has forgotten everything again. The main thing is to be distracted from the reality just described, because they found it so funny. The wall is there again, nobody questions anything, or the fewest.

And this is what the enlightenment channels have been experiencing for months. They, too, are basically talking to a wall. Because the subscribers simply cannot or do not want to implement what is reported to them. How many times has it been said that the RV is not a date-related event? How many times has it been said that “Q” never published a date? How many times has it been said that no one knows or can know when anything will happen? And yet people interpret, forecast, push expectations upward, and virtually wish for disappointment. RV? For years, it’s supposed to start tomorrow. Exchange dates? For years we’ve been getting 800 numbers tomorrow. NESARA? Been proclaimed for months. GESARA? Long since activated for months. Bringing expectation and euphoria to a high? Every damn day! Focus on single, scattered occurrences? Every day, too! Seeing the big picture? FAIL!!! The military is the only way and the military doesn’t talk. Especially not about plans or projects. And if anything, it is coded or meant for the enemy to confuse.

I realize that this article will hit a wall again. I can live with it, it’s been that way for months. The awakening people apparently love walls and I know why. They are afraid! Afraid that their dreams and desires might come true. Because they couldn’t handle it the moment it would happen. Because they would have to do something. They would have to start with the new life. And they don’t know that, they are insecure and overwhelmed. So they stay behind the wall against which all advice bounces. The saying that sums up everything that many are basically thinking, I read it yesterday in a group: “Plan? What kind of plan? I’ve been reading that for months now. Couch? Popcorn? I can’t hear it anymore!”

What do we say to someone like that? A giant wall reveals itself through such a statement, doesn’t it? And whoever thinks now that these are just a few people is mistaken. I have given advice many times, but I have stopped. Nobody listens, even from the closest circle of confidants there are always doubts, assumptions and thought spirals that I no longer have or think. On the other hand, there are very many who think and feel as I do, who feel as if they were in a dream in the last days of the old world and whose longing for the new world is rightly growing. Because we can almost touch it, because it is almost here.

The alliance still allows a lot of this old world today. In the beginning, I didn’t want to or couldn’t understand that either. You know that because I have also written it in my articles in the last months. Do we have to deal with it? Mentally, emotionally? No, we don’t have to. We don’t know a) whether the “damaged ones” are ensouled people at all and b) what they, if they are, have written in their individual soul plan. That has not to interest us! We should concentrate on ourselves in these times! Are we ready? Are we ready for the new world? Are we humanitarian minded as currency exchangers? Or, with concern and compassion now, are we supposedly making up for what we failed to do in the decades before? When we didn’t care what happened to children, women and even men around the world? When we (myself included) didn’t really watch or look the other way? As it were, to “make amends”?

Even if it hits a wall again: look at the big picture, the signs are all there already. Ask yourself, for example, how the alleged “migrants” in Belarus could have gotten in there. That would be interesting to know. Did they all apply for a visa to enter Belarus? Or were there some border guards who were asleep for days? So how did these people get to Belarus so that they can now stand at the other border? Are they people at all? If so, are they refugees or actors, as we have often seen in Mexico? Well equipped with NIKE, ADIDAS and other “super important” and above all expensive outfitters. Ask yourselves that! Who does not ask, remains stupid!

Do not occupy yourselves any more with the flu, the prick, possible lockdowns, a FRG simulation or any performances of “poor refugees”. Defend yourselves only, let attacks bounce off you, play, however, for time, defend yourselves only. The end is coming (not only the winter)! Whether you want to know it or not, whether you can see it or feel it or not, we are now in the same scenario of the movie MATRIX 1, where Neo is standing in the hallway, stopping the agents’ bullets and letting them fall to the ground. And the same faces of the agents, incredulous and knowing that they have lost, now have the last Deep State stooges, no matter where they are still scrambling around. The derailed features showed their realization and with it the fear they themselves created for others and which is now coming back to them. Law of Attraction.

We are going to show you a new world.
Those who are blind will soon see the light.
A beautiful brave new world lies ahead.
We take this journey together.
One step at a time.

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