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The soul of a child. Abortion.

Today I want to share with you very important information about abortions and the souls of our children.

Very often, we adults, very underestimate our children and make unforgivable mistakes in upbringing. Usually, raising children ends with the imposition of our worldview on children (which is most often a utopia) or the other extreme of upbringing – the child’s absolute freedom of action, which often leads to terrible tragedies in the lives of children and parents.

The child needs wise guidance and supervision until he learns everything and can take care of himself on his own. If the child is allowed to do absolutely everything, it can be pulled in by the cobwebs and traps of psychos. If you suppress the child and completely control his life, then this leads to the other extreme – the child often grows up either as a failure, or unhappy, or mentally not stable enough. Such children are often weak-willed, unable to do great things, not self-confident, or if the child was brought up in violence – the result can be life tragedies such as suicides, the child’s involvement in crimes, etc. Of course, this is a very very short overview of the educational process and there are many other variations and very important points.

From the point of view of the Soul, it very often happens that children HAVE MUCH MORE MATURE, WISE AND ANCIENT SOUL than their parents. In this case, you are not only “weaker” than your child, but by imposing your principles and desires, you make it completely IMPOSSIBLE TO REALIZE THE LIFE PLAN OF YOUR CHILD’S SOUL !!!!!

With regard to abortion.In case anyone else doesn’t know, psychos are using aborted baby tissue in their terrible experiments !!!!!! These perverts use aborted tissue also in the “miracle Cov19 vaccines” !!!

If the child survives after an abortion (at certain stages of pregnancy), these monsters support the child’s life and conduct experiments and torture on him.

On the energy plane, this also matters. Abortion is a sacrificial ritual. And the psychos are trying in every way to encourage women to have more abortions.

In addition, the Soul of an aborted child CANNOT RETURN TO THE HIGHER SPHERE AND LOSES THE POSSIBILITY TO IMPLEMENT AGAIN !!!! These Souls hang in the astral plane and for them to be able to escape from there some physical actions are needed on the part of the parents of the unborn soul, and the parents most often DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS NECESSARY TO DO. The soul falls into a trap from which there is practically no way out !!!!

More details can be found here:

Return Of The Karma Lords Part 10 – The Great Quantum Transition


At the very last moment, a shocking fact emerged. THE WAVE DNA MATRIX OF HUMANITY CONTAINS ABORTABLE REALITY. And not only in the wave DNA of women, but also of men!

This made it impossible to disinfect the wave DNA matrix of humanity until the interrupted reality of the Earth transforms.

So what is it? Where is it from? How is it formed?

Its key definitions are: TRAP, CRIME, WALKING.

On the third day after physical fertilization, the soul (the bearer of the Monad) enters the woman’s field for subsequent incarnation.

During an abortion, the soul is forcibly removed (expelled) from the Vita-sphere of the Earth, in which the carriers of the Monads are located before incarnation. They can no longer return to the Higher Spheres from which they came, since this requires incarnation.

The carriers of the interrupted monads are placed in a special zone, where they await the opportunity to incarnate. Now this requires either the repentance of the parents and re-entry into the field of the previous mother, or consent to the adoption of the interrupted soul by another mother. And this must be done deliberately!

The death toll of souls grew and reached critical mass. As a result, the earthly field of abortion automatically collapsed and became the reality of abortion. One can imagine how many souls have accumulated in it during the entire history of the Earth.

An additional parasitic sub-helix has formed in the wave DNA of women. It is located in the eighth (lunar) wave thread. This maintains the relevance of abortion on Earth.

The woman became a hostage and an unwitting donor of a demonic trap, supporting her existence.During an abortion, the woman is captured by the reality of abortion, which forms the aforementioned sub-spiral. She can’t get rid of it.

Every aborted soul living in the abortion field of the Earth is like a man in a coma – a living corpse.

Staying there is so difficult that people cannot even imagine. And also the pain that such souls inflict on the Source, of which the entire human anima is a part, which carries its Spark within itself.

In addition to the souls that have just been interrupted, in this ghetto we have created there are also special zones where the collected souls are interrupted two, three or more times.

This is really hell! Having been there in the Thin Body, one of the commanders of the SL ground group sobbed violently for several days, shocked by what she saw.

Some souls have been imprisoned for abortion for tens of millions of years, since the time of retrocivilizations on Earth.

Who helped humanity create the abortion trap? Who taught people to commit infanticide?

Initially, abortion was impossible in principle, because fertilization took place only when it was REALLY WANTED! By them: a man and a woman. In those days, the woman did not have what is periodically associated with the lunar cycle.

The intervention of the archons in a woman’s genetics changed her physiology in such a way that unwanted pregnancy became possible. And the path to abortion was opened.

Dark Hierarchs specially and from outside brought knowledge about methods of abortion. It doesn’t matter when the first abortion occurred. But this moment became a turning point in the history of the Earth and mankind.

Well, and also an excellent channeling of the dialogue with the Child’s Soul. I represent only a small part. You can read the entire channeling here.

The Soul Of Our Kids

Part 1

It’s a unique document for all of us. Especially for moms-to-be, and for those who don’t want to be a mother.

The post is a transcript of a telepathic conversation with a child in the womb in the 7th month of a mother’s pregnancy. This conversation may differ from the chat with other children due to the individual peculiarities of each living being.


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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