Obamas, Biden, Pope, Queen, Watergate, CIA, FBI, Child Services, Elites into Human Trafficking of Minors


Obamas, Biden, Pope, Queen, Watergate, CIA, FBI, Child Services, Elites Into Child Sex Trafficking

By Judy Byington as published in Before It’s News: Obamas, Biden, Pope, Queen, Watergate, CIA, FBI, Child Services, Elites Into Child Sex Trafficking | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Ally Carter claimed being born into a sophisticated International Child Sex Trafficking Ring that catered to global and political elites – as did Australian Fiona Barnett. “I am a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA, Barnett claimed in a witness statement taken through the Australian Court. https://prepareforchange.net/2018/09/03/witness-statement-by-satanic-ritual-abuse-survivor-fiona-barnett-calling-out-her-pedophile-abusers/

Barack Obama, the male Michael “Michelle” Obama, Joe Biden, John Travolta, Beyonce and many more celebrities and political elites raped and tortured Ally Carter throughout childhood according to her mind blowing interview on the Stew Peters show last Wed. 10 Nov. 2021. https://mypatriotsnetwok.com/patriot/biden-obama-raped-me-ally-carter-child-sex-trafficking-survivor-speaks-out-on-stew-peters-show/

It was not the first time Obama and Biden had been charged with child sex trafficking. https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2021/04/obama-biden-clinton-pelosi-white-house-pedophile-ring-uncovered-by-wikileaks-3232354.html

President Trump to the rescue: A secret child sex trafficking rescue operation has been going on since Trump took office: Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill | Politics | Before It’s News

Such child trafficking in an International Child Sex Ring was known to be funded by US tax payer dollars funneled through the CIA’s Black Budget to Queen Elizabeth’s City of London, and then on to an office at the Vatican.

Both the Queen and Popes have been litigated through the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels and found guilty of organizing Satanic child sacrifice rites on a regular basis – especially using as victims, native children in Canada – where over 50,000 have gone missing from mainly Catholic residential schools.

Probe of Queen Elizabeth Child Abduction to Catholic “Killing Ground Hospital” | Celebrities | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Catholics, Government, Elites Kidnapped, Tortured, Killed Native Women, Children – well over 60,000 | Canada | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Vatican Guilty of Pedophilia, Child Sacrifice? | Celebrities | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Barnett’s court document revealed child trafficking connections to the White House and even Watergate. “Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US taskforce to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the Whitehouse,” the court document read. “Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket,and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters”

Evidently Detective Rothstein found that the CIA was behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials – which both Carter and Barnett were subjected to from birth, throughout childhood and on through their teenage years.

Ally claimed that as a child and later in foster care, she was raped and trafficked by celebrities and politicians. She discussed how California Child Protective Services trafficked her in underground tunnels to Buckingham Palace and under the Getty Museum. Child Services, FBI, schools and law enforcement were involved in the cover up of the abuse of her and other children.

Most alarming, both Ally and Fiona claimed that the Satanic Ritual Abuse and sex trafficking of children was not only still going on throughout the nation and globe, but involved millions of tortured and abused children who were often raped and killed in global elite Satanic Child Sacrifice rites in honor of Satan.


“Child trafficking is run as asingle integrated world operation coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services,” Barnett claimed. “I spoke with Rothstein who said he knew of an identical VIP pedophile ring that existed here in Australia, and that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the details of this.”

The Australian Satanic child sacrifice rite connection to Queen Elizabeth has long been hidden and well covered up, though information was now leaking out through testimonies of surviving Satanic Ritually Abused children.

For instance, I once talked to a Ritual Abuse Survivor who, right before Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, witnessed her kill a baby in a Satanic rite held on an Australian military base. Queen Elizabeth, Canada, Native Chiefs, Vatican, CIA Cover Up of Child Death Camps, Mass Grave Sites | Politics | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)


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