Kat Update: Simon Parkes “November is the Changing Month”, Juan O Savin, Dan Scavino, and QTSR


Operation Disclosure | By Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 10, 2021

On November 4, 2021 George Papadopoulos Tweeted this: 

There isn’t an Anon I know who doesn’t wholeheartedly agree.

Tomorrow 11-11, is Veterans Day. There are a lot of vibrations of expectation for this day.

However, we’ve ALL seen highly anticipated but then uneventful dates come and go with great regularity on this path, so I pay ZERO attention to dates. I understand a bit of the “game” now. Get everyone focused on this day over here so we do something BIG over there.

OK. Got it. Well done, Q.

However, 11.11 is a day to consider from various standpoints, starting with Q’s own standpoint, and echoed by the OfficialMcAfee Telegram Channel.

Then there’s the historic meaning of President Kennedy’s Executive Order 11110. I’ve posted quite a bit about that lately on anonup.

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Once again, thank you, Doq.

Juan O Savin

“When we look at the “Q” project
in light of what’s happening in our country right now,

we have to remember that the central focal point
of the whole operation
is to reverse the effects of a coup
that occurred at the killing of President Kennedy.
And in order to do so,
it’s not just a political issue or military fight;
& not only a way to wake up the American people
to what’s really happening.
It’s also about removing the sharp teeth
of these money monsters;
getting their fangs out of us as a country
that is being bled dry by vampires
as they take the wealth out of America
to make themselves stronger,
in order to do their globalist mischief around the planet.”

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Juan O Savin is the first person
to draw the connection, for me,
between the assassinations of
Abraham Lincoln
& President Kennedy.
Lincoln created bloodline-banker-free money
& JFK was about to create bloodline-banker-free money.
So both were killed for it.
These despicable demons
can’t be discreated fast enough!

And here’s the history from Juan O Savin himself:

So the number and day 11.11 being the end of WW1, also JFK’s EO 11110, and Q’s 11.11 “America will be unified again” puts a lot of spin on 11-11-21.

Mike Anon posted this on anonup 11-10-21:

I replied to Mike’s post:

Agree 100%
Am praying Q Team are understanding
the world needs TRUTH SHOCK THERAPY!!
Pull the plug on the MSM
blast an EBS
& start running the 8 hour videos of Military Tribunals.
People have had 21 months of lockdown
vax mandates,
& losing their jobs
but even THAT didn’t do it for still too many.
Maybe informing them that
HRC was a witch who ate children
Obama was a pedo & his “wife” was a man,
& 98% of the U.S. government
are Traitors, Seditionists & Communists
& work for bloodline demons
& are child traffickers & child sacrificers & drug dealers
& most of the “elite” in the world as they know it
Vatican, Education, Science, Medicine, Banks, Wall St., etc.
drinks the blood of tortured children —
might finally get their MK Ultra’d minds’ attention.
God bless us all.

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3

OK. The truth is, I’ve kind of had it but thankfully, I listened to a wonderful Simon Parkes update video, 10-9-21, where he spoke about the fact that, in his opinion and I believe in Charlie Ward’s also, the people who have awakened have awakened, but those who have not are stubbornly NOT going to unless they hear whatever on their news channels.

Very frustrating.

Simon made the point, “I don’t think even White Hats thought that parents would line up to have their children vaccinated, but they are.”

The MK Ultra is strong with too many still. Time for major TRUTH SHOCK THERAPY!!

And I believe we’re going to get it.

Let me preface the Dan Scavino comms with what Gene Decode said about Space Force taking down Facebook:



Gene Decode, McAllister TV

8:20 Linda Paris: You can tell us a lot about Space Force or the Alliance taking down FB & other parts of the web.

8:37 Gene DecodeThat was huge. People don’t understand how huge that was. For that to have happened & what happened was they DELETED many many many pages of code.

It didn’t just go down, they wiped out pages of code from Facebook. FB couldn’t even do that. It means that they hit, cuz there’s multiple multiple redundancies through multiple DNS servers all at once all over the world. THEY HIT ‘EM ALL AT ONCE, ALL OF EM AND DELETED THE SAME CODE EVERYWHERE ON EARTH AT THE SAME TIME.

9:14 That is a MASSIVE operation. That’s Space Force and a lot of things coming down. It’s a shot over the bow to the cabal saying, yeah, you want to use the stuff in the arm [VAXX] to upload everybody & control em into the dark web—WE CAN DELETE IT!! We can delete the ENTIRE WEB IF WE WANT.

9:50 Linda Paris: What you’re saying is what they did was wipe out pages of code they were going to use to control us?!?!

9:57 Gene Decode: Yeah. Facebook, all the truthers know, is just a mine for your personal data & all the information on you. What they did is they deleted a lot of that information & their ability to do that.

10:18 They can still load people up onto the dark web, but it’s the Alliance saying if you do that, we can wipe out the dark web, we can wipe out ANY PART OF THE WEB INSTANTANEOUSLY, worldwide, multiple redundancy does not matter, we can hit it so fast worldwide it’ll all be gone in the blink of an eye.

10:33 So they can take out that. They can take out all the cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin & all that was founded by & China has 52% controlling of the Bitcoin. It was located under Three Gorges Dam which is mostly gone from my information and from what I’m seeing…


Given what we now verifiably know about Space Force’s capabilities, the following Dan comms do not seem far-retched:


11-10-21 We Are The News Telegram channel

DAN COMMS: Space Force Now Controls The Fake News Satellites

Dan posted BIG BOOM comms last night with the meme of Fake News Pioneer, Brian Williams, in a space suit. To solve, connect fake news + space = satellites. Dan confirms this solution path by posting at 9:46 PM = 84 = FAKE NEWS. And NINE FORTY SIX PM = 207 = SPACE FORCE CONTROLS.

Posting at 9:46 connects to Q946, a series of ‘booms’ that equal = 272 = SPACE FORCE CONTROL ALL SATS = OVERRIDE THE FAKE NEWS SATS.

The phrase, “It was an honor to be the first man on the moon” = 451 = SPACE FORCE NOW CONTROLS ALL MSM SATELLITES.

For the icing on Dan’s comms-cake, prior to posting he changed his ‘following’ count to 974 => 479 = THE SPACE FORCE CONTROLS THE FAKE NEWS SATELLITES.

The reason this revelation is so monumental is that for the White Hats to activate the EBS and Broadcast, they must have the capacity to fully override the MSM (Mossad) Satellites. Dan is telling us, the stage is set for the show to begin.



I pray that’s true. If it is, it’s go time. If not, so be it.

Meanwhile, Q The Storm Rider also had some exciting news and it seems to me that it is coordinating with Dan Comms and Space Force.

Like clockwork, here is the News Post QTSR alerted our attention to: “The Marker I was told was to watch is SAUDI ARABIA SWEEPING ARRESTS:”

Saudi Arabia arrests 172 expats and citizens on corruption charges


With uncustomary lightheartedness, Q The Storm Rider also posted this for Anons:

CGI Biden
CGI world
.. You’re inside a CGI platform



Here is some of Simon Parkes wonderful update. I didn’t transcribe the QFS / RV / GCR stuff he said because he’s basically reiterating what most on IDC already know. We’re there, nearly there, about there, almost there, practically there and won’t it be wonderful when it happens!

Praise God and Q Team whenever it does. God bless and Godspeed.


Simon Parkes, 9th November 2021 Update Current News


10:12 Simon Parkes:  We can only talk about covert operations.
It’s very frustrating that I can’t bring you
The Daily Express or the New York Times
& show you a front page that says
“Cuomo hanged”
or the Governor of this or the Governor of that.
But that is what’s occurring.

10:41 In Cuomo’s case, he was absolutely vile
to the last minute.

10:50 It is the Marine Corps
that are undertaking all these very special operations.
It’s not the general Army or the general Military,
It is the Marine Corps doing it…

11:11 The White Hats don’t want this in the open at this stage
because it’s too difficult, there are other topics that have to be done.
But I can absolutely tell you that key players
that are absolutely
nasty people.
have literally been brought to book.
Most of them have been forced to resign,
so they resign their position.
and then they’re arrested & charged
& the Military Tribunal is held.
Some of them are filmed, some of them are not.
That is what occurs. That is the reality of it.
So much of it is not in the public eye…
Maybe because also, dirty washing.

11:56 There’s a view here, isn’t there?
About laundering your clothes in public.
It’s predominately difficult for a country
that has an International & a world reach
to then publicly say that it’s ‘elected’ officials
have been engaged in the most evil crimes
known to man or woman.
This isn’t the stage or the time where they want to do that.
The good guys are focused on keeping the bad guys out.

You know if you’ve listened to me
& kept the faith with me for 11 years

12:41 It’s a war
but it’s not a war with bombs & bullets
it’s a different sort of war
which, perhaps, nobody’s ever experienced before.


President John F. Kennedy
United States Military Academy Commencement Address
June 6, 1962, West Point, NY

“…To cite one final example of the range of responsibilities that will fall upon you: you may hold a position of command with our special forces, forces which are too unconventional to be called conventional, forces which are growing in number and importance and significance, for we now know that it is wholly misleading to call this “the nuclear age,” or to say that our security rests only on the doctrine of massive retaliation.”



Simon Parkes: And [this war] is taking place on many countries.
Thank goodness for connecting consciousness
Because we have all these thousands of people in different countries
who can feed information back, first hand,
which will never be on MSM…

16:49 That is the big enemy—The Media
That is the big enemy that we face.
How do we convince our family
How  do we convince our friends
When the Media are not carrying it?

There’s only one answer:
The Media’s got to come down.
They’ve got to be taken over
& the truth put out.
17:07 We need an Emergency Broadcast System
In ALL countries to tell the truth.
We need videos running for 3 days or 4 days on our televisions.
We need Social Media to be either taken down
Or if controlled by the White Hats
maintaining up but blocking the deep state
from trying to get any access to it.

17:34 I know that’s incredibly difficult
We really do want to show people.
Not because we want to say we’re right.
But it’s about saying the world you live in
is NOT what you BELIEVE.

18:04 I don’t see how anyone, once the truth comes out
& it will come out
how they can EVER watch the BBC again
[or cnn/China News Network as Pryme Minister calls it.]

I understand how we all feel.
I feel it too.
How WE feel it.
And I’m heartily sick of it.

18:29 I know that this month, November,
is the changing month.

18:41 I know people write me or Charlie Ward
& say, “There’s no such thing as a QFS.”
Yeah, well why did they try & blow up the Iraqi Prime Minister?


I know without a shadow of a shred of a doubt that The Best Is Yet To Come.

That we are entering an extraordinary, miraculous, beautiful, brave New World and New Divine demon-free Realm. Zero doubt.

And I agree with Simon—November is the changing month.

How Q Team have planned to unfold it, we’re all on the edge of our seat. But unfold it they will.

And I believe it will be as Juan O Savin said on 10-21-21:


Juan O Savin & David Nino Rodriguez, “A Domino Will Fall.”


Juan O Savin: You could make the case that in the last 5-years
somebody’s been putting together huge groups of dominos.

11:06 And what’s interesting is
that you’ll see one section go down
then the last domino hits a little line
to another section somewhere else that starts that group
that’s all going out over there,
then another weird little thing’ll happen
& all of a sudden it hits another group
& another set of dominos all go down.

11:24 A lot of people are of the opinion
it’s all over in a day.
It’s just not the case here.
This is going to go over months.
But you’ll have one group of dominos
& another group of dominos that go down.

11:48 DNR: At least it will be a morale boost for Patriots
to see the first domino go down.

11:53 Juan O Savin: It will certainly be a morale boost.
It’s not just a feel-good thing
It’s a very precise marker within that group of markers
that goes down pretty quickly.
It’s an indicator to everybody that the war’s on
but we’re on the winning team.

12:18 And then you’re gonna have
winning here, winning there, winning somewhere else.

And all of those things happen over these remaining months
till March in a very dramatic fashion
is my belief, way of viewing it,
reading the tea leaves, if you will.

12:42 D Nino Rodrigquez: It begins shortly & will go through March.

12:45  Juan O Savin: It will go on actually for a few years
but the most intense precise period goes on through March.
And there’s a lot of dramas in there.


With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness and Abundance unceasing,

This is Kat, over and out.





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