(Reader: Ron Giles) The Energetic Flow of Service


Reader Post | By Ron Giles

I would like to introduce what I believe to be a new concept – it is the “Energetic Flow of Service.”

As Humanitarians begin our work, we will confront one of the most devastating and debilitating byproducts of the Cabal-oriented Economic System based on lack, greed, and competition. That is an Economic system that is void of love-based Capitalism.

What do I mean by love-based Capitalism?

For contrast let’s take a look at the Cabal Capitalism under the governmental and financial systems that we presently live beneath. The debt slavery system created by the Central Bank financial system creates shortages of funds so that the average person needs to borrow money to live. This shortage is a byproduct of inflation built into the Central Bank system. Then when the time comes to pay the loan back, one needs to go get another part-time job. Now that person has to pay back not only the principle but the interest as well, and the same problem that got him into this situation remains. The only possible solution is for a 2nd wage earner to enter the job market and begin a new career as a hamburger flipper instead of a career as a mother. Who suffers? Certainly not the money lenders with their credit cards and other credit schemes; it’s the family unit that suffers. I’ve heard it said that 80% of divorces happen as a result of money issues created by a shortage of money. The question is this: so how are you liking the Debt Slavery System created by the Central Baker bots that have no heart? Do you think we should have been more watchful over who is responsible for our money supply?

Did Capitalism cause this dilemma or was it the way the Cabal and the Banks used Capitalism to destroy our civilization? Capitalism in the wrong hands can and does destroy an economy. These idiots are now jamming Communism and its inherent destruction of the individual’s freedoms down our throats saying Capitalism destroys the economy. What a crock. What a FREAKING LIE.

So there is now a new form of Cabal Capitalism I am calling Fear-Based Capitalism. Lack creates fear, fear that one might not get enough to “make ends meet.” So quit debating Capitalism and Communism and turn to the most destructive form of an Economic system and that is Fear-Based Capitalism and/or Communism sponsored by a government that is not for the people. Which form of Economics and Government does the original Constitution support?… A Constitutional Republic form of government made of the people, by the people, for the people WITH INDIVIDUAL GUARANTEED FREEDOMS. When your government has been overtaken by Satanists, they don’t care what economic system they use to destroy us as long as they are in control without any reprisal or accountability.

So the Fear-Based Capitalism is destructive because fear is the form of motivation that generates movement in the Economy. When 70 to 80 % of people do not like their work and would rather do something else to make money, they are in a fear-based economic system. Fear paralyzes incentive and gives in to the oppression/oppressors. If you don’t think fear is what the present system is feeding us, it is time you took off your useless masks and quit jabbing yourself out of fear of a virus that is nothing more than a lab-engineered mutated flu virus that was Patented by the CDC. the Viru can be controlled by 10 – 20 different remedies, none of which are harmful to your body. Do you think the Satanists don’t know how to use fear to intimidate us, then it’s time you ask yourself some serious questions starting with – why do they advertise and mandate a vaccine for even children who are not vulnerable to the virus? In a real pandemic, they don’t advertise to get you to line up to get a vaccine, you would do so on your own. Why are they pushing it so hard and why do knowledgeable medical people resist it so vehemently? Are we in a pandemic? Really? Real Doctors and real Scientists know what is going on, that’s why they are silenced when they give us the science that refutes the CDC claims? Duh! If you wear a mask while hiking in the mountains your life is fear-based and that kind of fear may be terminal.

The Alliance and their sponsored Humanitarians will come to the rescue.

In this dispensation of the Fullness of Times that we are coming into, there is a new decree that has been given for Humanity. Formerly, we were left alone to accomplish the defeat of the dark forces on our own accord, but the forces against us were too overwhelming with their off-world technologies that we can not defend against. The Universal laws that prevented Angelic forces from interfering in human affairs were relaxed just a little to where we Humans can now apply the promise of “Ask and it shall be given” and receive the help we ask for. So now the higher forces that are capable of disabling the renegade forces of evil have permission to “Assist” us when we ask. Assistance does not mean they come in and clean up the mess for us, but they can assist when we are not sufficient to accomplish things on our own, but we have to ask.  Our military boots on the ground have been given weapons that are giving our soldiers what is called a force multiplier. It seems our Military asked for and received this new technology. If we don’t ask they cannot help us and we go down with the sinking ship. Ask for help and now the assistance comes. This is the new dispensation declared by the Divine to right the wrongs perpetrated against us. This help is directly felt by our Military boots-on-the-ground as they put their lives on the line to save the children. When it is safe, we Humanitarians get to help clean up the mess.

How are we Humanitarians going to accomplish this? We come from love in serving mankind. How will that help be given?

For those who join with Love Won Society, we get to apply the correct principles found in Love Won Society’s Action Plans. Families will only need one breadwinner to have a life worth living. We get to help families have a Family Home of their own. We get to infuse Quintillions of dollars into the economy where every person is financially secure in their person and family. With an average of 120 Trillion worldwide annual economies, the effects will not take long to realize major changes.

When love, is the motivating force to participate in the economy, we come from love to serve one another. We get to create the “Energetic Flow of Service” that is contagious and expansive. When one person receives help from another to fill their cup to the top, then that person tends to want to do the same thing for another, especially when that person finds out where the water is. Where one used to concern themselves with just themselves, service to one another creates a new Energetic Flow into society and the economy where we get to be concerned with the wellbeing of others because our cup is full. We will want for nothing because if we want something, we just go buy it and still have enough to share with others. Money will not be such an important thing again, because we are looking for ways to share it with others. Take a sip from your cup, it is full. There will be no poor amongst us because we show them where the well is so they can get what they need to have a life worth living.

Even those who have hardened their heart can be overwhelmed by the flow and abundance that they receive. And in receiving more than they need they are open to finding others in need. This synergism of loving service then begins to be the Energetic Flow of love energy that is produced by service one to another. It is pure joy in action.

We are creating a society where joy abounds with few things to stop us from increasing our love Quotient and moving into the higher vibrational realms we call the 5th dimension. And if the 5th dimension is good, maybe the 6th dimension might be even better. I heard there are at least 13 dimensions. Let’s go explore our limits if we have limits left, and find out what is available to us Sovereign Children of the Divine in the higher realms.

There is no need for us to worry about those who would cause us problems as we transition into the newness of the Golden Age. Most will have been eliminated before we begin. That’s what is slowing things up now. The really bad dudes are already gone with some walking around as double or clones (clowns). These people have already gone through their Military Tribunals and have received their punishment. The Alliance is now working on the puppets that are flailing around without a leader to pull their strings. They will make bad mistakes that will identify them as bad characters and they too will then receive their just rewards.

All I ask for is a level playing field where we can work on ourselves and correct our course as we go. We are not perfect, but we are perfect for the job we have to do. The Divine knows we can do it, and with the Divine rooting for us who can be against us for very long. We are loved and appreciated far beyond what we can imagine, so let’s finish our flight plans and move into our take-off positions on the runway. I want to hear the Alliance Tower say, “Humanitarians, you are cleared for takeoff, have a great trip and God’s speed.” Throttles 100%, brake release/afterburners, now. What a formation takeoff. Do we love the divine or what?

Love and light to us all

Ron Giles


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