Deception Leads to Mental Illness


Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 9, 2021

My reply to email below:

I don’t think the chronology works. Elvis Born 1935 (Triplets?). Diana Born 1961. Elvis was in the Army (1958) before Diana was born.

Trump born: 1946, Does Trump look 86 or 75? I like the nose, mouth, and chin, but the ears are wrong.

Curiouser and Curiouser…

Again, Dr. Sam (EBH) is being lied to just like everyone else. She claims to have an Element (ET) named George who gives her information (Not her only source). She’s not bad, she is acting on what she believes. It’s information; take it or leave it (no harm).

“We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other.” – Thinker2 = Deception => Mental Illness

If you BELIEVE you can fly and you jump off a barn, and you break your bones; you are CRAZY from deception (deluded).

If you BELIEVE you can fly and you jump from the ground, and you discover you can’t fly; you are SANE testing a belief.

If you BELIEVE you can fly and you jump from the ground, and you fly away; you are GIFTED!

flying girl in Russian wood – stabilized and enhanced

If you TEST your beliefs instead of acting on them; you are SANE! (The Truth will set you free.)

Murderers believe their problems will be solved if they murder. They fail to see the problems that will be created by the act. For every action there is an equal reaction (Karma). As my mother says; “There is no escape!” (If you want to get out of school (3ed Density) learn your lessons!)

“Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” – Einstein (Is a SYMPTOM of insanity, not the definition.)

The Definition of insanity would be more like; Acting on your delusions:

Professionals like Psychiatrists, Doctors, and Attorneys are insane, and they have DIPLOMAS to certify this fact. They believe their diploma gives them permission to harm people (Narcissism). Lobotomy, Electric Shock, MK-Ultra, Surgery, Poison, X-Ray, Word Magic; Assault = Arrest / Theft = Seized / Torture = Penalty

“Crazy people don’t know they are crazy.” (Catch 22) – Thinker2 (When you know you are crazy and stop that, you are sane.)


Peace, love, blessings,

On 11/8/21 10:35 PM, <REDACTED> wrote:
What do you make of this Thinker2??

Did you know that Elvis’ brother, one of the triplets, is really playing the role of Trump?  Look at the hair.  He might every well be married to Diana who is Anastasia’s Granddaughter and a Romanov.   I think its Aaron, not sure yet, but he is an FBI agent and was undercover and brought into the agency from Nixon.  He was also in the Army.  Makes sense now, right?  The real Trump was a Rothschild and a demon.  He had the white rabbit AdrenoChrome blood and that is why he had covid.  He was replaced with Aaron.  Trump’s whole family was replaced and many actors are playing their role of the Trump family.


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