We The People: The 2nd American Revolution! (Final Update)


We The People: The 2nd American Revolution!!

10 Essays on Q by Martin Geddes:

The Digital Coup & The Great Exposure:

President Trump’s Accomplishments

Devolution Series (how Trump planned in advance to beat 2020 election treason):

280, 000+ sealed indictments filed since Trump’s victory in 2016 (& counting):

14, 000+ CEOs & public officials have stepped down inter nationally (& counting):

JFK launched the Q operation after Eisenhower informed him that the CIA/MIC was actually running the country so safeguards were put in place. JFK was later assassinated for trying to dismantle the CIA and undermine the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Interestingly, his burial site is in the shape of a “Q” as a tribute. The White Hat resistance strategically went underground where “The Plan” was built & activated to stealthily regain control of America. It was further accelerated by JFK Jr.’s “tragic plane crash” in 1999, and the 9/11 false flag attacks in 2001.

Trump and JFK Jr. were lifelong best friends and secretly working together to execute a future objective. JFK Jr.’s life mission was to expose and bring down those responsible for his father’s assassination. Trump vowed to help see that dream to fruition. The military eventually recruited Trump to run for President. They revealed the globalist NWO’s 16-year plot to destroy America that began with Obama. The endgame consisted of orchestrating a communist takeover: import mass immigration, collapse the economy, manufacture WWIII, and pass authoritarian laws using liberal judges – all to desecrate the Constitution. Trump inevitably agreed to run after briefings on horrors done to children systematically. He successfully seized the White House from Killary – foiling the cabal’s agenda.

America is the birthplace, model, and beacon for freedom & liberty. It is also the last bastion thwarting the satanists’ goal to usurp & exact totalitarian rule – veiled via centralized globalism-communism. If America falls, the World falls. Trump is the second coming of JFK to finish the job of draining the swamp. And spearhead the 2nd American Revolution of “We The People” against ubiquitous tyranny.

Q is a United States military intelligence backchannel directly with Patriots all over the world. The core group (about 10) is comprisedmof US military generals (possibly General Michael Flynn & Admiral Rogers) – along with President Trump, JFK Jr., and other non-military. The Q operation is a White House information dissemination campaign to: (1) bypass the CIA-Mossad controlled liberal fake news media empire, which uses “emotional mind control” tactics and “projection” to vilify heroes & glorify villains; (2) red pill the masses & mobilize a worldwide grassroots movement of critical thinking, self-discerning, autodidactic Army of Digital Soldiers(3) free ourselves from the mental bondage & slavery to a matrix of lies; and (4) prime The Great Awakening. Why does the MSM openly target “Q Anon”? Since October 2017, Trump & the Q Team have commanded this counter-psyop for Truth-driven asymmetric warfare on the propaganda arm of the deep state.

Q intel drops are onqanon.pub. Oftentimes, Q drops & Trump’s cryptic tweets coordinate with precision timing (qproofs.com). Many fellow Patriots decode Q posts like X22 ReportRedPill78And We KnowSanta Surfing & Praying MedicRISE TV is the best new Truther channel for quality educational episodes.

Trump is the first President in world history to pledge millions of dollars and sign executive orders to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking. One EO includes freezing and confiscating guilty accomplices’ assets to benefit victims & survivors:

[1] https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/presidential-actions/president-donald-j-trump-proclaims-may-1-2017-law-day-u-s/
[2] https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-blocking-property-persons-involved-serious-human-rights-abuse-corruption/
[3] https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-taking-action-end-human-trafficking/
[4] https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/presidential-actions/executive-order-combating-human-trafficking-online-child-exploitation-united-states/

Famous celebrities, politicians, CEOs, & elites are all culpable of unconscionable acts involving children. Many arrests, military tribunals, and executions for crimes against humanity or treason have already happened and are still ongoing behind the scenes. In due time, the public will face damning revelations that will shock their perception of reality to its core. The mainstream narrative needs to be first crafted and shaped in a way so that the majority of the ignorant populace is prepared to receive plenty of heavy, hard-hitting facts. Here are some intel blog sites (with corroborating and credible insider information) to follow for updates:

[1] https://realrawnews.com/
[2] https://beforeitsnews.com/ 
[3] https://operationdisclosureofficial.com/
[4] https://www.rumormillnews.com/
[5] https://benjaminfulford.net/ & https://stillnessinthestorm.com/ (for full BF Report)
[6] https://www.ebh.club/
[7] https://blacknobilityvaticancosanostra.blogspot.com/

Please watch these video links for hope, positivity, and reassurance that Trump and the Patriots are in control – not just of America – but the entire planet, through a “White Hat Alliance” to drain the worldwide satanic death cult of child sex trafficking rapists, ritualistically child sacrificing cannibals, and child harvesting for Adrenochrome-addicted vampires. You can call it, “Operation: Q for Vendetta”. The global coronavirus psyop, which was initiated by the Black Hats to steal the 2020 election, has been intercepted, hijacked, and flipped by the White Hats to become a smokescreen for the single biggest US led military sting operation in history for mass arrests. This mandatory planetary lockdown is also a distraction for both a transnational child rescue mission, plus a global economic reset.

If you would like to archive this as a shareable pdf to red pill family & friends, you can download it here with this google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GJL0BZ-gIUenkvT-VUJKT0fQ_z-MuHq_/view?usp=sharing


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