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Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 4, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899


Quoting Paul Joseph Goebbels introducing Adolf Hitler for his first speech after he became Chancellor of Germany. The meaning is that he would use the propaganda techniques of Edward Bernays to manufacture consent as Bernays in World War One against Germany. The above quote was slightly edited.

Who gave the right to Gauleiter Zuckerberg to be censor the US as well as Gauleiter Larry Page at Alphabet-Google just to name a few. These are the pathetic examples of the Gauleiters of the US deep state. Who gave these aliens the right to rule over us as the Trotskyites in Russia in 1917 and still do today in Russia as oligarchs under Lord Jacob Rothschild’s tutelage. Jacob financed the oligarchs who bought Russian assets corruptly for next to nothing stealing half the country. Putin has not returned this money to Russia as he is very weak which is the reason Roman Abramovitch put him in. After all, he was nothing but a KGB Lt. Colonel going nowhere. Stalin had rid Russia of these traitors such as Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, etc. who were agents of Baron Eduard de Rothschild but they are now back ruling Russia. And if you say this is not true, then why do they continue to rule the Russian Central Bank through Sergei Shevtsov who siphoned over a trillion dollars out of Russia for the oligarchs that went to their lord and master Lord Jacob Rothschild. As Mayer Amshel Rothschild the founder of the Rothschild world ruling dynasty said: “Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” Trotsky and Lenin reported to Baron Eduard de Rothschild through Parvus.  When will Russia wake up?

Fall of Eagles – Sealed Train Decision (9m)


All the US news media are controlled by Trotskyites and everyone knows it. These Gauleiters know where their seed money came from and they do not want to end up as Bill Gates whom the deep state threw out of Microsoft as he became too big for his breeches and now they have him doing time by poisoning America and the world with the genetic vaccine bioweapon to reduce the world population as three billion abortion murders both therapeutic and by the after morning pill were not enough. This does not count the billions of babies eliminated before they were born by the birth control pill.  The last time something like this happened God destroyed all mankind other than for 8 souls on Noah’s ark. And yet the population of the earth continues to grow despite this human sacrifice to 7.753 billion souls. It is also important that the genetic vaccine bioweapon was created by what may be called organ harvesting or killing a baby delivered from the womb and immediately killing it for the parts required for the manufacture of the genetic vaccine.  

Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world; they increase in riches.  How are they brought into desolation, as in a moment! they are utterly consumed with terrors. Psalms 73

Let’s digress a moment to discuss why birth control is a mortal sin equal to murder also as abortion. It is named after Onan in the Bible where the term onanism came from.  The Bible requires that the conjugal act must always have a procreative end under the commandment to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:28). In practice this means only once a month in marriage during the most procreative days and none during pregnancy and nursing. It is prohibited in the Bible during menstruation (Leviticus 15:19) or after menopause (Genesis 18:12&13) as no children can be born from the act. Martin Luther, who founded Protestantism, in his commentary on Genesis at 18:13 praised Sarah to the skies as not desiring a conjugal relationship with her husband Abraham after menopause unlike the lascivious German women of his time who did so desire it even thought they knew no children could be born therefrom. Holy continence is required before marriage and pure thoughts in waking hours to be sure sleeping hours are perfect (Genesis 49:3). Onan had the duty under the Biblical levirate law to impregnate the wife of Er who had died from onanism himself by the hand of God. It is murder to commit onanism as the soul of the child is created before birth (Jeremiah 1:7). If it is interrupted by the birth control pill or any other method (Genesis 38:9), that soul stays in limbo which in essence is murdering it as it cannot be born. This happened in the case of Er and Onan the sons of Judah in the Bible and when Judah performed the levirate on Tamar those two souls were born named Pharez and Zarah. Pharez was the ancestor of King David. This is a close parallel to the Indian concept of metempsychosis.  If there is a famine, only then holy continence is permitted in marriage.  

These were the views of Stalin and Henry Ford as well as the famous American doctor J. H. Kellogg otherwise known for his then sugarless cereals. These views became popular in the US in 1900 and what happened? The American girls, descendants of Japheth, became the most beautiful girls in the world and the US became the greatest power in the world.  Stalin did the same and when he died Russia was the greatest power in the world as the US was corrupted by the Trotskyites who overthrew Henry Ford. This was 1953 when Russia beat the US in the detonation of the hydrogen bomb and later by Sputnik.

This discussion follows Saint Augustine’s “On The Good of Marriage” and Nachmanides at Leviticus 18:6 where he states the conjugal act is forbidden where no children can be born therefrom, and the Koran at 2 Surah 223 where it says that Your wives are a place of cultivation [i.e., sowing of seed] for you. This means you plow and seed the same field once in a month, and if pregnancy follows known by the ceasing of menstruation, then follows nine months of holy continence during pregnancy, etc.. These comments agree with natural law.

There is no doubt that the corruption in the Gubernatorial race in New Jersey was significant. This is not something new but is endemic in the national US voting system from the beginning of the country in 1776. The usurers effected their control this way. Democracies and republics were invented by Greek sodomists by their usurers as a more facile means of social control than hoping to be able to bribe King Edward the Pious who kicked them out of England. International finance has always controlled the vote from 1776 as well as the parties, both Republican and Democratic, and the controlling Gauleiters are agents of what is called the deep state. The parties are just there for theatre as both are controlled by the deep state. General Dominique Delawarde in his study below has favored us with his expose of the rigged Trump election and gives us the reason for his removal by the deep state. In New Jersey the vote is being stolen by the mailed in votes.

New Jersey has the most corrupt ballot design in the entire country | Opinion


Evidence of massive voter fraud in Paterson election, court records show – New Jersey Globe

Elections in the USA: letter from General Delawarde

by General Dominique Delawarde

Rather than knowing who will ultimately be declared the winner of the US presidential election, General Delawarde is astonished at the media’s desire not to consider the frauds, however obvious.


My dear friends,

Many of you have asked me what my opinion was on the events that took place in the United States between November 3 and this day in connection with the presidential election. My double hat as an intelligence expert and a specialist in the United States has given me many questions that I will summarize in two main series:

1 – Was there electoral fraud and is the hypothesis of a coup d’état aimed at reversing the result of the election credible?

2 – If Biden were to be elected on December 8 and inducted on January 20, 2021, what consequences should we expect from his seizure of power.

I will try to answer these two questions clearly in the following lines.



It is important for each of you to know, before starting to read my letter, if its author has any conflict of interest that could orient his remarks on the subject dealt with.

My answer is no. I lived well in the USA, in Kansas, under Democratic administration (Clinton) between 1995 and 1998, a time which I have fond memories of. I made multiple other stays in the USA, before and after this professional episode, to visit my large immediate family which includes 3 of my sisters and 48 of their direct descendants, all US citizens and residing in various governed states. by both Democrats and Republicans. I visited 46 of the 50 states of the Union. The US “ Meritorius Service Medal ” was given to me in the summer of 1998 in a country under democratic leadership. I am not a member of any of the main French political parties (LR, PS, RN, Insoumis, LREM-Modem, EELV).

If my severity is sometimes exercised with vehemence on the US, Democratic or Republican “governance”, it never addresses the US people who, like many other peoples, are rather generous and sincere, but naive and manipulated. .

I became very reserved, even hostile to NATO, having observed its abuses since 1990, within the framework of my functions [ 1 ]

My intelligence experience has led me to grant increasingly low credibility to the vast majority of news agencies and mainstream media, particularly Western [ 2 ] .

I do not appreciate the action and / or “the powerful and harmful influence of transnational lobbies” on the course of the world, whether these lobbies are financial, media, community, or of any other nature.

The author having clarified things, let’s get to the heart of the matter.


Since Hillary Clinton’s failure in the 2016 election, the US has deeply divided into two irreconcilable camps, which hate each other and are now engaged in a fight to the death. Contrary to what people think in France or in Europe, these two camps are not the Republican and Democratic camps which are only the tip of the iceberg. These two camps hold two opposing conceptions of the world: the “sovereignists” and the “globalists”. We find the representatives of the “globalists” mainly among the Democrats, but we also find them, in lesser proportion, among the Republicans.


At the podium of the UN General Assembly, on September 24, 2019, Donald Trump clearly chose his camp, expressed his vision of the world and declared war on the globalists by declaring: “Like my beloved country, all nations present in this forum have a history, a culture and a heritage which they cherish and which deserve to be defended and celebrated, and which gives us a particular strength and potential. The free world must embrace its “national” foundations. He should not try to make a clean sweep of them and replace them… ” [ 3 ]

He added seconds later: “If you want freedom, be proud of your country, if you want democracy, hang on to your sovereignty, if you want peace, love your nation. Savvy heads of state always put the best interests of their own country first. The future does not belong to the globalists, the future belongs to the patriots. The future belongs to independent and sovereign nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors and accept the differences that make each country special and unique.

Everyone can understand that such a speech can elicit the support of a large part of the US population: more than 73 million “Trump” votes counted in November 2020, or 10 million more than in 2016 when he obtained less. of 63 million votes)… .. For all those who believed that Trump was losing ground, this + 15% is a huge surprise, as in 2016.

The camp of the globalists obviously cannot accept such a “speech-program”. He will therefore do everything in his power to block the path of re-election to the outgoing president. Majority in the “US Deep State” , controlling finance and GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Tweeter), also controlling almost all mainstream media and Anglo-press agencies. Saxon and European, the camp of the globalists will coordinate the action of its “armed arms” to try to get Donald Trump out of the presidency of the USA.

President Trump, on the other hand, is neither stupid nor alone. He has very strong popular support, a majority in the Senate, the Supreme Court and 27 of the 50 governors of the states of the Union are Republicans. In the House of Representatives, he has just reduced the gap that separated his Republican camp from the 12-seat Democratic camp (for the moment…) He has set up a federal administration which is mostly loyal to him (not totally…). He changed a majority of federal judges. He successfully resisted two attempts by the Deep State and the Democrats to remove him (The Russiagate affair mounted from scratch in 2016 and which flopped … .. because it was “bogus” and investigators , judges and US public opinion have finally noticed,
Moreover, Trump is lucid when he said in his last election speech, of November 2, 2020, in North Carolina: “If there is one thing that I have done during my mandate, it is to put in evidence of media dishonesty. The mainstream US media has always prompted and supported anti-Trump actions. [ 4 ]

It is therefore in this context of extreme tensions and at the end of an electoral campaign during which all the most twisted blows were observed, on both sides, that the election of November 3, 2020 takes place.


The mainstream US media, just like the European media for that matter, do not shine by their honesty, their plurality and their impartiality. Controlled by a handful of billionaires, these media defend the causes and interests that are those of their “bosses”, active members or simple collaborators of the Deep State. All means are good, including the most blatant lies. We highlight everything that prejudices the adversary (Trump), we hide everything that could prejudice the camp we are defending (Biden). Journalists can only build a career if they submit and / or self-censor. Today we find ourselves in a situation of electoral “information war” [ 5 ]. The common people have great difficulty in obtaining information correctly [ 6 ] .

For 4 years now, these US media, perfectly relayed by the European “brother” media have not ceased, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to blacken the image of President Trump in US public opinion, western and global. In the months leading up to the election, they relied on widely biased polls to make the American people and the world believe, as in 2016, that the election was “folded” and that a great Democratic wave was going to overwhelm. the country. To give just the example of Florida, a strong majority of polls in the 4 days leading up to the poll gave Biden a 1-5 point win. Trump won by 3.4 points. The differences observed between these last polls and the result of the ballot are such that they did not relate to the margin of error, but to the manipulative, self-interested lie. ..shameless. These polls and false articles have been applied to almost all the States of the Union. The scores of Trump and the Republican Party on election day revealed the extent of these pre-election media and poll “manipulative lies”.



My intimate conviction tells me yes because there are, in my eyes, too many concordant clues to allow the Western “media” pack, of which we know who controls it, to convince me otherwise. The Chinese and Russian presidents were not mistaken while waiting for the proclamation of the official results, which will only take place on December 8, before congratulating the winner, when he is truly known [ 7 ] .

Here are the elements that make me doubt the fairness of the ballot.

1 – There was this curious, even suspicious rush of the US media pack, followed by the “sister” pack of the EU, of which we know who controls it, to want to impose a winner when the official results of 5 or 6 States are not yet known. We all know that this US media is “partisan” and the fiercest opponents of Trump. We know their recurring habit of wanting to criticize, contest, modify, not recognize, question all the electoral results that do not suit them on the planet (Syria 2014, Venezuela 2018, Bolivia 2019, Belarus 2020 to name but a few. four). We also know their propensity to want to promote, or even impose, the candidate who suits them even when this is a very small minority in the country (France 2017, Bolivia 2019,

2 – There are these very unusual actions of Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter outright censoring the President-in-Office of the United States, acting in concert and simultaneously. This obvious collusion of these large service companies, of which we know who controls them, is simply not “natural”, nor democratic …

3 – For the first time in the history of the United States, postal voting was used extensively since more than 42% of the voters who expressed themselves did so by correspondence (more than 64 million). It is globally recognized that this type of voting promotes electoral fraud.

Postal voting was also abolished in France in 1975 because it was considered conducive to electoral fraud [ 8 ] .

It is, by the way, strange that members of the LREM majority today seek to re-establish postal voting in France, by taking advantage of the “Covid” opportunity [ 9 ] .

Would they also intend to reopen more widely the possibilities of fraud in France and to stuff the ballot boxes in their constituency to be re-elected in the next ballot? … ..

To claim today that there was not the slightest electoral fraud in the United States with 64 million postal votes is simply not credible.

Without taking into account all the frauds denounced by the Republicans, and listed in an article taken up by Profession Gendarme [ 10 ] I will retain, all the same, a single example, recognized by the two parties, Democrat and Republican, and which is therefore neither contestable nor contested.

By her own admission to the New York Times , Abigail Bowen, the clerk of the elections for Shiawassee County in Michigan, mistakenly added an excess zero to Joe Biden’s vote count, she said. Instead of entering 15,371 votes for the Democrat, his team added 15 0 371. The 0 key is not on a computer keyboard, next to the 5 key or key 3, plead unintentional error seems very strange…. She adds that she was notified of the error 20 minutes later and then corrected it. (Fortunately, someone noticed this error which everything seems to indicate that it was voluntary …)


It is very good that this error has been rectified, but it still raises questions:
_How many “errors” of 0 of this kind were made, intentionally or not? …

_How many “errors” of this kind have been identified, notified and corrected? …
How many of these “errors” were validated in the final count?

Is a candidate, Democrat or Republican, justified or not in asking for a recount when the difference in the result is within the 1% margin in one of the States of the Union? Doesn’t this happen in all democracies worthy of the name? Is it up to the media to proclaim a winner without having validated results?

I observe that, in this margin of 1%, are the results of 5 states qualified as swing states : Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Nevada [ 11 ] In these 5 states, Trump was in head, but Biden would have regained the advantage of a few thousand votes in all these states thanks to the timely, miraculous, massive and sudden arrival, at the end of the counting of the ballots, of postal votes which would have been very, very, very favorable.

You will understand that postal voting is, for me, the door open to fraud. When this postal vote is massive, the fraud can be significant and more than enough to reverse a result within the 1% margin. It is extremely unlikely that there was no fraud. I will be careful not to say who they took advantage of and I am not sure that we can ever have all the proof of this. I’m just saying that the mainstream US and European “care-bear” media who would like to deny Trump the right to recounts, surveys and audits but who, when it comes to other countries, are very careful about the counts, and easily shout “electoral fraud” do not grow taller. We knew that France and its journalists who laugh at the alleged loser,

Let us now turn to the second subject of my letter.


Biden is an elderly man, who everyone knows is out of his mind (he will be in his 79th year on January 20). For this reason alone, if he were to be elected, he would be under the influence and would take his decisions only on the advice and “close control” of his close entourage, emanating from the ” Deep State ” and composed of pure and pure “globalists”. hard. It is moreover this entourage which will have helped him to win, it is this entourage which would govern, in fact, the USA.

Because it is of “neoconservative” obedience, this entourage is resolutely pro-Israel and for the maintenance of an absolute hegemony of the USA on the planet. The in-depth study of this entourage (biographies, ancestries, networks and community of belonging) would be very revealing but, alas, hardly surprising. We have the same at home. We should therefore expect an increase in aggressive US interference in the Near and Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran), for the benefit of Israel of course, but also at the borders of Russia, in the China Sea and in South America. This new government team, the armed wing of the ” Deep State », Will create the pretexts if they do not exist and will instrumentalize the terrorist nebula, as it always did in the past, to help it to justify its interference.

Trump has managed to gradually and considerably reduce the US bombings on the planet (47,000 bombs in 2017, 16,000 in 2018, 12,000 in 2019 and 928 in January + February 2020 (latest data known) [ 12 ] . his country many of its soldiers deployed, especially in the Near and Middle East. Under its first mandate, the Western coalition killed far fewer people than under the mandates of its predecessor. If a globalist team seizes the White House, reverse tendencies could be put in place again in the spring of 2021… and the blood will start to flow again… NATO has still not understood that it should and would have an interest in putting an end to its abuses.


The bad news is that a Biden administration would also seek to involve NATO, the United Kingdom, France and the European Union in whatever twists and turns its neoconservative strategists can imagine [ 13 ] . The bad news for France is that its economic dependence (debt and CAC40) and the growing servility towards the USA of its elites, trained for it, will not allow it to refuse all US invitations to join its coalitions. circumstance for questionable causes.

The good news is that people on both sides of the Atlantic are starting to open their eyes. Whether or not we like our media, our policies and our manipulated public opinion, the “sovereignist” Trump obtained 15% more votes than in 2016 (73 million). Its supporters hold the Supreme Court, the Senate, a majority of states and are approaching parity in the House of Representatives. His supporters also hold the American campaigns. Democrats really only hold big cities …

In blue, the Democratic counties, in red the Republicans.

Source: New York Post

It will therefore not be easy to govern the USA and do anything under these conditions, especially as the US economy is at half mast and the debt abysmal.

It will not be easy either to govern a bankrupt Western EU, with populations on the verge of revolt, shrinking GDPs and defense budgets that will be, like it or not, devastated.

In these conditions, it should be wise to mind your own business before you want to play sheriffs on the planet. It should also consist in not wanting to interfere everywhere in the affairs of sovereign States under the fallacious pretext of the fight against terrorism that we have largely contributed to create and maintain through a calamitous foreign policy (Libya, Syria, Iraq , Yemen, Iran, Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia among others) and by irresponsible official positions “perceived” as insulting by dozens of countries on the planet (caricature).

Sooner or later, a Western coalition governed by aggressive globalists will take a big hit on the muzzle, be surprised, come down from its pedestal, and be less proud. Its populations will multiply white marches, funeral ceremonies, noisy and ostentatious demonstrations against an enemy that has been provoked. They will count and mourn their dead. It is enough to observe the brilliant campaign led by the governments of the member countries of this coalition in “the war against the coronavirus”, to sense that we will not win the next one either …

General Dominique Delawarde

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David Lifschultz


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