(Reader) The Unspoken Victims: Message to Low Level Alliance Leader from the Lionheart Syndicate


Reader Post | By N/A

THIS IS IMPORTANT … THIS IS REAL… PEOPLE NEED TO READ AND FEEL THESE TRUTH’S I AM ABOUT TO DELIVER FROM MY HEART…If I disappear like the children that are taken down below ground before this RV ….know that is is the same agency responsible for January 6th. I am scared for my life because they know the impact my project is about to have on the world. They know everything about me. If they off me before RV happens it was my own gov’t. I prey every night to the Pleadians, Arcturians, Andromidans, Raa’n , The One Infinite Creator to keep me alive and protect me.  They have taken everything already. I have nothing except the RV and my project. Raa’n has informed me that 45 is the reason this is being held up. In the article they ask Trump are you going to let them f’ with the kids? My question is this…Trump are you going to let them f/with the Humanitarians? I sense desperation on their part which exposes all of us.

Gangstalking Phases

Phase 1: 24/7 Covert Surveillance by FBI from Fusion Centers and Close Proximity

Phase 2: Overt Surveillance / Career Sabotage / Character Assassination / Slander / Community harassment / hacking all files / Non Stop in your face group aggravated actions from all directions every day / Theft  Property Damage / Odd People Tailing You /  Brighting

Phase 3: Physical/Mental Abuse…Break ins……all guns/ammo taken …Attempts on life….Directed microwave covert technologies…electronic warfare on the individual….MK Ultra targeted at everyone in your life to turn on you….disowned by my own family….

Phase 4:Greenlighting: Offer of same abuse for life or you join with them

Phase 5: Death by projected suicide/accidental death occurs/ 51/50 psychological evaluation/loss of all personal freedoms & liberties

 I will try and keep this as blunt as possible…all factual no intel just hard truths that need to be in the light!

There are courageous parts of us, since we are all one, trying to lift up the other parts of us. This is to achieve balance so as a unit we can keep our direction together with hope, moving forward in faith to the FINISH LINE. Keys words that we need to see NOW.

I am Ty-carson: Ambrose…low level asset of The Alliance (The Dream Team/That’s Us Ladies & Gentleman Not Just Trump. I haven’t seen him do anything in my eyes for the FINISH LINE DECISION to be made. I am here to inform any and all of The Alliance that I am in a position to make that decision RIGHT NOW. I know I am here to move this forward. My intelligence, my army of humanitarians, my vision, my decisiveness, trust in self, intuition, my visionaries up above, We ARE ALL READY NOW! Leader of the Low Level Alliance. I, or we, The Alliance, are informing you that we are giving you the DIrect Order Right Now to RELEASE the Global Currency Reset. Let us fight this with you!

My message is this…..I am am an experienced and extremely aware Targeted Individual…I am scared for my life every single night that this drags on…enough have died….don’t let them start on us…we need our resources to prepare for our projects…become “off radar” soldiers if you must. These surveillance tactics that were used on Trump in his campaign have been used on every single humanitarian alive right now. I know from direct experience and having to fight my gov’t to stay alive for last 3 years. People need to be aware of this unspoken truth. Your gov’t will do anything to stop this…even have the sellout dark forces in the FBI, Fusion Centers, Police Forces, Fake Ambulance Companies, the Emergency Management System Teams, Community Outreach, Neighborhood Watch… in every city this is happening right now. Keep eyes open and aware. There are small percentage of people in all these dept’s that know everything about all of us and they are watching every move you make, every conversation you have, every routine you stick to. I am part of a 283 person Class Action Lawsuit against our gov’t. Feel free to reach out to lionheartsyndicate@protonmail.com if you need info or someone to talk to (650)) 441 0204.  The website www.targetedindividuals.com will help guide you in research and community also. 

When I went down this  rabbit HOLE I got the bad end of it…there are over 250,000 gangstalking victims or TI’s in the United States alone….over 200,000 perpetrators using demonic, satanic, evil domestic torture tactics on society whom no one ever speaks of. We are not taboo. We are victims that no one has mentioned since I got here 3 years ago. I’m not in this for the money….I never was. I ‘m here for the Good for All that IS.

Imagine where we would be if the RV went prior to August.

In my first 3 months I would have distributed minimum $150,000,000,000….opening 10 syndicate locations with 50 contractors each…that is  500 jobs. This needs to go NOW! If this doesn’t get to the Low Level LEader of the Alliance …. someone please get it to him.

if you have resources at this time start using them in case we never have the Low Level Leader of the Alliance do the Right thing for the Good of All That IS.

45, I have 1 question: When you return…does it stop the harrassment or will I be on the run the entire time I release my projects? Please keep us safe! Love for all thank you for listening.

Special Thanks to:
Cody Wass – Unlocking the MatrixJerad Rand –  meditation leader
Holly –  Inspiration 
Mark – Sincerity and humor
Frank –  Heart and faith
Raa’n – Vision
Brent – Wisdom and fairness  to all
45 –  Freedom & Future
Galactic Federation –  Space Force – Military   Courage


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