(Reader: Stefan) What will Happen to the Animals?


Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

It’s the hunting season in our country. Yesterday one, today one in a nearby hunting ground. First of all, I don’t want to “step on anyone’s toes” here, but hunting is a tradition in America, as well as in Germany. All our ancestors were hunters, gatherers and later farmers. Hunting in Germany has changed, and believe me, I would not be writing what I’ m about to write if I had not had my very own negative experiences with German “hunters”. There are certainly exceptions, but I haven’t met them.

I’ m in the subject because a hunting community has rented a part of the annex of our house. So I get to see more than others. The hunters of the hunting community are those who like to call themselves “privileged” in society, that is, those who are “something better” than ordinary mortals. Doctors, doctors, heads of companies, “officials” in ministries, high-ranking soldiers, in one word, the “ELITE”. Now I must say that a hunting license is very expensive and is also subject to quite strong restrictions. Due to the strictest weapons law in the world. And a hunting license is also not a cheap pleasure. So the hunter, if he is then, must shoot as many animals as possible, so that he can cover his costs with the sale of the meat. Only a few have so much money that they can do this “hobby” just like that.

I have often had discussions with hunters and given my opinion. It’s like anything else these days, you might as well be talking to a wall. The natural enemies of wildlife are gone: Bear, wolf and other predators and now man must interfere so that animals do not multiply too much and “damage” the forest. Well, I don’t want to go into that here, I know that hunters will soon no longer exist, that nature will take back piece by piece everything that belonged to her and that we will live quite differently in the future. Thanks to food replicators we will have food without the animals and plants in masses bred / cultivated, killed and processed must. Yes, dear vegetarians and vegans, this will also affect you. Because a mass production is and remains a mass production, no matter whether it is animals, fish or plants. You too will still notice that you have succumbed to a split, as with many other issues.

I’ m actually more concerned in this article that we need to think about what will happen to the animals when the change is complete, when we are in the new world. I don’t mean the wild animals. I think that their natural enemies will return, that we will welcome them into our communities, and that nature will also find ways to restore a natural balance. Because the people of the new world will not again interfere with nature in the way they did before. Be it out of greed, because of money or for fun. This will definitely end, because that we humans should subdue the earth is an invention of the cabal. We are part of the world and not its owner! PERIOD!

In all our projects, in the ideas we have for the future, we still have not thought through and considered everything future. There are some of my contacts who want to and will deal with animals. This is an important topic (after medbed centers) and I can only welcome this ideas. But what no one has really considered yet is what to do with the animals from the mass productions. We can’t just release them, can we?

First of all, they are usually so damaged in health that they would probably perish immediately in freedom. We are almost all familiar with the pictures from battery cages, stables or other “prisons” that we humans have built. Secondly, they are used to regular feeding, so they are not able to look for or find food by themselves. So they would starve to death immediately after liberation. Think also about the stables with 100, 500 or 1000 cattle, cows, pigs or even bigger, even more. We can’t just release them, can we? That would give a huge chaos and the concerned areas would be destroyed and trampled. Apart from the fact that the animals would also starve to death because they would not find anything to eat.

What becomes of the animals in the zoo, in the circus, in animal shelters? They know nothing other than being kept in cages, enclosures or kennels and fed regularly. Animals from zoos to be released into the wild is perhaps the least of the problems. Will the elephant that stands on its hind legs in the ring for our amusement get food with it in the wild? Will the monkey that can push a baby carriage through the round in a clown costume get food with it in the wild? You know the answer! And surely no one would think of simply “disposing” of all these animals, would they? No, I can’ t imagine that and I don’ t want to. We are not like that, we learn from our mistakes of the past!

Animal shelters have Some as a project, but even here is thought too small, so to speak in shortage. In terms of projects for animals, it will be necessary to rethink, that is, to think much, much bigger. And then? What do we find then? We come WITHOUT HELP NO FURTHER! For this reason, I suspect that there will also be some kind of medbeds for animals, it makes all the sense to me and also fits into a new world as I would like to see it. As I said, animals are part of our communities, and just because a wolf or a bear isn’t as cute and cuddly as a dog or a cat doesn’t mean it can’t live around us, right? Of course, some species of animals will disappear forever. I read that all the species of animals that feed on human blood, like mosquitoes, mosquitoes, ticks and such, will disappear. I guess they were brought by the cabal. In exchange, animal species that man has wiped out will come back.

And surely the alliance has a plan for that, too. A plan for the many animals that come from mass production. Whether it is other planets where they are needed or some other sensible and creation-conforming solution, they will help us with it, I am firmly convinced. And if we know how to help, we can certainly participate. Be it through physical assistance or through financial support, we will make our contribution. We owe it to our fellow creatures. We have acted like the masters of the world for long enough and have scorned living in communities or created communities that weren’t really communities.

And, while we are at it, to think about future communities, we can also think about our future handling of raw materials of our planet, don’t you think?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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