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Reader Post | By Liberty

We came up with the Alliance.  Answer by DeeDee McKay

Thank you dear for your answer!

I absolutely support you! To be honest, I myself can hardly stand on my feet and am very tired of this sheer psychopathic delirium, lawlessness and bullying of people!

Let it all end! Immediately!


 I stand by your side and demand that the people of the earth be freed from the actions of these crazy psychos!

There are only a few problems with this. We can shout as much as we like, but the Alliance won’t even read our notes !!! They are unlikely to read the news here and it is unlikely that someone will give them our call!

Plus, I am not making excuses for the Alliance. It’s just that they are NOT omnipotent and NOT as great as our imagination draws us under the influence of the news.

The image of the Great Alliance, red October, storms above us, etc., etc. have been inflated by us, patriots and Warriors of Light, to enormous proportions! We have appointed the Alliance as the main rescuer of humanity, powerful and decisive in everything. We even figured out HOW EXACTLY the Alliance should save us. It will not happen!!!!

 And now we are disappointed, because our expectations were not met and we are in great pain !!!

 I don’t believe any promises for a long time. I just do my job and wait. I no longer know who to believe and who to hope for. I don’t understand where we are anymore! Also, the victories of the Alliance are still invisible to me. The main version we know is that everything happens behind the scenes. One can only believe in it and hope that it is so.

 In any case, the orgy of evil definitely exists! This is obvious to everyone.

Regarding the readiness of the people.Many are less decisive than you and I, and even for their own sake are incapable of too great “deeds”. In my environment, most of these (or rather ALL of them). I’m all alone! Most people still choose to be saved by someone else and yearn for it.

Despite massive protests around the world, many people are still not ready to even defend their own lives, and many DO NOT believe that evil rules the world, or if they believe, they DO NOT understand HOW THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN DANGERS NOW !!!

To make it clearer for you what I mean, I will explain using the example of my homeland, Ukraine. People in Ukraine NEVER TRUSTED the government, because the government never did anything good for the people and ALL PEOPLE KNEW IT always. Therefore, Ukrainians easily believed in psychos and conspiracy theory, because it is very obvious to them !!!!!

Not long ago, in Ukraine, vaccination was at a very low level. Only complete assholes or those who VERY needed were vaccinated for any personal reasons.

Now the psychos have decided to take Ukraine seriously !!!! Psychos through leaders force people to vaccinate, otherwise they (people) are sent forcibly on vacation at their own expense !!!! That is, they are deprived of their livelihood!

All this happens in the almost complete absence of covid patients !!!! That is, there is NO PLANDEMY, but there is a “fight” against the PLANDEMY! It turns out that psychos are already openly and massively committing crimes !!!! Before the eyes of the whole country, the genocide of the people is already quite openly carried out !!!!

People can no longer ride public transport without vaccination or buy something in large stores, etc.The police are stopping intercity buses and checking people for vaccine passports !!!!! Activists gather in groups and come to these Gestapo passenger checks and argue with the police. Control became especially hot in big cities. Now in Ukraine full of Armageddon, a bacchanalia of psychos and genocide !!!!

Many are protesting, outraged, massively and individually. People are very angry at all these measures and are also ready for more radical measures. But so far they cannot overpower this monster!

Leaders and policemen continue to stupidly carry out criminal ILLEGAL ORDERS! Some people begin to give up partially and give this fatal injection due to certain circumstances in their lives. It turns out that psychos have brought some people to the point where a person is able to give a fatal injection under the pressure of tyranny!

I absolutely do not have enough words to convey my emotions now !!! And I’m even scared to imagine what would have happened to us if the process of liberating the planet were not in full swing, or if the liberation of people did not exist at all! It’s even scary to imagine !!!!!!

Many people are still afraid because they are not used to justice prevailing! People are used to being afraid !!! They are afraid to be brave and strong, afraid to be left without basic means of survival!

Fear is the main weapon of tyranny!

 There are also not enough leaders everywhere who can organize the people and lead the masses.

 I contacted lawyers to protect at least my loved ones, but the prices for their services are not available to me and are inaccessible to almost every ordinary person.

The lawyers told me that vaccination is illegal and can be easily proven in court (and it has been proven many times !!!) But people cannot pay for it. Many are on the brink of survival! This is what the psychos are counting on.

Unfortunately, I do not live in Ukraine now, and I cannot directly influence events.Still I think what can be done ????? And as an option, I want to write letters to the leaders and explain that they are accomplices in a criminal offense and sooner or later they will have to answer before the law (including God’s and human law of conscience !!!!).

So you understand that the genocide of vaccination is also a hot topic for me now, and it really hurts me for those people who are so brazenly humiliated by the vile psychos!

Despite the fact that I think the idea of calling the Alliance for help is a utopia, I stand by your side and scream with all my might:

 “FOR HELP !!!!! !



The time for me to act radically is long overdue! Only I do not know if my plans coincide with the Alliance plan and other existing plans for the liberation of mankind.

Everything is very complicated and confusing, but we have no choice but to continue the fight, hope and believe that the storm that “above us” will finally strike with lightning and thunder of such force that it will not seem to anyone !!!!!

God bless us !!!!!!!!!




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