(Reader: GK) The Thing is the Office Manager




The reason people dismiss Kim is they don’t understand how she has any power.

Pick any company you are familiar with.

Does the office manager have power?

Yes, the office manager needs to know almost everything.

The elite who worship dark stuff primarily work in 99 year charters and 499 year charters.

During the 2008 meltdown the banking system still had a few years up until 2013 when the Fed charter would expire. However, the meltdown was early.

Certain elites cleverly said, let’s pledge all wealth into a TRUST and we will front everyone the money they need to run another decade give or take.

That move was very clever and of foresight as opposed to the hand to mouth criminals that run criminal organizations and corporations.

A TRUST needs a Trustee, an office manager to make sure the system works and no one steals from it.

Office managers decide when to update software in the office, don’t they?

While everyone else was chasing their tails (tales) she and some sort of power group knew they needed to protect the big pile of digital numbers.

(This is the real question, why should all this ill-gotten bread be protected and preserved for anyone)

I say London and Tel Aviv and Switzerland and possibly China. She is being held as an indentured servant in the Colorado Mountains.

I am sure whoever employs her thinks of themselves as good guys but if we could examine them… We would likely find dark stuff and not angels.

She has said many times she has employers and they would fire her if she failed to perform open honest book keeping.

The phone calls and videos she is privy to aren’t a big reach because we are all under this grid of cameras and certain people have clearance to watch and listen.

The part that always bothers me is that our psychological handlers love the new agey housewives who choose to believe in good angels and aliens and stars inhabited by unicorns because they have a very hard time accepting that people in the world that stretch right into their local township are members of a ruthless gang who control every power position on behalf of that grid. That they get the positions by participating in rituals, sex and blood.  Believe me, some can be quite charming and seemingly friendly and honest.

Has Kim and her handlers avoided such things? She says she has.

I find her story of Marduke, Enki, Enlil quite a bizarro world stretch. However, the world is HUGE (Bigger than we’re allowed to know) and ancient and yeah there is evidence of other species such as Draco. 

I am pretty sure what we are really dealing with is a Scorcese movie and those ruthless gangs long got control of psychology such as Tavistock as a weapon. Talmudic Babylonian gang of alpha types who keep score by the ultimate position of printing the money and having codes to the digital allocations.

Hitler, was related to and funded by Rothschild, knew he needed to capture the hearts and minds of the German women and their children. Go watch the Hitler women videos. Ask yourself, are you the social network version of it? Yes, many guys also.  Oops can I still use the word “guy?”.

The German Jews were participants in the funding and killing during World War 2 because the goal was Israel as to put a fort in the middle east for Rothschild to capture oil, energy to run the centuries to come on a technocratic grid of electricity, oil, metals, plastic and whatever else helped them to decide who prospered and who died.

Over time, Kim reveals a bit more as her handlers likely know what doesn’t matter much as they seal the new power for the next 99 or 499 year agreement.

Depopulation still appears to be going on while we dance around truth concepts on the internet and social networks. Certainly infertility, sterilization and making us die younger is a goal their henchman like Fauci and Gates appear dedicated to.

Kim is an office manager and appears to be very efficient and fair. Is she really though? All human beings are fallible and subject to the powers of other human beings.

Timing is always everything. She was in the right (or wrong) place at the right time when the 99 year and 499 year charters expired and just happened to get the job.

It looks to me as if she understands the advantage a person gains by telling the truth and using real numbers… as much as she can.

But the fact she controls a big pile of old wealth certainly suggests all the old usual suspects are nearby and still influential.

She is creating this LifeForce stuff as a vehicle to run her own thing when they decide to replace her. Likely that deal is set. She has the perfect story to justify it by saying the old guard wouldn’t listen to her and “they need to go on their own.”

Her army of volunteers will either be promoted with salaries or dismissed based on usefulness and loyalty. AS ALWAYS in history. My guess, within a couple years. LifeForce will go on to be a network of TV programs and why not. In fact we will all be living in the Truman show only we will know we are on TV.

The Bible states what it states about end times, Jerusalem, Anti-Christ and Revelation. Many believe it is the blueprint, others believe it is a warning and we have freewill. Some use it as a script to gain whatever confidence and agenda that it works for.
If any of you people think the stories that get major traction aren’t scripts and agendas and actor agents, you are just plain dumb.
When actor/agents sign contracts with agencies and armies, they are sworn not to out any operation whether it contradicts their own, or else.

They likely chuckle when I point out an actor in a role because they can’t out anyone themselves. They took a vow (signed a contract) to keep their mouths closed. I see the actors and fakes constantly but I am exhausted because there are way too many to point at and most of them don’t really matter and simply serve as smoke and mirrors. Like this Baldwin thing.

The office is under new management but the head corporate office is considering downsizing and restructuring.

I hope this clears things up for the dumb people.

All you can do is be a watchdog. Don’t be excited by the movie, just write a review of the actors and the script. But don’t eat too many Goobers and Raisinets because your chin might fall off like Roger Ebert.

There is always a price to pay and we often forget this fact in our rush to participate in the circus.


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