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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

In a phone conversation with one of my contacts today we had the idea for an article headline. You probably know me by now, you don’t have to tell me something like that twice. One sentence, and already the mental writing of an article started. The topic fits also into the today’s time, because I am quite often addressed, in order to help, to give my estimate to something or also simply only, in order to tell me, what goes off so in the life of the respective contact. Most of the time I can help, if not, I say so and at least a written conversation has been established. In times of the senseless Plandemie with its senseless restrictions always welcome. Who wants to be in the focus of authority-obedient clueless people because of live meetings? Not if it doesn’t have to be, right?

Delegating is a thing of its own. I have had a hard time delegating anything in my life, I preferred to do it myself. In a job or profession where you are secure, you have enough security and self-confidence to come up with such an idea. That was the case with me, I had a knowledge advantage over everyone else in those times, even over my bosses. So I thought: I’d better do it myself before someone else screws it up. You know that, right? That inevitably led to being taken advantage of. Especially in a team. For the followers in a team, the shortcut (sorry, this only works in German) is:
T oll
E in
A nderer
M achts
Translated: “What luck, someone else is doing it, I don’t need to do anything!”
Not delegating, however, eventually leads to overestimating oneself on the one hand and unconsciously or consciously devaluing others on the other. Not to mention overwork. Burnout did not exist yet, one was simply privately no longer capable of anything.

When we are delegated something, we take responsibility. Or not, depending on our attitude. I faced up to my tasks, often wearing myself out. It happened that I drove to work at 1:00 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. Or I drove all night from Munich to Neuss and then worked a whole day. Because my colleagues needed help. Maybe I’m an exception, maybe it’s the same for others. In the company at that time, there were many who were more committed. Bosses were rarely there. And some of my favorite colleagues (the ones who also got involved all the time) are in the ground today.

But that is not the point of this article. What has just been written belongs to the dying world, it is the past! Today and tomorrow we have to think and delegate quite differently. Thinking is one thing. Many think, they think. Think about all kinds of things. But if we are honest, our thinking today is a string of indoctrinated thinking patterns. Thinking loops, never ending, which do not bring us a bit further. Dr. Rudolf Steiner, far ahead of his time, wrote the following: “One should only not confuse: “having thought pictures” and processing thoughts through thinking. Thought pictures can occur dreamlike, like vague intuitions in the soul. A thinking is this not.” Thought images are created by others: Right, left, pandemic, poor refugees, climate change, as far as the outside. Or they are thought loops of ourselves: I will never be rich. Why does this always happen to me? I’m never lucky. They do what they want up there anyway. I’m afraid of catching it. And so on and so forth. These would never be our thoughts if we could observe it neutrally. Also words like conspiracy theorist, right-wing radical, Reichsbürger would never come to our mind. Conclusion thus: We have forgotten to think! PERIOD!

If we would think consciously, we would recognize what is really behind it and would not be manipulated so easily. We would recognize much faster all the lies and untruths. We would realize that we know too little about some things and would inform ourselves better. Read, watch videos, acquire knowledge. So that we can think or reflect even better. The sentence “knowledge is power!” has not been said simply so. It is one hundred percent true!!! But for this I must first be able to come to the thought that I lack knowledge. If I simply only take over thought patterns or thought pictures, from sources which should make highly thoughtful, I will never really think.

But now to get to the title of the post: Why is delegating so important to me (us)? Why is delegating the title of this article? You don’t have to THINK about it for long! If we would really think seriously and properly about everything that happens to us in life, we would notice that we cannot handle many things ourselves. The Deep State also delegates, that’s why the real rulers could stay hidden for centuries and do there all the dark and evil things we are now becoming aware of. It was delegated and those who did not work were “disposed of”. The dark and very effective side of motivation. Last year and the year before, it was certainly still the right thing to do to fight back against the supposedly overpowering system of the Deep State. With all the means that were available. But now, this year, it is evident everywhere that we should think better and, above all, delegate. We can think better and decide to stay under the radar for a few more days, maybe weeks, to stay calm. And delegate. To the soldiers who are cleaning up around the world, to the Alliance who is successfully implementing their plan piece by piece, and yes, also to the Deep State and all its remaining lower level stooges, because they are destroying themselves right now. In front of everyone! So why waste energy with resistance. Let’s hand it over, let’s delegate it!

We can delegate really unpleasant things to life, to a higher power, to the universe. All the things we can’t influence (e.g. weather, chemtrails, governments, the will of others) or where an effort on your part is wasted energy (e.g. demonstrations, police explaining what they really are, German authorities explaining that they are just companies). The White Hats have long since delegated this, it’s on their to-do list. At a time few know. But those items are on there. So it would be a complete waste to deal with it anymore, wouldn’t it? Money example. Of course, many are not doing well financially. But what good is it if I worry every day or activate thought loops about how to get out of it? After all, if I have currencies or ZIM bills, I know that soon I will no longer be poor. If I mentally deal with NESARA/GESARA, I know that I will soon have an unconditional income. When I study the RSS program of the LWS, I know that I no longer have to worry about money. I don’t care about the when, the how and the why. If I know, I don’t have to think anymore. So I can just keep delegating my worries to life, right?

Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. You’re busy, but you’re not getting anywhere! It’s the same with thought pictures. We are busy with them, but we don’t get anywhere. If I delegate everything unpleasant to life, seriously, then I am free to occupy myself with other things. And maybe life will suddenly send us a solution. Because we have commissioned life and have not further inhibited or interrupted it with our “thoughts”. Life, the universe have one thing in common with Trump: promises made, promises kept. So let’s start delegating, OK?

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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