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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I followed whiplash347’s advice and am currently watching the series “Taboo” with Tom Hardy. It is set in 1814 at the time of the East-India-Trading-Company. We already know this from the movies “Pirates of the Caribbean” and therefore we know that the East India was everything, but certainly nothing good. When I look at the characters who belong to the upper ten thousand, both in the series and in the films, I recognize many parallels to our world today. Maybe that’s why whiplash347’s recommendation. Of course, we could now say that it’s all just a movie, born from the imagination of a director, it was certainly different. But I give to consider that we know today that much is shown to us in films and series or is to be shown even consciously. The alliance has been “on” for longer than we suspect, the plan has been going on for a very long time. With some setbacks, yes, but it is on.

For me, in all the movies and series I’ve watched on many subjects related to espionage, slavery, human trafficking, intelligence, science fiction or the like, it shows that the great mass, society, is glorifying completely false values. This is a centuries-long process of development that is still going on. Because the majority of people are under enormous pressure, financial pressure. I get told by a good friend and also other contacts that it is not important to deal with money or cryptocurrencies, that true values and also people should be in the foreground. Yes, I agree, but consider what we have seen in the last few months: The majority of the population in every country ignores everything that patriots have brought to the surface. No matter what the issue. They have financial pressures that we cannot underestimate. If everyone had enough financial resources, there would be no chance for corporate governments and their NWO. That is why everything is prevented, hindered or forbidden that would make people rich. The few lottery winners, the Deep State knows, will not all stay rich anyway. There are far too many cheats and false friends for that.

Folks believe me, I have experienced it myself, how it is, when I don’t have to worry about money, when it is just there and keeps coming (the best three years of my life). Above all, because it was a sign that ability and knowledge were valued. This is a freedom, these are feelings that we can hardly imagine if we have not experienced them yet. Nevertheless, many do not cope with a lot of money, sudden wealth. Think of the many lottery millionaires who are worse off after two years than before they won. That is why the first step of the alliance is to take the financial pressure off people. So they will end poverty through the unconditional basic income, through the RV and also through the financial reset. Worldwide. Then, through the many projects and ideas, people will be catapulted out of scarcity thinking. In rapid speed. And that must be also in such a way. We need every single person. Motivated by the pressure taken away. That alone already gives wings, everywhere in the world, with all humans. Nix Red Bull!!! Whether that becomes cash, coins, cryptocurrencies or other digital money is completely uninteresting. The important thing is, it is safe for the individual and it is more than is needed. Both are guaranteed by the QFS and the alliance. Heyho, take me to the horizon!

What about people who are highly respected? About all the idols, stars and starlets from Hollywood, also about the big CEO’s of the corporations and big companies everybody should know now slowly. And of course about the political greats all over the world, this has been going on for years now through the alternative media and also covertly in the MSM. Easy to see through, because everyone who is fought or put down by the MSM is a good guy, everyone who is praised and courted there belongs to the Deep State. Don’t tell me you can’t see that. Best example is Trump and Putin, counter example Navalny, Biden and Harris. The MSM is also a lie detector, just mirrored. But that only in the margin. Who I mean now, these are persons from our environment. The head of the bank where we have our account, the mayor, the fire chief, the police chief. What about these highly respected people? The neighbor who works in a company that does business with China, the doctor who has established a vaccination center in his office, the principal who forces his students to take tests and wear masks, or who orders vaccination buses?

All are people or professions that are highly respected. Why? Because we only see the outside, in most cases the money that is thrown around. Or that is shown on the outside. A new car every two years, houses you can get lost in, vacations twice a year. And no, not to Mallorca, but much further away. I have witnessed this, unfortunately! Mayor, banker, with a wallet full of 100s and 50s, latest cars, great house. Goes with his bank colleagues once a year for a week to Thailand or Vietnam. Without family, of course. A rogue who suspects evil here. Even otherwise, he is not much interested in the family or the marriage of others. The main thing is that he gets his fun, he has money, which in this case is a strong persuasion tool. At least with some women, or with women who are not doing well financially. This is just an experienced example, but it runs like a thread through the ranks of our self-appointed elites. And we recognize it in movies and series. A haughtiness, an arrogance towards everything that has less money.

There are also exceptions, I don’t want to lump everyone together. But these exceptions are hard to find. I could get to know some and I am glad about every contact. I get gifts from my dentist from time to time. He has rented a part of our house. I can see from his eyes that it is from the top down, practically a handout. His whole body language expresses that he sees me as inferior. He is a doctor, has a lot of dough, the whole family, his parents and in-laws stink with money. I wonder what the alliance is up to with such people, what it has planned for such people. Because one thing is clear to me, I can’t imagine such people in the new world. I don’t want to have to judge this, but I know that these two examples from my life have no idea what is happening right now and what is about to unfold. I have touched on it, QFS they don’t know, crypto they do only to make profit, so buy cheap, sell expensive. For them, the FRG is a state and everyone is doing well after all (from their indoctrinated point of view). It is also clear, they are also a few levels higher in the “ranking order”. A ranking, in which it is only about material things.

In my opinion, this is also the reason why the alliance wants to give a lot of money to all people. So that such people (I still think they are good in their deepest being) can be brought back to the ground. When everybody has more than he needs, there are no more status symbols and no more bought status in society. Then only the real values of a person count. I believe that with the financial means we will be relieved and healed. Relieved of the pressure and healed of all the damage caused by lack. Money is energy. And we will use this energy for the good of all. Enough of haughtiness, arrogance and disdain. Every person counts, every person is important!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!


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