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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I would like to deal with this basic attitude, because lack thinking is that, today. First, because it is still rampant, because virtually everyone has it, second, because it is very difficult to get rid of it. It is difficult because it is a basic attitude, an inner conviction. Everyone has it to a greater or lesser extent, and the more intense this attitude is, the more unsuccessful we are. It doesn’t matter whether we have acquired this conviction ourselves or whether it has been indoctrinated into us, like many other things, from the outside.

In my case it was my maternal grandfather, with whom we had to spend a lot of time. My father worked shifts and my mother was very often in the hospital. So my grandma very often stepped in and helped. My grandpa was actually not a bad person, I don’t know what made him always make us kids feel small. That didn’t change as we grew up. A visit to the grandparents was always a running of the gauntlet, with nothing one could satisfy the grandpa or move once to a praise. If we showed the report cards, we got money, but his focus was always on the worse grades, not the good ones. My younger brother was always favored by my father. Not intensely, but subliminally. I’m sure he didn’t think anything of it, but the bland aftertaste remained. I was also never particularly good at school, I quickly got into trouble with teachers. More important to me was the “approval” of the group of classmates we hung out with.

If you take a closer look at what I just wrote, I’m sure you’ll recognize my lack thinking that started very early. And in addition to that, I also blame others. You see, I am like everyone else. A deep-seated inner conviction of not being able to “do it right”, of not being good enough.

Today it is different, because in the last few years I have gained a lot of knowledge and also a lot of help. The first step was to stop blaming and to forgive everyone involved. That may be hard for some, but I did it and it helped me. However, I still get caught up in the lack thinking. It just sits too deep. Especially now that we all have to juggle our lives between the worlds, the old world and the new world, I feel like I keep getting pulled into the old world by unknown forces through lack thinking. Especially when it comes to finances, the trigger moments multiply. Every damn day. Virtually every hour there are moments that PROVE to me that I don’t have enough funds to buy what I need or want. I guess that’s my kryptonite! And I’m certainly not alone in this, we are literally overrun with these trigger moments.

Let’s just take the accumulation of stocks, it is recommended from all sides. Many cannot at present and in addition still those, which do not want to know anything of it. It turns unfortunately, unfortunately still around the dear money. Above all, if we are still afflicted with problems in the old world. And honestly, nothing is more difficult than imagining something you don’t have. Because then the mind comes into play, realizing that it’s “up against it” and it doesn’t want to lose control. That’s why I think that’s the first step: to deal regularly with the dreams, the visualizations of the new world.

I know what you are thinking now. And you are absolutely right! I’ve been trying all kinds of different things for years now, for decades. Self-hypnosis, suggestions, audio-visual suggestions, mantras, silent subliminals, etc. . And always dutifully for at least 21 days, as recommended everywhere. Did it work? Only in a small way, about four years ago I once won 700 Euros in the lottery and in the last 18 months I have received quite a bit in donations from dear people (THANK YOU again at this point!).


There were only about two years in my life where I didn’t have a single thought of lack. I had a responsible job in logistics, was self-employed and had more money in the month than I needed. And when I paid my taxes (including prepayments), there was still enough money. It was just there, I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. The best part was the feeling of freedom. It didn’t last long, unfortunately. I still work with that feeling from back then when I visualize. Changes in thinking, “reprogramming” the subconscious works better when you also work with feelings.

Unfortunately, it works much faster with negatives and we also always fall for focusing on what we don’t want. When I think that hopefully the heating oil will be enough when the tank gets emptier, two days later it is really empty. If I think that hopefully I’ll make do with the money I have, it won’t be enough. Negative works faster, at least I think so, because we are surrounded by many negative forces that feed on our suffering, our negative feelings. Yet! I would like to use this article to give help, to give you THE way to get out of this dilemma. But I can’t, the lack thinking is too deeply rooted. For generations, for centuries, I think it is also inherited. An example: people who themselves or their ancestors, have suffered from hunger, now accumulate stocks in their lives, have overflowing freezers, hoard food and many other things. They just can’t let go, nor can they trust that they will be taken care of. Although, in reality, they would have enough money to continue to provide for themselves in the future. They have this overwhelming inner urge, maybe even compulsion, to put something aside for possible emergencies. And remember, in almost all channels at the moment, people are advised to stockpile, preferably for six months.

Those who could or can do it, do it permanently since last year, those who could not do it, are caught again in a new lack thinking. And every month the same game: supplies, supplies, supplies! In addition comes now still the medial horror message with empty shelves in the supermarket, all the same whether MSM or alternative. People, how should one come there into an abundance thinking. Every time I rolled the ball to the top of the mountain, it rolls down the other side and I can start all over again. I have read on many websites what lack thinking is. However, I have not found a good working method to get out of this thinking. All that is ever advised is to change one’s thinking. Is that really all? Is it really that simple?

Successful people have the following tendencies:

They read a lot and like to read, they praise others, they take chances on change, they can and do forgive easily, they deal with new and good ideas. They never stop learning, they are grateful for everything in their lives, and they set goals and have plans for their lives.

I recognize myself in many of these points, and in some I don’t. Therefore, let’s take a look at unsuccessful people. What tendencies do they have?

They watch a lot of television every day, they criticize a lot, and they are afraid of change. They talk about others and are resentful. They think they already know everything and also like to blame others for something that happens to them. They have a strong sense of entitlement, rarely set goals and do not pursue plans. Now this is very black and white, of course there are some shades of gray. However, it is basically true and I can also find myself in some of the statements here. At least that was the case in the past. The last two years have brought a lot of change in me and on me, in this respect the “work” on me was successful. Many of the following thoughts I no longer have or could change them into opposite:

  • I lack the necessary self-confidence.
  • I do not have enough money.
  • I am alone.
  • My apartment is too small.
  • I am not a good father / mother.
  • I don’t have as much power as those upstairs.
  • I am too old to do this.
  • I don’t know enough yet to do that, to dare to do that.
  • I will never be as good as the others.
  • I’m just not the person for the limelight.
  • I have always lacked the courage.
  • Always the others are favored.

We constantly send out, “I don’t have that, I want that.” We are constantly in lack. Our thinking, our feeling, our whole radiation permanently sends the message – I DON’T HAVE! How should then something in our life come about at all, if we are occupied with our whole being only with the “I do not have”? To this I have read the following statement:

“How should the life, or the dear “Creator”, give you something, where you constantly dwell only in the opposite of not having? Lack thinking is a deeply anchored belief that something is missing or will be missing. But the solution is so simple: change your thinking and feeling from not having to HAVING. And like with a magic wand you immediately pull into your life what you would like to have. You change your inner attitude from lack to abundance.”

Folks, if it were that easy, everyone could do it. But it’s not easy to change your thinking when the outside world always puts obstacles in the way at first, when your mind still has the upper hand and shows you every day that your changed thinking is not reality. And we all give up at some point. If one is in this thinking, then one knows inwardly, deep down, that this lack state will not change either. You wish for a change, you dream of the big dream, but you don’t actually believe in it. You are not 100% convinced of yourself and your own ability or effectiveness.

And that is the point that matters. That is what the Alliance sees in all people on earth. The problems we have in getting out of lack thinking ourselves. The thing we have to do is trust. We have to trust that we will be provided with funds by the Alliance, with financial resources to firstly come out of scarcity and then build a new world where there will be no more scarcity. That is why there will be an RV and a GCR, an elimination of debt, an end to debt slavery, an end to banks and fiat money. So TRUST is the first key to everything, and that is what the Alliance expects from us. The many funds that are waiting for all of us, they will quickly ensure that we finally get out of the lack thinking. Then there are all the new technologies that are waiting for us. The next key, and the much more important and powerful tool is SECURITY. It is through trust that we become secure. And when we are secure, we are firmly on the ground, nothing can shake us. And this miraculously leads us from lack to abundance.

We should be sure that the military is the only way to liberate the world. Be sure that the military has plans to continue to feed the populations so that there will be NO days of power outages, so that there will be NO days of internet and communication outages. We should be sure that the Alliance will not let anyone come to harm that it needs in the new world, that no one is too old, too sick or too poor to help build the new world. We should have confidence and security, and also be grateful for all that has been achieved. To be grateful for every day that passes, because it brings us closer to success, closer to the golden age. We should not care about HOW and WHEN, that would be wasted energy. Rather spend energy to become sure that the Alliance will not abandon anyone who is needed. And many are needed. I am sure, so trust me!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!

Please use the temporary bank account: DE20 5866 0101 0001 0938 51,
account holder is my co-founder Tobias Reichardt.

A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!



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