(Reader: timjoebob) The Truth is a Thorn


Reader Post | By timjoebob

…in the side of the psychopaths and sociopaths who are controlling the world…the same ones who hate the truth.

I feel like I’m preaching to the choir, however.

There are lots of articles submitted to OD that require the reader to pay close attention to the contents. If you misinterpret even just one word you could be deceived by the message intended to enlighten instead of deceiving.

Now, to be brutally honest, I, for one, have always been and always will be a skeptic who hates to use the word ‘hope’ because of the inherent negative vibe that is attached to it. If you have to use that word, it means you’ve tied a knot on the end of your rope and are hanging on with everything you’ve got because you’ve got nothing else to hang on to…kind of like hoping God will save you from karmic resolve.

Well, that’s not for me. I prefer strength in the face of extreme odds in the form of bravery, courage, and determination of pure will. By my very nature, I’m a fighter ’till it’s over…until it’s all said and done…after the fat lady sings. And that goes for the mental and spiritual side of this shit show, not just the physical.

Like I’ve said before, the fat lady is not warming up her voice. I disagree with 107 on some issues, this being one. Like I’ve said, she’s sitting on the big fat sofa in the dressing room eating popcorn and BonBons until she gets the call to warm up. We are nowhere close to warm up. Communism/Fascism is rapidly growing on planet Psycho and is evident. It’s everywhere.

But, many will say it’s in its death throes…as it grows…inflating itself until it explodes in conquering the world…or explodes in its death. Of course, we are going to witness the expansion or death of this Satanic cultist ideology, providing we survive the onslaught of its wrath against decency and truth.


The rulers of planet Psycho are stronger than ever and the order followers are many and are growing by the minute. More order followers are trained (brainwashed) and equipped with lethal weapons more now than any time in history and, as such, we are witnessing the proof of this rape of the world. The use of fear always works on the masses. It has never failed at this…not ever…because people are sheeple and evil knows this to be a fact of human nature. Humans are easily controlled. A fearful person will never hear or see the truth of their own enslavement as they march toward their death.

Some are saying we’ve already won the war and evil has lost. But, in the halls of government Satanic cultists, they’re expansion is growing exponentially. The more people push back the harder they push forward.

They have order followers and they follow orders. They are armed to kill…and they will…and are doing so. Whether they kill you in the hospital or on the streets or in your home makes no difference to them.

Of course, in the end, evil is supposed to lose the war. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. However that may be, along the way certain battles will be won by the Darkside. All wars have winners and losers of certain battles, but in the end what matters most is who wins the war. Now, in linear time fashion, this war has been going on for countless millenia. We win some, we lose some. The difference between now and the past time frame is that ‘this time’ is for the cherry on top.

This is the Big Danny. This is it, apparently. This is what many people believe is the Big One………. THE EVENT. But, we still haven’t witnessed Project Blue Beam, yet. After that, the fat lady can warm up if she can get up off the sofa.

At any rate, only linear time will tell the tale. While billions will die during the final battle of this war, the truth will still be the truth. The truth will forever be the truth as it can be nothing else but a thorn in the side of evil.




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