(Reader: timjoebob) Good Luck White Hats


Reader Post | By timjoebob

What are the White Hats going to do about the Communists running the US Navy? Hmmmmm? The Navy declares all sailors who resist the jab will be discharged — no exemptions, no exceptions. — Mike Adams Natural News article by JD Heyes.

Well? What say you? Defend yourselves White Hats!!! The CCP obviously controls the Navy’s stance/position by controlling the Generals. This is not complicated. A 2 yr old little snot-nosed brat can see this.

But, the White Hats are in control…just not the Navy. LMAO. C’mon man. Pahleese, give me a break.

This picture pretty much sums up why my attitude has eroded away in trusting anything remotely connected to a positive outcome. The CCP owns the military. If we have no Navy that’s healthy, it’s impossible to win this war. Period. No matter what anyone says, in this day and age, no one can win a war without a strong Navy. Prove me wrong by giving me an example. Make me eat my words. I’d love to eat them. I’ll be waiting.

Jab the military with poison darts and watch it crumble. The CCP is laughing so hard I’m surprised that they aren’t celebrating openly on MSM. What the hell, they’ve got a moron for President of America as the whole rest of the world chants “F_#k Joe Biden or Go Branden.”

The White Hats either have a horrible case of anal cranial inversion or they’re playing games with all of us while they move closer to the chair with an umbrella on the beach while the little frosty drink with the little umbrella awaits.

What makes everyone think that the White Hats are the only ones that know how to play for keeps? Look at the world. Who’s in control? Who’s dictating to the military leaders in control of the Navy?

Look at the world.

It is my opinion, just my opinion, that if the military is compromised in any way shape or form, America will fall…..
…….and it’s all because of greed and order followers following the edicts of tyrants and traitors taking orders from Communists. Yes, American patriots will stand firm, but hopelessly out gunned if soldiers follow orders from CCP scum.

I’ll be glad to fight and die, if need be, defending my castle. My conscience is clear as is my resolve.

If I could send a message to the White Hats it would be : “Get your shit together and do something about the Communists in command of the Navy! Oh, and while you’re at it, pull your heads out of your asses and stop jabbing poison darts into the sailors and the other military men and women in the other branches of service! You’re acting like morons. And I’ll add one more thing. If you actually do have IQ’s above room temperature, then you would already know that the jab does absolutely zero to help anyone because it’s a BIO-WEAPON you ignorant bastards!”



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