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Reader Post | By Liberty

Attention! We are accelerating!

Time and events have accelerated so much that it is no longer clear where we are now. The news is bombarding us like an egg-sized hail blown through the HAARP Mortal Instrument.

Haste is always a good sign! This means that very soon something great is bound to happen!

In addition, the acceleration of time is good for humanity, because the actual age numbers are increasing, but at the biological level, aging occurs at a normal or slower pace. As a result, we only actually age, but we remain biologically young and beautiful to find a sick Covid, you need to try very hard.

People get massive seasonal flu, because psychos poisoned us with poisons from heaven and on earth and created an avalanche of stressful situations to undermine our natural immunity. Nevertheless, all people quickly and without problems recover from the flu and it is no longer possible to imagine it as a covid.

Other categories of people who were presented as “covid” have already died out. In addition, people have become less likely to go to the hospital for help under the influence of horrible stories about killer doctors, about mediocre and heartless doctors.

In short, psychos have created several additional problems for themselves and these problems bury them alive.


These problems are food shortages (which is a powerful catalyst for awakening “sleepers”) and a shortage of “covid” patients, because the people left after this carnage are not so easy to knock down!

In this multidimensional game, the Dark Ones have reached a level that is so much beyond their capabilities that they will not even be able to start in this game. This multidimensional game to free the Earth has become a light for humanity at the end of the tunnel, and the dark ones have moved to the “mission impossible” level!

Also bad news is that more and more grave consequences of vaccinations are coming out. Vaccination is a ticking time bomb and soon it will explode so hard that it will blow the remnants of the psychos and their manipulation system to shreds.

To raise our morale, a small selection of heavenly news:

Argorians Update 9-16 October 2021 – Lev

  • This mechanism works chaotically, causing sharp fluctuations in space. The impact on its matter occurs in stages, according to the program laid down in it.
  • The pressure is not evenly distributed. Quantum waves entering Earth bring radical changes in all planetary structures.
  • New channels of plasma circulation are opening up in Earth’s crust. Through them, the planet intensively discharges spent energy.
  • The pressure in the near-Earth sphere drops, as in a deflated ball. The energy of space becomes softer, more liquid, and fluid.
  • Its ejected flows move to higher levels on the Subtle Plane and form energy patterns. Previously chaotically rotating particles line up in the fractal elements of the five-dimensional world.
  • The transformation of the intra-planetary Crystal, as well as the crystals in each fractal of matter, continues.
  • The structures of the three-dimensional level are stratified and morphed for the 4-dimension.
  • Society is thrashing about in agony, seesawing from one global event to another, from previous emergency plans to new ones.
  • Realizing that it is at a crossroads, humanity is increasingly stratified, trying, not very consciously, to adapt to the changes taking place.

The New State Of Cosmic Consciousness


Dear beloved ones,

The whole planet is moving to a higher frequency, toward its next evolutionary step, which will take you into the fifth dimension. Human consciousness is transforming.

You are being called to awaken your abilities at the leading edge of human transformation. Today, more than ever before, individuals are able to override the mass programming of their old genetic plan and enter into a new realm of celestial consciousness.

You are special, and you have a higher reason for being here on the planet at this particular time.

As of this moment, you are a sovereign being. And you’re going to stay that way – always – no matter what happens where you live, how old you get, or what challenges come into your life. As a sovereign being, you have a spiritual obligation to yourself, to your family, and to your planet. You must see how everything is interconnected and you must know that everything you do has an effect on the world around you.

Live a life of freedom and choice, not bondage and fear. The difference between a sovereign being and a slave is that a sovereign being knows he or she has choices.

Each and every thought you have is a choice. Each and every feeling you experience is a choice. Every emotion you feel is a choice. Every time you do something differently from the way you did it previously, it’s a choice. And this realization that your thoughts, emotions, actions, and words are all your choices puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

This new awareness will lead you on the path of self-responsibility and self-empowerment as you begin writing your new story.

Nature gives you this amazing free will, but many people waste it. Thousands of thoughts flow through your brain every day, and they never stop to ask where these thoughts come from.

Being happy is up to you. It’s all a matter of decision, and it’s really that simple. No one but you is accountable for your happiness, and only you have the ability to choose happiness.


It’s not up to someone else or what you have or don’t have. It’s not up to the other person, the other race, the other gender—none of that is responsible for your happiness. Being happy is entirely in your control.

Accordingly, being happy boils down to making a choice—a choice regarding how you think and perceive the world. It’s accepting reality for what it is, not what you wish it would be, or what it seems like others have instead of what you have right now. 

Learning to accept things as they are will bring great peace and wisdom into your life. It also includes accepting and honoring the choices of others.

Your subconscious mind creates your reality. It is a very powerful computer. It works with what you feed it. The choices you make every moment of every day become a part of your subconscious programming.

Take a deep breath and attempt to notice your feelings without any justifications. This gives you the chance to create a peaceful connection with yourself.  Let go of regrets, let go of guilt. Relax your body. Feel your breath pass through your body.

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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