Peace for the Spirit: Abundance Balances Desire


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Date: Monday, 18-Oct-2021 17:26:55



My UNLIMITED ABUNDANCE now automatically manifests and balances all my desires perpetually. Simple equation. Has to be, it’s Life’s BALANCE here in duality.

There are qualifiers however. We can still subconsciously be blocking the reception of the HUGE personal abundance portion of Life that is ALREADY ours, already delivered to us, and already really is ours, and could right now pay and balance all our karma, all our debts, and heal us completely and fill us with joy – once we let It.

Why don’t we see instant manifestation? We are in a time zone world, and although we can choose to keep declaring our truth, it may take varying amounts of time for our abundance to start transferring from the invisible to here in the physical reality as we continue to let go of the past, live in the now, and invite and let our abundance in.

Abundance may need time to fill in all the cracks we are now creating in our fraudulently believed habitual programming resisting abundance. As we keep feeling and repeating our inner child heart truth, abundance fills in the cracks we just freshly created in our beliefs, and releases the habitual untruths we currently rely upon to create our current reality as our reality dissolves and is replaced by truth.

Our current reality is the weight of what we and our ancestors previously habitually created, including creating all the mind wipes and fear programming we have experienced and do not remember, and that we pretend to now seemingly be laboring under the influence of. We are really Infinite Abundance and this is all illusion, remember?

The trick now to getting out of the fraud we labor under is to understand the real way it really works here. Not the what we have been taught, the usual I want it but I really secretly know I really do not deserve it.

Energy is neither created or destroyed. We generate, receive, transmit, and exchange energy. We choose how to manage our energy. To have our energy manifest what we already have asked for out of the invisible here into the visible we create, we have to choose to change our beliefs through for example, out loud joyous repetition – one method as proven by science.

We have to repeat over and over while feeling the joy of already having received abundance that the abundance we know God Source (really US) is holding in the invisible everything we ever asked for. It knows what we want before we do. It always will. We want us to have abundance. God wants us to have abundance. God is waiting for us to realize the natural order of things and drop all habitual subconscious beliefs we have allowed in that are preventing the delivery. That’s what the slaver gods gave us.

Feeling precedes manifestation. We are habitually taught to habitually expect and do the exact opposite. This habitually turns into our subconscious beliefs holding us right there where we and our ego thinks we have the best safest chances of survival. Right here. It starts early. We are happy for the miracle when it arrives as we create a hint to ourselves to remind us how it really works here.

Remember your happiest moment. See how happy we are? If we choose to continually feel that feeling first we could create our own miracles. Some here start their manifesting by continually out loud remembering how their happiest moment ever feels again, and continually copying that feeling to make believe with at first. Then it is just a question of letting enough time pass in order to give their abundance time to fill in these newly created cracks in our belief systems. This is how we overcome the centuries of fraudulent programming stored in our mutable DNA, so reality around it can restructure.

I have it on good authority God waits for us to discover how we first have to FEEL how happy we are now that all this abundance has already happened and arrived BEFORE it can physically manifest here. Yet, we are automatically invisibly creating things to stay just the way they are. This fundamental belief in lack is part of the setup. The horns of the dilemma, or the horns of the enema as Kelly Bundy said.

Since we are unlimited Source, since we ARE abundance, our abundance is waiting all around us in the invisible because our desires while here created it. Our nature is to create. We never stop.

So we think we need something, and then to solve the perceived need – as seen through the eyes of our smaller pretended to be dumbed-down blinded human point of view – we create our invisible thoughts that immediately go into the invisible and pile up. But we usually leave out the specific needed emotional delivery instructions part.

The Divine Invisible takes the order, “CHECKING…, OH SURE, WE ALWAYS HAVE PLENTY OF ANYTHING YOU COULD ASK FOR, and there’s a note on the account that we have received your order before, but the delivery instructions were garbled. Huh. Of course we delivered immediately, as best we could under the circumstances, what with the dimensional interfacing and time problem stuff, ya know. Your orders have been and are always piling up in your personal reserved abundance space on the presently invisible to you fourth level. I note that some have already fallen out to your own level because your beliefs decided they were safe enough to let them manifest where you are now, on top of the usual.”

The Divine Invisible Supply System is doing It’s job perfectly. It’s all in perfect instant harmony.

For our own and our collective safety, our morals and ordering procedure may often need some experience and education. That’s why all the alien created dimensional grades exist at the different levels of awareness and density so we can appear to learn and experience this that we already know.

To succeed in manifesting here in the physical we have to continually choose to learn and remember to FEEL the joy of abundance’s arrival first, BEFORE our subconscious blocks this with a safety lockout. Our subconscious does its invisible survival protection job perfectly by only letting deliveries manifest into the physical that have proven to us to usually be safe for us. We sorted all this out during the long time we have spent time here experiencing life in our many incarnations.

Life automatically protects Life through keeping all our scattered corrupted thoughts away from radiating through our mind fields influence. This is because our alien created undisciplined unconscious randomly firing off in all directions creation minds here were not created by The Light, and are therefore too unstable and erratic. Not safe. Brilliantly creative, full of potential, and not to be trusted yet, and that could hurt us and the rest of us too. So we keep our limited selves corralled. That’s why we really deep down inside feel we do not deserve full instant manifestation abilities. We know it’s turned off and that really frustrates us. But we can create the way out of our dilemma!

This long walk we are on started with what is called Adi karma, the individual set of character limits assigned to us by Father/Mother during our individual creation of our Spirit as differentiated from others. This karma was installed as us upon the birth of us as unique Spirits within the manifestation chamber on the Creation Lightship.

As Source we are everything and therefore HAVE everything. As limited third dimensional temporal corporeal beings we also have beliefs we have allowed to enter into our subconsciousnesses long ago and they hope to selfishly influence us now.

I now perpetually take enough of my abundance to balance all of my desires and manifest them right here and now in right and proper ways. I perpetually release all these completed and balanced out old energies now.

LightBeings, please help me to now perpetually take enough of my abundance to balance all of my desires and manifest them right here and now in right and proper ways. I perpetually release these completed and balanced out old energies to you now.

I am an experimental energy construct that has joyously agreed to take on limitation to be here now.

Source and Spirit only work in the now.

Source is having fun exploring itself with putting consciousness blinders on a segregated smaller part of itself and releasing it as US pretending to deploy Ourselves into the here and now of this limited 3D world in time. It knows It will have to automatically create creative new solutions to the limited conditions It’s limited consciousness finds itself in here. It wants to enjoy being surprised at what We (It) creates for itself as solutions while under such conditions.

Usually unfathomable from here Source deploys itself doing this on every world in every species at all times and beyond time and all dimensions and beyond any dimensions.

I manifest anything I want at any time I want wherever I want in right and proper ways.

There is no judgment about anything I desire. None.

In my right mind I never desire or do anything to hurt myself, Nature, or any other Spirit.

The fact we hurt ourselves and others is from us letting the slavers influence into us.

The other Source parts of us manifesting as their own limited awarenesses and choosing to be slavers and thinking that they do not have enough – so they need to collect power by taking it away from other parts of US – is Life destroying Life in error. Their choosing to believe in lack instead of the abundance they already have because they can’t see it yet is the real challenge. By choosing this fraud of believing in lack belief, they thereby limit themselves. Their weird actions ALONG THE WAY are not only very dangerous to themselves but to the rest of US. As the Life affirming majority here, we have the right to defend ourselves by any means necessary against them.

If I create energies in my world that my Spirit and Life and the rest of my world majority around me discerns are based upon fraud I pay the energetic price. This may include my manifesting my removal of my energy from my body as an unfit example of how to be while operating here in it.

While this pretend blinded consciousness area manifests what It thinks It wants from out of Its limited sensory skill inventory, It could manifest itself as being disease, or addiction or a hunger for flesh. It can also manifest Itself as being executed, and choosing to confine self to lesser consciousnesses for a long time period so it can again try to learn more about how it all really works. These are all some of the choices available to Spirit.

Example: Unknowingly subconsciously choosing to die from covid or for any other reason, or subconsciously being driven into controlling other spirits by not giving them full free choice or will, or being executed for forcing your will on other people or children, or torturing or eating other lifeforms probably is causing your staying in 3D for another 47,600 years instead of graduating to higher less fraudulent dimensions with others. You simply have chosen to not qualify yet to leave the educating suffering technique behind. It is always your own above-time Spirit’s choice, which is never interfered with.

Since time is an illusion, and God is not capable of being afraid, It/We never worries like humans do. Source already knows, that leaving these individualized partially blinded parts of Itself within It’s life game, to live, to choose to suffer, or be happy, on any world in any time in any body in any dimensional construct, leaves the Spirit assured It will eventually pop out of the game once learning how to perfect Itself through experience by overcoming and dropping all illusory restrictions and limits.

We are I am doing that right now.

I am abundant love. My abundant love flows through my heart flame to you. I love you. I love me. I love the rest of me including you. The rest of me loves me. The rest of me loves the rest of us too. We are all grateful to be on this pioneering ride.

As individualized portions of Source manifesting ourselves here in physical bodies here in this dimension we are Source’s experiment surprising itself as it creates itself here and limits itself by taking on a technological magic wonder (but still a lesser creation) called soul that takes on an etheric body which takes on a mental body which takes on a causal body which takes on an astral body which takes on a physical body including all it’s invisible (to most) higher dimensional aspects on the dark and Light sides working in harmony toward more harmony.

“For the majority of humanity, the ego consciousness has been in charge of physical survival which has dominated the daily decision making process. The ego is mainly fear based, defensive and reactive in its behavior. For Ascension to occur, the ego with its powerful control of thought must surrender to your Divine Spirit residing within your Heart Center.

When your Divine Spirit is in control you can then move out of fear and into the higher Consciousness of Love.

Your Divine Spirit is the energy conduit for to receive physical healings. Your physical bodies healing effectiveness is proportionate to your Spirit’s ability to integrate fully within your body.

“Is your shadow taller than your soul?”
Led Zeppelin, ‘Stairway to Heaven’”

– Quote from Ron Amitron, Creation Lightship Ambassador.

I joyously surrender my ego to my Divine Spirit residing within my Heart Center NOW!
I joyously release all unnatural density and unnatural ego and integrate my Spirit fully within my body NOW!


All Intergalactic and Interdimensional and Extradimensional Rights Reserved and Copyright 2021 by Ed McCabe


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