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Reader Post | By Nobody’s Fool


Here is what I want to post about the above, hoping Kim and Tank can answer these questions in an upcoming airing.

Kim, has access to the highest level of resource on or off planet, and has had since 2012 or before.  Why are we just now removing “polarity”?  Or why we are just now deactivate/removing the Etherical and other “machines”?  While Kim and Tank are busy bashing DJT and blaming him for our current state of affairs, they fail to explain why these two items in particularly haven’t been addressed long before now, which could have saved humanity a lot of pain.  

Certainly DJT didn’t stop you, and he might still be our obvious visual president, had you found and deactivated these machines in 2016. Instead you would rather blame him for not paying his Generals out of his own money, when you know darn well that would be unethical and highly exploited by his opponents. Can you imagine what the mainstream news would do with the knowledge that djt was paying generals out of his own pocket?  If you are that politically unsavvy, then you are living proof of why you are not clued into the plan and why you are so resentful about it.  Had it EVER occurred to you that djt stepped aside to avert a civil war, which would have happened due to the extreme polarity, that you could have had a positive effect on by deactivating machines a long time ago?

Kim and Tank seem to only be concerned about humanities pain when fulfilling their agenda to govern is the pitch.  

Sorry, the people are smarter than you think they are in seeing goodness in djt and trusting him.  His eyes do not shift back and forth and he does not yawn when speaking to the people, unlike someone we know.

In your high level position as comptroller over all of the Earth’s assets, and a member on the Universal Council, certainly you could have requested help on identifying the locations of cabal machines, and putting them out a commission a long before now.  What was the holdup and what is your explanation?  This raises big questions about your intelligence services, and your loyalties.  Could it be you want certain members of the Illuminati to win, and are doing them a favor by bastardizing their largest threat?

What is up with the sacramonious drawings on the whiteboard and trying to make excuses for why you haven’t gotten money to the people.  Your mind, heart, and mouth are not in alignment, as you continue to find excuses to divide, while preaching unity.

To those with an ounce of discernment and Common Sense, this is clearly the asinine approach. What DJT has accomplished as far as waking people up and “uniting” people is phenomenal.  You claim to be a person of God, and yet you would second judge who God chooses?   That is totally disrespectful both to DJT and his followers.  

If you think your sidekick Tank, or yourself could ever have amassed as much support worldwide to turn this world around you are sadly mistaken.  While Tank’s sarcasm is marginally entertaining, his technical abilities and accomplishments fall far short.  Walter Mitty, no thank you.  He mentioned about a year ago, that there was an alternate Looking Glass option that would have put him as leader.  Honestly?  Is that why you, Kim, are dragging your feet, and pretending to not be able to do what you need to do…so you can sabotage DJT.  You two want to be the new rulers, dont you, on the false premise of ‘for the people’ the exact same thing you accuse Trump of.

Fine, why don’t you run for president, both of you, alongside DJT, and we will see who wins.  Let the people decide 
If that’s not your motivation for putting the brakes on everything, then just get it done no excuses.  Get the money to the people let DJT do what he was called to do.  

You have the highest technical support available on or off planet.  Get it done.  I personally am not buying your whining, and it is clear that you are trying to sabotage him so it makes a person wonder… Since you did work for the controlling elites what are your loyalties. Who are you really supporting.


Nobody’s Fool


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