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Reader Post | By Danlboon

NESARA – Information Guide

Correction From ‘Part 17’ on “A Great Red Wave” is to be from: ‘Restored Republic via a GCR: Special Report as of October 15, 2021 PM.’

Since the US Inc. government would be officially broke and shut down on Fri. 1 Oct. then Congress CANNOT Constitutionally be in session, thus they can ALL be arrested at any time and cannot claim anything else for corporation status, legal government rights, or their constitution, however to keep the cover plan going they cannot be arrested so they can be pawns taking part thus they do much more ‘HARM’ to We The People in the process.

It is my understanding through the loose leaf talk that the higher ups, those top level White Hats and those that have the purchased any foreign currency to then make exchanges, are going to be the ones that receive All their funds and benefits before even We The People receive One Penny.

It appears that those that had the funds to purchase foreign currency and then receive large amounts from their Currency Exchanges by late October they will have been given the first opportunity to be the NEW Republic government authority as they are the ones with the financial capabilities to decide who is to be We The People to control the American Republic. How is that? So far it is they have had their Currency Exchange funds TWO weeks ahead of We The People to then receive their Currency Exchange funds and then the rest of us with our ‘Bearer Bond’/Birth Certificate Treasury Direct Account funds, if any of us can even receive those TDA funds by then, which should be the time NESARA/GESARA was to be announced on October 15th, yet that is being delayed. But even then if it were to happen, and it didn’t, it is on a Friday not everyone will receive this in time to take any action or do something till the next business day which is Monday October 18, so more delays. Or will it be that the ‘Bearer Bond’/TDAs will not be released till after we have the proper people elected into office of the Republic later on in February or later?

So for some local military movements is that NAWS China Lake has been back on track flying several of their aircraft on a daily basis including some C-17s once in a while, and the first week of October for several days they have had several private medical helicopters flying back and forth from Las Vegas to NAWS China Lake or Ridgecrest where they do have a major medical facility for the surrounding high desert, the only one within 100 miles 360 degrees of NAWS. This is one of the major Naval Military bases that can cover Long Beach Harbor and the West Coast for these cargo ship shut downs with ships off shore.

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 11, 2021 AM; “As per Intel from the US Treasury, on Fri. 15 Oct. the general public would be able to exchange foreign currency at the new international rates, all GCR Tiers would gain liquidity and NESARA/GESARA Law would be implemented.” and “Whiplash347 claimed that on Sun. Oct. 17 to Wed. Oct. 20 wewould see a Three Day Event, and on Sat. Oct. 23 Ten Days of Darkness would begin.” Thus it appears there will be a hold on the general public being able to do anything as this I thought would be where the EBS comes in, and then the ‘Ten Days of Darkness’ has been moved to ‘Sat. Oct. 23’ where we cannot do anything either and that ends the beginning of November 2nd. Thus all this time We The People must continue paying our taxes of every kind to a US CORP that DOES NOT EXIST, and we must ALL suffer the consequences. And there are other dates which can stretch it out even further as maybe after Christmas may be the first day of any relief. Maybe they want to end it with when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law on Dec 23, 1913. With the announcement of NESARA/GESARA Law that should have happened to be on October 15th on the EBS thru MSM and then bring everything opened up to then have Trump’s Rally with the announcement of JFK Jr. on the 17th or else it is not plausible for people to believe it if it is only by the alternate media.


From: “Lots of Anticipation” – MarkZ and OkieOilMan Intel Stream Highlights 10-15-21; “Member: FROM JOHN DURHAM…The tolerance ends now! In one week period I will REVEAL ALL evidence. You will see things that will shake this country to it’s foundation.” Thus now it appears nothing will happen till all the Durham reports are out and this will then be the EBS? Or maybe we will have to wait till ALL the Nuremberg tribunals are OVER to make sure there are no getaways?

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of October 16, 2021 AM; “Sun. 17 Oct: Deadline for Cabal Bankruptcy, allowing NESARA/GESARA Law to be in force. Announcement of the Gold Standard?” and “Mon. 18 Oct: Global Currency Reset Bonds liquid, allowing a green light for 26 Master Accounts to release funds to Paymasters.” It is now STILL in question as to even if NESARA/GESARA Law will be announced on October 17, 2021 when it is ‘another’ ‘Deadline for Cabal Bankruptcy’? And Monday the 18th is just the green light for the paymasters to ‘start’ receiving the funds, yet then it takes weeks before the general public can exchange anything. Thus maybe in November it will get to the general public?

Maybe what I have said in the past is now coming true yet many of you have refused to accept it and the commoner We The People still do not have any control till Trump and his Team allow us to receive those TDA funds and Freedom as We The People cannot take any major actions till NESARA/GESARA is to be announced as everyone else still believes the US CORP is still in business and our DEBTS ARE NOT FORGIVEN. Trying to fight this is very hard even though there is proof that the United Stated is in DEFAULT, as those people in government are still holding office as nothing has changed according to them as NESARA/GESARA along with the Republic has NOT become official to most! Where was this EBS as there has been no mention of it except that it should come about?

However my comment of; “most likely Sunday 9/26/21 will be the last work day for then the checks that have NO Withholdings,” was not true as we had to wait for NESARA/GESARA to be announced beforehand and now it still has not been announced on October 15th, as it was to be announced at 10:00 AM EDT on 9/11/2001. Which it was to be put in effect beginning at 12 AM EDT on Monday October 18 for everyone to get on board at the same time, along with the 14% Sales Tax, and not the retailers do it when they want, then it should also be for the start of the next work week for the pay periods to be in sync. This also includes the reduction to the 1950’s prices which all retailers are to know about and not just a public notice 3 days earlier with nothing in writing. Thus I thought I was to see it for all employers to be handing out the pay checks that have NO Withholdings for the pay period ending on October 24 or just wait till the end of the month on the 31st, along with the past Withholdings for the month or 9/27/21 the start of that pay period. Yet since the employers may have 30 days into the next financial quarter to get their books in line and pay all taxes, fees and garnishments then at least by October 15 they should be given notice to hand back ALL Withholdings they still have in their accounts. Now my idea here is being postponed.

Those that will receive much on their Currency Exchanges and/or have had massive amounts of funds in the first place they are now the ones who decide which We The People can be the NEW Republic government officials as they are the ones that can finance the campaign funding for themselves and/or others to run for office. Did you see that those bad guys that have been in the background that are still willing to shut down the Republic and We The People will now have the funds to do what they want as a snake in the tree to slowly get their agenda going again with others supporting them as they are the ones conning people to claim what they say is the best way for what is to happen, and then it is too late as now they have too much control for things to stop. Maybe it is NOT the best for the US Military to hand over things to the states and We The People till it is confirmed that ALL Cabalists are out of the way.

If NESARA was to be announced on October 15, 2021 then we need to have the Republic elections within 120 days which that Tuesday would be February 8, 2022 at 116 days, for which this gives over 3 months to resolve all these issues, primarily with the election system. When and where will the opportunities open up for others to know about them to run for public office in the Republic when Trump and his people have known about it for over a year, thus it is an unfair election advantage for them. This may give the opportunity for Trump to show up at the Super Bowl 2022 Sunday, February 6 and give his final campaign speech in front of about TWO Billion people and no one else may be allowed to. I see this as UNEQUAL campaigning along with everyone else that he supports as he would not have to pay a penny for that, but for any of us we would have to spend $2,000,000 or more to even get a 30 second commercial in it. Who knows what that is like? I surely do, as I even took the effort to register to run for office for President of the United States to be the youngest president if I were to be elected, yet I did not have the funds and I could not even get 10,000 names so I could even be on one ballot. This now gives less than a month for which the president and most elected officials would be put into office if we are to keep our original inauguration day of March 4, but who knows when that will be with all these delays.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents




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