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Submitted on October 14, 2021

Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward 10th October 2021



The word “GOD” is a TITLE, not a proper NAME!

The Pope is GOD (Vicar of Christ on Earth), The Emperor of Japan is GOD, Napoleon was GOD, The Caesars and Pharaohs were GOD, GOD is on the back of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (Apollo / Lucifer). Satan is GOD.

“A two week old tuna fish sandwich in the back of your refrigerator can be GOD.” – Bill Hicks


When you say GOD, who or what are you talking about? I have some idea, but your not going to like the answer!

Who is the “GOD” of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob? (I can’t read the minds of dead characters from the Bible, but if they don’t want to come right out and say who their “GOD” is, it can’t be good.) My research tells me their “GOD” is Satan (Sabbath = Saturday = Satan’s Day = Satan). Each of seven planets (Sun & Moon included) is an ancient GOD and a day is set aside for each to be worshiped! (Sunday = Sun’s Day = Sun/Son = Apollo/Lucifer = Day good / Night evil = Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde = Psychopath) In the 1600s the Telescope was invented and three new planets were discovered (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto). Pluto was “disqualified” as a GOD / Planet. Go Figure!

Before 1608 (7 lights / GODS in Heaven):

After 1846 (9 lights / GODS in Heaven):

The center light is for the Sabbath (Satan’s Day).

We have all been lied to (deceived), I’ve taken the time to discover as many of the lies as I can. The more deceived we are, the more insane we are. Just the way the Satanists like it. STOP THAT!

“We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other.” – Thinker2


The Declaration of Independence uses the word “Creator”, still not a name, but it is specific. It is my opinion the we (man) do not know the NAME of the Creator for the simple reason; we (man) serves the Creator, the Creator does not serve us. He/she/it calls on us, we do not call on the Creator. When we receive a gift (saved your life), it came from Angles (ET). Not from our hallucination of what “GOD” is.

Anyone wondering why the Radiation from Fukushima, Japan has not killed the Pacific Ocean and half of Humanity? (Answer; ET!)

The Satanists who have made it their job to deceive man use AMBIGUOUS terms like GOD, LORD, PERSON, DRIVER, etc as part of their DECEPTION. WHO in the hell are they talking about? I don’t read minds, yet!

In my research the Creator is right in front of you (man), that is why no one sees he/she/it… We are so saturated in the Creator, we take it for granted. All things abundant are taken for granted. It’s not meant to be an insult, it is just the nature of REALITY.

When I was ~15 I asked my Sunday School Teacher; “What is god?” She said God (Creator) is infinite. From then on I searched for what is INFINITE!

If you want to see the Creator, take your blinders off!

The Creator and the Universe are both INFINITE. Universe subtract Creator equals Nothing (0). Or, Creator = Universe (E = m · c²)

Every substance known to man is “E” (Energy), your Thoughts, your Actions, your Body, everything in the Creator/Universe is ENERGY!

No one is finding the Creator because he/she/it is in you and all around you.

As my mother likes to say; “There is no escape!”


You do not have to believe in the Creator, but when the Creator stops believing in you, you will disappear like a forgotten memory!

Peace, love, and blessings,



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