For We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood


Operation Disclosure | By James O’Brien, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 13, 2021

Every once in a while a fight comes along that has greater implications or symbolic value than your average prizefight or championship fight, one that is actually a sign of the times, or a bellwether of a certain era. Those are the fights that take on legendary significance, especially heavyweight title fights, like Joe Louis vs Max Schmeling, Ali vs Foreman & Liston, Braddock vs Baer, etc. You can say that I’m just dramatizing things and that it’s all simply sporting theatre, but drama and theatre have their value and meaning, especially in extraordinarily dramatic world times, like the era we are currently in now.

One fighter chose to represent a demon in his fights, and spoke of aligning himself with “scary energies” that he couldn’t control, but which gave him his power. His alter ego, he claimed, the Bronze Bomber, wanted a body on his record, ie: he wanted to actually kill someone in a sporting contest, and not in the way that fighters usually mean when they say they will “kill” their opponent, but in the real life and death way.

His opponent, Tyson Fury, the one who loudly (and he does have a big mouth, like another key figure we all know) put himself on the side of Christ, and definitively called Wilder out on this, rebuking his entire demonic approach. All just symbolic and to sell pay-per-views? Perhaps, but the entire world was watching to see which force would prevail. And they fought three times just to make the outcome clear.

When Tyson Fury won, especially this last time, he went over to Wilder to make peace after the war and congratulate him and shake his hand like any good sportsman. Wilder wouldn’t accept it. After the second fight, where Wilder’s corner threw in the towel, Wilder made every excuse in the book, even blaming the weight of his demon costume for his loss. This also has symbolic import. Those who, even metaphorically, align themselves with heavy demonic forces, cannot accept the truth, they cannot humble themselves even in a clear loss. They are prisoners of their own ego and there is a price they pay for their path to worldly power..
I’m not trying to elevate Fury to some superman. He is as fallible a human being as anyone, and has been very outspoken about his mental health and addiction issues. Also, you do have to be a little crazy to take on a fighting life, especially at that level, with those kinds of pressures. But you also choose your pathway to success or failure, and which forces you align yourself with, and when you do so, you make the most important choice of all, one with repercussions beyond anyone else’s perception of you. And that is between you and God. Or the other option, the option whose very light is darkness made visible.

And I know that some people, especially those that hate all that the political power organization (Catholic Church/Vatican) has done in its blood-soaked history, will associate individuals who call themselves Christians with that hypocritical corruption, which is understandable. In a way, that makes the Catholic Church somewhat successful in its aim to co-opt the message and teachings of Christ, which was Unity Consciousness, and nothing more complicated than that. No world domination required, only conquering the darkness within. It is my understanding that the current Vatican leadership is Luciferian, not Christian. But deception wears many garbs, including a Pope’s hat.

So, in the end, it is all symbolic, but the fighters chose very powerful symbols as to who and what they represented in this contest. The “Best Man” did win in this fight in the end. It is indeed rare to see a bout of such significance, a legendary bout, so to speak, and Tyson Fury’s next fight could have nowhere near the import. But this one did.

My greater point is that we are in a world moment, one where certain powerful political forces have aligned themselves with demonic influences, ones that do not have the greater good of the world’s human population in mind, only their own dark goals of domination. That was the name of the device they used in part to steal the election. Dominion. They are doing their best this very day to take away our freedoms one by one, and foist their pharmaceutical injections into everyone’s veins, even and eventually, little children. And we’ve all heard the rumors of what went down on Epstein Island and in other places, vis-a-vis little children. Certain of these people also have the flash and influence of Hollywood and the Media on their side, which is a form of mind control. Is that symbolically Luciferian, the Prince of Lies and Deception? Yes, it is. Even if it is only symbolic, symbols have power and meaning. That is why the occult is so symbol-oriented and they shove their occult symbols in our face all the time, mocking us with them.

It is a certainty that the “New World Order” these people represent will be defeated. Light will eventually conquer darkness and Good will prevail over evil. But just like in the Fury/Wilder trilogy, Fury was laid out cold and basically had to rise from the dead in the first fight, just to get a draw. Then he won the second fight, to outrageous claims of cheating by his opponent, just like when Trump won the first election. In the end, the guy who wore the demon costumes was sent to the canvas in the 11th round in an epic faceplant. To his credit Wilder fought, as the announcers said, with “supernatural endurance.” However, that was not enough, in the end, to beat the guy in the Jesus hat! Call it great theatre, but that’s what I loved about it!

We are in a fight this very day, whether people want to believe it or not, for the Soul of a Nation, and by extension the world. That’s what they said in the election campaign, wasn’t it? It looks like, to some, the fight is over now, the election officially stolen, or won by the ‘Biden’ guy, the one with the island right next to Epstein. Guess we gotta line up and submit to whatever they put in their needles and accept that they are destroying our economy for our own good. We lost. It’s over.

Or, are we still in the fight? Tyson got up from the canvas four times in total before he eventually triumphed. Place your bets folks on who you think will eventually win the outsized battle I’m referring to. I trust we are closing in on the 11th round in the 3rd fight, but you never know, we could still be in fight #1.

Before he fought Fury, Wilder had 42 fights, all victories, 41 by KO. Greatest heavyweight KO artist in history. A very worthy opponent for the King of the Gypsies, the nomadic tribe of Europe, often maligned, as all great travelling cultures who don’t follow the norms of industrial culture are. Some people don’t like it when you won’t settle down and you travel around all the time in caravans!

As for Wilder, you might recall another great heavyweight who lost one of the legendary symbolic fights, George Foreman. The transformation he made after his loss to Ali was an incredible one, a spiritual one, and he went on to become the oldest man to ever recapture the crown at 45. Good old 45!

I’d like to see that for Wilder, to see him accept his loss like a man and come into the light of a greater redemption. Retire those demon costumes and look to a more profound source of power, one that lasts and has meaning beyond mere symbols, one that can carry you beyond even death itself, into the waters of eternal life, beyond the spell of illusion and ego.

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: Love your neighbor as yourself.”

If our leaders could live by the profundity in this message, imagine what life on this planet would actually be like. A lot different than it is today, yet the potential is already there, and always will be. Sometimes we need a fight illustrated, dramatized for us on a grand stage before we can understand it fully, whether it is in the sporting world or the political one. 

The only thing we take with us from any world is what we have learned from it, in the experience of it, so I welcome all the “big drama shows” past and present, and what their message contains for us all. And I’m ready for the next round. 
Ding, ding…

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


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