The Shocking Reality of the Jab: It’s Worse than you Know


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Date: Sunday, 10-Oct-2021 17:29:26

‘RED PILL’ – SHOCKING REALITY of the Jab – It’s Worse Than You Know – Like A Nightmare You Can’t Wake Up From

I take no pleasure to report this…but the truth has to come out sooner or later. This is way out there and it is a horror story for sure…but the good news is we can survive this and get past it with a little help from the boys upstairs.

I have been warning people about the depopulation agenda about a year before it started to happen. I have also informed the public about the Chimera Group (over the years) who came here in 1996 via COBRA reports.

It has taken me a long time to figure this out…and I am on top of it. Decades ago I seen photos of huge giant spider statues around the earth. I did not understand it. Art? Who would want to do something like this? …and why? Most people do not like spiders. I find cockroaches more offensive…but this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. Now imagine these creepy insects as big as you or as big as a building!!!

One thing I have come to realize from a lifetime of research into the unknown topics is…the universe is teeming with life. Anything you can think of is already out there alive and well.

Any animal or insect you ever saw has been genetically crossed with humans and other life forms to create all kinds of stuff. Most of it we would find disgusting and horrible.

Think about the bar on Star Wars…and then take it even further.

Why are all these giant spider statues are all over the place? Too many to show here…but I will show a few so you get the point.


I did a story a while back about the Queen Chimera Spider in the Congo. Under the floor of the jungle in the Congo underground is a huge Chimera Mothership base.

This was reported by COBRA and I posted a graphic of the Queen.
Here it is again.

The good news is…the base in the Congo has been destroyed after the boys upstairs removed the queen and took her far away.

However the satanic cabal have opened a portal (not long ago) at CERN and it remains open so more evil Chimera have come in and are underground somewhere again.

The GFL are on it now. That will be dealt with. Just for the record…the global CIA headquarters is located under the CERN facility. (I think the Rods of God have a date with CERN soon)

So now comes the ugly part and it will be followed by proof.



The Chimera Spiders came here to take over this planet. They intend to do so by using humans for food to feed the larva stage spiders by laying the giant spider eggs in humans. This process kills the host eventually…so the body goes in the ground for burial and the eggs hatch and the larva feed on the body and grow larger. And there you have it. A horror movie from hell. Only problem is…it’s real!!!

Now the proof. But first the good news. If treated properly…the eggs can be killed and you will be fine.

So how do the spider eggs get into the human body you ask???

Go ask Dr. Fauci. He is behind it all. He is working with the dark evil Chimera to make this happen and you were never the wiser.

They put the spider eggs in the jabs people. (along with a lot of other really bad stuff) But we are only talking about spiders today.


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You have been Red Pilled. Now Wake Up. This is The Reality.



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