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It’s very puzzling to me that everyone on here is not responding and contacting their Banks and everybody that they can and sending emails to everyone you know that we should not be going to digital money or digital currency because that is part of the one world order and those that rule. It is one of the many steps I believe even listed in 1984 book George Orwell who was very tightly connected with the powers that ruled that’s why his book is so accurate. The powers that rule I’m told and so did Todd can’t remember his last name who did a video many years ago maybe 10 or 15 years ago saying that he was one of the Southern United States of America and it because he was born into the family but he left it and said he became a Christian but he explained how they planned for 500 years in advance. He also explained how everything that you do is to be watched and controlled and that includes the money. So we should not be agreeing to digital money currency I mean. I think it would be a good discussion to have although I will probably be part of it here because I am in the process as I have been for over two years to save my daughter. The other point is that things are going so fast with kovid. If this line or channel is encouraged and was set up by the powers that do rule then basically everybody here has their face in a hoax that has been created by the powers that rule and that is very possible. So if that is the case why is everyone here not doing something to make sure that we don’t wear masks and that we’re not vaccinated and that soon those that are not vaccinated it says bye-bye Dinar going to be sent to FEMA camps to the executed certainly not to live. I did a letter that if you wish to distribute a minimum of twenty four letters a day to business owners so they can know how to create their business as a private member Association and dissolve the corporation so they will not have to abide by any of the rules of the corporate government or of the legalese system which is set up for dead legal fictions like corporations, then this will do it. And if you wish a copy and promise me that you will at least distribute 12 and you will tell at least Buy email 12 of your best friends or Associates or people you think might do this as well as you then I will send you a copy. Email me at feminine athlete at gmail.com. I don’t have time to create a lot of emails or even respond to a lot of emails I’m only doing this because I see it as a way to wake up businesses and that will be a way for us to make sure we go to businesses that do not ask you to wear a mask. We must stop giving money to businesses that are requiring us to where I’m asked. If you do not recognize that we should not be wearing masks because they do not make any difference it says on and 95 box that these masks do not protect against any virus and of course the vaccines are poisons which vaccines have been since the beginning of time they were created. If you’re interested in spreading information about facts and other things from scientists and doctors one of the better sites is stop world control.com. Hopefully you’ll go there and watch a bunch of videos and you will start doing some of the steps that he outlines so we can start living a life that makes sense because we are now in Crazy Land. If there are men on this site who are in their thirties or forties or fifties who are strong and healthy and would like to build cabins or very small A-frames or platforms and outdoor on Mile and then send your name your picture and your personal cell number or your home number and tell me which one you are sending to the email above that is again feminine athlete at gmail.com and put in the subject line would like to live on your land and here is what I have to offer. Let me know what tools you have if you have a truck if you have friends or an older son who can help as well if you are familiar with nature etc etc etc. Oh I should say if you are really great at composting creating Gardens creating Gardens from above ground plots because most of the ground is Rock Hard Rock there is not much topsoil and creating other things as well like showers Plumbing electrical Etc. Please forgive this discombobulated message but I don’t have time to go through and correct it or improve it. The Land by the way is in the Midwest and it does get cold very cold. My goal is to build about 12 small cabins that would be a bedroom closet and a powder room maybe a full bathroom and common areas so that most of the cabins will be Airbnb because the land is in an area where there are many tourist attractions nearby so this is only good for now for the next maybe a year or two to bring in money but the cabins will be good for those who are not vaccinated and who are ready to be in a community of those who are not proselytizing and trying to convince others of their beliefs but you were willing to watch videos have a community Times Daily days to get us all on the same page and to get us all working in our areas of expertise. If there are those who are very good at computers there is also an opportunity to create a website for health and Rejuvenation consultations as well as for products.

Digital currency allows the powers that rule to know absolutely everything that you spend money on and where you are or how to control you. Of course getting vaccinated I’m told they’re able to control you your brain but also the fact that the plan is to make certain that one gets vaccinated so that they can shop for food or whatever else. If we are not set up and have food to eat that we grow and have our own Community with people that are capable in different ways then we will not survive. I’d love to find also women who know how to can Foods who are great at sewing who know how to weave coulomb absolutely love creating a beautiful home as per fengshui and who can teach about herbs medicinal herbs and what plants to be careful of as well as their corresponding remedy plants.


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