(Reader: Stefan) Secret Agent Joe Bi 666, Mission Failure


Reader Post | By Stefan

Secret Agent Joe Bi 666, Mission failure

I stumbled upon an article in Russian about a show called Joe Biden. Perhaps the DN has already written about this. I don’t know, I missed it. Just posting it again. I have translated this article from Russian through an online translator. Unfortunately, I don’t speak English.

So, an article about who plays Joe and how Joe fell into insanity and failed his secret “mission”)))))))))))))))

Arthur Roberts, an 83-year-old supporting actor who portrays Joseph Biden on television and in person, revealed his cover during a televised press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week. In a stunning scene that many have seen, Biden’s aides (RRN uses the term “Biden” to refer to either Biden or his counterparts) suddenly and seemingly for no reason pulled the press pool out of the White House Briefing Room while Johnson tried Answer questions from British journalists attending the briefing.

A stunned press pool protested when security forces forcibly kicked them out, not understanding why they, the administration’s media allies, were rudely told to leave.

On Wednesday, Jen Psaki, who is currently under military investigation, said the room had been cleared because Johnson’s questions had not been pre-approved, but an informant at the fake administration’s communications department told RRN that on actually happened during a surreal briefing.

As previously reported, RRN claims the real Joseph R. Biden did not appear in public shortly after the 2020 presidential election. The reason is that in early February he suffered a massive stroke that caused his brain to die and was admitted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has been in a coma ever since.Biden’s leaders in the Deep State had high hopes for Kamala Harris and assumed she would succeed him, but it soon became apparent that she lacked the fortitude and sharpness of mind needed to unify the liberal base. Much to her chagrin, she was sidelined as the Deep State sought a double replacement that could play a convincing role for Joe Biden.


One such find was Arthur Roberts, a little-known actor 80s, whose main cinematic achievement was the role of the evil ninja Braden in the 1984 martial arts film Ninja Revenge. After that, he disappeared into obscurity, from now on receiving only minor roles in film and television productions, until the Deep State captured him as a potential replacement for Biden in early March.

Roberts, himself not a spring chicken and older than the real Biden apparently suffers from mild dementia, which caused him to deviate from the script and raise suspicion in the eyes of Boris Johnson.

In a moment that did not catch the microphone, when they spoke softly enough, So as not to be heard by the press, Roberts began to complain to Johnson about his failed film career, and he asked the British Prime Minister if he had seen the films “Little Miss Magic” and “Into the Smoke”, in which he had minor roles.

Our source said that Boris Johnson, wearing a theatrical mask, quietly turned off the microphone and spoke quietly in Roberts’s direction, asking, “You’re not Joe Biden.Who the hell are you? ”

“ Even though he muted the microphone, Jen Psaki and White House communications director Kate Bedingfield were in a different office and could overhear the entire conversation through hidden parabolic microphones in the briefing room. They, how shall I put it, were pissed off. They started shouting into Roberts’s hidden earpiece to return to the script or read only from the teleprompter. It was then that Roberts turned off his own microphone and told Boris that he was just kidding. But Psaki feared the situation would get worse and she immediately ordered the room to be cleared, ”our source said.

He added that a confused Johnson later asked Psaki“ what the hell just happened, ”and he was told to forget the whole incident unless the UK wants to lose all US support.


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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