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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to have time for me again!

A text from “Inner Worlds” and a post by @TheOracleReadsU inspired me to write this article. Many times in the last months I have heard or read that we will all find our tribe again. Our soulmates, our soul family. Many months ago it was all too wacky, too unreal and also incomprehensible to me. But in the course of the months not only I became aware of it, but also many other awakening people. Only we took it all wrong and interpreted it wrong (should happen, LOL). We related everything to the outside, to other people, to our environment. At times we even waited for our tribe to reveal itself or for us to be led to it somehow. We had problems to understand why “out there” nothing changes, why so many can’t or don’t want to recognize what is being played out in the world. Why they are all still so deeply and so firmly stuck in the dying world. In doing so, we have forgotten or not taken into account one very crucial point.

It is not about the others, it is only and alone about us! About you and about me! We can never influence the outside, but only the outside in which we ourselves participate, what we see as the outside, what we draw into our life, what happens to us. Before we come to the texts, in addition an example: Even if I have now a family, for which I provide, nevertheless I am it only alone, which pulls circumstances into its life. So if I deal with the old world, with worries, fears and doubts, I draw that into my life and also into that of my family. This is a law of nature, but it applies solely to me. I alone influence my family with my thoughts and actions, that is, with what I draw into my life. It is drawn into what happens to me. It is part of my immediate environment and is confronted with everything I draw to me.

“The more you find yourself, the more your environment changes. People distance themselves from you because YOU no longer fulfill their expectations. You uncover disappointments, because you recognize what you are worth. You break free from toxic circumstances and toxic places that drag you down. You may walk part of the way alone, but the more you are true to yourself, the more authentic connections you will attract!”

Quote from @TheOracleReadsU:
“No matter how open, wise, peaceful and loving you are, people can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves. Once you have done the inner work, you will be too much for some people. They just won’t understand you, and that’s okay. They’re not your people. You are. Your tribe will find you!”

The Deep State knew all this. That’s why they divided us and made us abdicate our responsibility to ourselves. And we have to take that responsibility back. Every man for himself, nobody can do it for us.

The point is that the people outside can’t handle us anymore because we have changed. We are awakening, we realize that we don’t need things anymore, that we suddenly consider things unimportant. For some people it is television, computers or smartphones that no longer interest them. Or sports that you used to do or watch yourself. Suddenly everything becomes unimportant. This is not a reason to despair, but to rejoice. I can’t change others or make them think like me. They can only do it when they awaken themselves. And they can only do that by themselves! They have to take up the seed of doubt and then it can grow. Those who can’t, don’t want to, won’t belong to our tribe. Even if it is a close family member, we have to accept that. We do not need to put energy into an awakening campaign, however big or small it may be. If you don’t start to change your thinking, your actions, your attitude, we won’t change you. I know of people who have a negative, dark foreign occupation. Just like the sleeping person, the clone or the biorobot, they have no idea about it. They think they act and seem neutral and right. But they are attacked and occupied by these energies because they have good hearts. If I or someone else were to tell them that they are foreign occupied, they would turn against me or that person. Just like sleeping people do. They have to figure it out on their own, then they can change it.


In these cases, with these people, I know that all negative energies will soon disappear, so also the occupations. And then they will become again what they can only pretend to be now. It is a situation, as with the sleeping people, that can already trouble us. Our hands are tied, we can only wait and trust that it will soon be over. Also for me it is sometimes unimaginable or unbelievable that we get help from the outside, or that this help is already there. Especially because there are still, even now, when it becomes more and more obvious, still people or channels that claim that we have to intervene or act ourselves. The only thing we have to do ourselves is to work on our development, on our awakening. We ourselves have to visualize our future life as we want it to be. And firmly believe that it will be like that. We will get proof afterwards.

Ryan K Bauer published a great post on this:

“REAL faith doesn’t need “evidence”. Evidence serves the EGO. Faith serves a higher purpose and power. We have FAITH in that which we cannot see, and PROOF is only needed in the absence of faith.

“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,and nothing hidden that will not be made known.” -Luke 12:2

Faith is the understanding that the Creator will reveal the TRUTH according to His timing. When we let go of the EGO, focus less on what we WANT and more on what we NEED, we will discover comfort in patience.

We can find evidence of the Creator’s work in how we choose to look at the world each day. We can SEE change in the smallest things while the rest of the world remains blind. We know that lies will be exposed, that the system will fall, and that corruption will end. PROOF is for the blind; faith is for those who trust in what the Creator has shown.

Behind the scenes, the new world is emerging while the old world continues to disappear. Find security and comfort in knowing the truth, and while we wait for the revelation, do not let the anticipation of what is to come prevent you from seeing what is happening NOW.

Drip, drip, flood.”

I have replaced the word “God” with Creator in this text because many have a problem with it, or always associate it directly with religions. But religions are man-made, for divisive purposes. There is a creator, or a creator, one can and may call him or her as one wants. This is also something we will get back to, which will change for the better. Without religions, we will be deeply connected to the Creator and His creation, to nature. And we will find our tribe, our soul family, our soul mate. The soul mate anyway, many lucky ones have even found him already and live together with him, go together with him into the golden age.

So let’s just leave aside the outside, which we cannot influence or change. Let us believe and trust that together, but still each for himself, we will change our small world and thus the big world. By consciously finding ourselves, by changing ourselves. Then our tribe will also find us and that is perfectly right.

“Our souls have conversations that words could never describe.”
Bridgett Devoue

“There are no chance meetings between souls.”
Sheila Burke

“A connection between souls is ancient – older than the planet.”
Dianna Hardy


WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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