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Reader Post | By GK

Anyone who has paid attention to my essays or videos knows I promote individualism over collectivism. Collectivism always leads to infiltration by dark elite agendas.

I think being an individualist as a writer and reporter is key to maintaining a level of integrity to taking nothing and creating something.

Taking full responsibility as the individual. In this day and age of tech for everyone and platforms to share it, the individual is more empowered than ever.

One example might be the first season or so when Dave Chapelle made a show– his way– with his humor.  And then outsiders came in to try and use what he created for other purposes.  Humor as social engineering propaganda like John Stewart and Steven Colbert, a liberal agenda.

The elite families who own the world– support this sophisticated propaganda with fiat currency they print up. It’s not the money so much as the power it buys to dictate content to everyone and drive agendas. Many of us know they are pretty sick and want to normalize pedophilia. 

Things like critical race theory and other egghead psychiatric think tank manipulations of the individual’s right to form their own thoughts all sort of lead in the same direction. Allowing the state to illegalize normal thinking processes. 

Namely Tavistock, once run in part by Sigmund Freud and his cousin Edgar Bernays, identified the triggers to herd people into the pens that allowed humanity to be cowered into simplistic commands they would accept to maintain popularity to groupthink.

Group think is the toxic poison in the purest lake.

So today I post the latest Kim Goguen gathering, and I talk for 10 minutes before the video begins. I am hoping Kim and Tank see it and it has some influence over them empowering individuals and not just collectives.

My barometer as to their works ranges between an A plus and a C minus. I have not detected evil in their works like I do with the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump and a Talmudic mafia with their hierarchy of sociopathic hit men. 

I think Life Force really are good people coming together with the best of intentions but the cautionary tale of roads paved…

Of course the question remains who really gives her this power and how trustworthy they will be in the long run. Although how can anyone be worse than what has come before?

I suggested the other day that she is led by the Rabbi syndicate who have for thousands of years chosen anonymity and stealthful control over any sort of ego driven need for fame and publicity. 

This may sound like an admirable trait but in reality it serves dark power very effectively and has for thousands of years. I suggested that it was likely them who thought about all the money contracts expiring before everyone else did and lured all wealth to be given over to the “trust.”

All these rich families that signed over their wealth keep asking for some of it back but as Homer Simpson might say when told he signed it all over, “DOH.”

They must have wanted some fiat money when they did, and were extremely short sighted.

To me, one must look at the history we already lived for 499 years to make that educated guess.

When Kim calls out Jared Kushner, does it mean she is on an opposite side of Jared Kushner, or does it try and hide affiliation? Just asking.

Only individuals can ask these questions. Her collective would condemn that immediately. One reason I hate collectives. Brown nosing group think seems to reign supreme.

I could go on about faith, trust and deception but I think I make my point regularly.

In terms of confirming certain ideas of do I trust her or don’t I, it is a series of little things along the way that has made me very hopeful about her integrity. When she speaks of health related issues that I myself have been experiencing like the re-occurring maladies associated with synthetic parasites and frequencies, I don’t go looking for a link to a Doctor, I compare what she said to my personal health and experience.

For example, she recently said Walmart has been using frequencies or perhaps something in the air ducts and I am all about noticing patterns. For about a year I had noticed when I pushed my groceries to my car in the parking lot after I left the exit, I had an intense debilitating fatigue. I noticed this months before Kim said anything about it. I even told a friend that I thought Walmart must be pumping something in just as Casinos seem to lace their air with crack.

My small town doesn’t have other grocery stores so Walmart is often my only resource. But I get they are run by a dark power broker who wants us dead — so trusting their food is less than wise. Not to mention being shipped from China where the standards are much lesser.

Being a skeptic — it is also hard for me to easily accept the idea that other stores or growers are honest about what is used in their so-called organic produce as well, but this is besides the point.

I get one has to be vigilant about where they shop. And being lazy about it has consequences.

Point being, Kim hit on a pattern I noticed. And has with other things too. That breeds trust and the cynic in me even wonders about the science of trust. Being played has human behavioral study to consider.

Here is a question to consider though, as she reveals these technocratic human violations using frequencies and toxins couldn’t a diabolical entity like those who empowered Fauci have a long term plan of gaining trust by using good guy agents to point out evil to gain trust?

I am annoyed at those who hand over trust so easily. Half the population traded their health for rather perverse unproven scare tactics in the last year, haven’t they?

But the stuff her organization says and promises is definitely preferable to the twisted stuff the Bush, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Trump, Biden regimes have offered us right?

And if I were on a jury, I would probably vote her innocence based on what I hear. But the trial isn’t over yet so I retain my duty to reach a verdict until all the evidence is in.

White hats declaring themselves white hats has not shown me anything to hang my hat on. Take the so-called clearing of D.U.M.B.s. Isn’t it possible they are covering up criminal evidence? Rather than rescuing?

The mass populace are more important to justice than any law enforcement agency, court or media outlet. Why? Because if the masses never know the truth about a guy like Tom Hanks, did the tree fall in the forest and make a sound?

And speaking of this, Kim still chooses not to use names and words that call out people directly. So I chalk that up to something to consider when weighing a verdict.

I reserve the right to be an open minded juror and not a sycophant always. That is the key to individualism. But I still like Kim so far. And again, how could she be worse than what came before?


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