(Reader: timjoebob) DOJ FBI Declare War on Parents


Reader Post | By timjoebob

…because parents don’t like the idea of schools (indoctrination centers) brainwashing their kids into thinking CRT is a good thing along with the blatant lies about vaccines, masks, and anything else that goes against the Agenda narrative (Communism).—–schools are Communist now in case you haven’t been keeping up on current events. The CCP owns the education system and teachers (indoctrinators). Very few ‘teachers’ are standing up to the psychopaths of Communism. It’s the parents who still have a few brain cells left that are the ones standing up against the bullshit.

Order followers…a scourge upon the world. To hell with the truth. Who needs it? We have Marxist Socialist Communist Fascist Authoritarian Totalitarian Orwellian Globalist MSM NWO filth’riddn Satanic cultists to tell us what the truth is. For that matter, we no longer need to think at all. Just be a programed robot in a meat suit…and be happy about it. And whatever you do, do NOT question anything. In no way shape or form, do NOT think for yourself. Period. Just don’t do it.

Yeah, man, I can see how well the war is going. It’s all good. Right?

Excuse the hell out of me, but I don’t need a NDE. I’ve already had that just being on planet Psycho, thank you. Near Death Experience is all the rage now. You know, that thing that the world needs to experience in order for us to move onward and upward. It’s a Universal thing, you know.

How nice. How convenient. Some guru or philosopher or someone says this is just the way it is, so just shut up and accept it. How about I tell those gurus and philosophers to get a clue. NOT EVERYONE SEES IT THE WAY THEY DO and THEY DON’T HAVE THEIR FINGERS ON THE PULSE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE.

I can think for myself and I encourage everyone to do the same. It’s ok to ask for help or guidance but ultimately people should make their own decisions based on facts or real life experiences. Some parents are seeing what’s going on and standing up against this Communist disease…a festering, puss-oozing cancerous disease spreading around the world.

Do your own research. Just make sure to cross check information several times and connect the dots and a picture will emerge…..
…..that the government is the enemy…and always has been. The DOJ, FBI, and most, if not all, alphabet agencies are the enemy. The reason your neighbors are enemies is because their brains have been sucked out of their heads and there’s no easy way to put brains back into them after being indoctrinated…because cognitive dissonance is powerful mind control.


The truth is the great awakener to those who love it and hated by those who love to hate the truth.

THAT is government. ‘Control of the mind’…
‘Mind control’…it’s what government means.

Trust the government? You gotta be completely out of your mind…for real.

DOJ, FBI and most all of the rest = enemy of the people. …..and they want you dead while they take your children as future slaves for their Agenda.

How nice. The war is going good and is expanding as I write this. That good old NDE is coming soon as Americhina continues down the spiral of death…or NDE…or whatever. One thing is blazingly clear which makes me sick to my stomach. America will never be same again, nor will the rest of the world.

I actually miss the old world…with all the warts and ugliness. It was better than this crap. If the world gets better after the war or wars, then that would be very cool, indeed. I’m all for a NWO…..just NOT THEIRS.

Good luck,




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