(Reader: timjoebob) The Truth isn’t Important


Reader Post | By timjoebob

…because it’s only what you can prove in court that’s important. …..and if you can put some grease (money) on those wheels of injustice you’ll be in and out of trouble in no time at all.

THAT is the rigged maritime law system that is so full of doublespeak it was probably George Orwell’s inspiration for 1984—–yes I’m being sarcastic and I intend to be cynical, too. The courts have always been corrupt and always will be unless it’s dismantled and then built on a concept of real, honest, authentic, nonbiased view of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It’s not a complicated concept. It’s simple. But, lawyers, politicians, judges, and corporate interests don’t give a holy flying rat’s ass about anything but money and power which equals control and absolute dominance which equals corruption…and blah blah blah.

Have you ever read legalese? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Go ahead. Knock yourselves out. All of those highly worshipped law books as thick as thieves and thousands of pages of Satanic cultist ideologies posing as fair and just practices are nothing more than the BAR Association’s holy bible. Anyone who passes the BAR and becomes a licensed attorney at law automatically serves the Crown.

A few years ago:
I told a co-worker about the BAR and what it meant. He had just passed the BAR. He had no clue what it stood for…completely clueless. He became a licensed attorney and didn’t even question what BAR stood for. Needless to say that I tore into him like badger. I reprimanded him on his blatantl disregard for even caring about it. He was so obsessed with passing the exam after hours and hours and hours upon hours of study, that nothing was more important than just passing that test. Just pass the test and you’re in.

I had to bite my tongue after that. You don’t want to get me going.

BAR stands for British Accredited Registry.

Lawyers work for the Crown. That’s right. Prove me wrong. It’s a fact.

England wanted this country…to expand its dominant role wherever it could in parts of the world not conquered yet.

The Royal Pain-In-the-Ass Family of Corrupted Elites in England, owned and operated by Zionist bankers, among others, have an entire army of legal minions to continue the fraud on America. They hate America…because we kicked their asses out of here with the help of the French way back when. America has not forgotten about that. If it had not been for the French, our country probably wouldn’t be called America…..certainly not the USA.

Thank you, France.

So, the truth be damned. If you can’t prove it in court, then it’s probably not the truth in the eyes of the corrupt…ahem, I mean court.

Yeah. Right.

Do you see a problem here? …..nahh. Move along. Nothing to see here. Go back to sleep… and don’t question the Supreme Court of Satan.

Why do you think judges wear black robes?

I’ll just leave that question for you to ponder if you don’t already know the answer.



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