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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Our language use, our vocabulary is full of words around time.

“I don’t have TIME!” or “This is TIMEless!”, close to TIME, at TIME, work TIME, free TIME, we had a nice TIME, my best TIMES are behind me, right-TIME, and so on. And of course there are also many words that have to do with TIME. Unpunctual, on time, clock, time clock, deadline, delivery date, expiration date, completion, you know what I mean. What has been going through my mind the last few days and weeks is who may have thought this up. Who made us slaves of time in addition to slaves of debt and money? Because the primitive people did not know something like time, or they knew it differently. They arranged their daily work after brightness or darkness, after seasons (crap, again this word…..) or after their needs.

No one demanded a certain amount of products or work output in a certain span, no one demanded a fixed delivery date for a job or product. Our ancestors lived by the sun and moon, by winter, summer, fall, and spring. They knew when to sow seeds and when to harvest. They knew how long to cook food so that it was edible and tasty, they knew how long food had to be stored and how to store it so that it did not spoil. All this without clocks, without kitchen or egg timers, without anything of what we use today to measure TIME. They also had no calendars in our sense. Their calendar and their clocks were nature. Even today, farmers follow rules that their ancestors taught them and that have been handed down through generations. As long as the rulers or those who want to be, let them. Today it is nevertheless in such a way that the most uneducated ones determine, how our nature has to look. “Experts” included. “Experts”, who just know how nature is written, who know the forests from pictures or perhaps once went for a walk in a forest.

Let’s leave this digression, I know that soon we will all return to the knowledge of our ancestors. The most important thing we will take from the old world. Experience and knowledge, real knowledge. Because our world worked very well before, without most of today’s ” new knowledge”.

So who invented this bullshit with time? Let’s be honest, we are sick because this time exists. First inconspicuously and psychically, later also physically. Because we don’t have time to listen to the signals of our body. And not only that, we are made sick by time changes. Soon this completely unnecessary changeover from CEST to CET is coming up again. Reversed to spring, the clocks will be set back one hour, so instead of 03:00 in the morning, it will be 02:00 in the morning. Some are happy because they can “sleep an hour longer”, others are annoyed because they have to work an hour longer. Under the rope, all that remains is an abnormal change that causes subliminal damage. With the knowledge of today, we realize that there is no benefit in changing the clocks. The original idea was to save energy with it, today we wonder how to save anything with it. The light, which I have to turn on in the morning, I don’t have to turn on until later in the evening. The heating continues to run at the same rhythm. What I supposedly save in six months CEST, I spend again in six months CET.

But it’s like everything else governments tell us: What is introduced is never meant for us. But always only against us, in the case of the time changeover against our health. We know that from the last 1.5 years enough. A “virus”, vaccinations, lockdowns, destruction of the economy, compulsory masking, all for our own good, right?

Back to TIME. When I say: “Take time for yourselves!” this is actually not correct, because time cannot be taken. But it is still there, or it does not become more or less, if I do something for myself. I can’t sleep in advance or catch up on sleep either. We have become so accustomed to clocks, calendars, yearly overviews, our entire life revolves around them. Hectic, stress, restlessness, expectations, goals, desires, they all (and more) have to do with it. And in the consequence also mental and physical illnesses, resulting from it. Burn-out, stomach ulcers, are just two of many.


We often hear from some gurus that events such as the RV happen on an event-by-event basis rather than a date-by-date basis. Holly is a role model there. She is right, because the military, which has been cleaning our planet from the dark forces for months/years, doesn’t give a damn about a date. They have lists with tasks, and they work off them, every point step by step. They don’t care if it takes one day, two days or ten days. They really don’t care, because it’s the result that counts, for example “DUMB 3296 cleaned up and flooded”, next is DUMB 3297. PERIOD! And the step “START THE RV” is just not on yet! PERIOD again! So we can’t know which item on the list is next, we can’t know who is making dates on behalf of the Alliance to lure any cabal into any traps. We also cannot know how many items are still to be worked off until everything will come out in the open. For us only results may be important, everything else is speculation. Over and over again, there is only speculation. Whether it is Q-drops, whether it is speeches or statements by Trump, or whether it is statements, posts, tweets by other patriots, we all cannot know! No one but a handful of people know the plan!

We should all realize that slowly but surely. As I can have such great names, or have famous names, or be so luminous, or call myself so luminous, I have NO KNOWLEDGE as to the Plan. That’s the lesson for all of us, and honestly, we don’t do very well there, I think. Trust is believing without knowing. I have faith in the plan, in the gradual cleanup of our planet, in an improvement of our lives soon. I don’t believe in a specific date, but I believe that it will happen soon. Because one thing is clear. The alliance pushes everything to the top to bring as many as possible still to the awakening, with many it is in vain (for whatever reason, I do not care!!!). But at some point the top is reached and then it goes down again. And that point will be reached soon.

In my optimal future, I won’t wear or need a watch, I don’t think anyone will anymore. And so we will say goodbye to many things that may seem important to us today. Everything will become easier, simpler, more carefree. We will recover while we renew the planet. In a community without TIME. Time is only important for darkness. And finally a play on words: TIME NEAR we will see results, trust it!

“Time is what you read on the clock.”
Albert Einstein

“Time lingers long enough for the one who wants to use it.”
Leonardo da Vinci

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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