Vatican: No Religious Exemptions from Covid-19 Vaccines


Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 6, 2021

“Vatican: No Religious Exemptions from Covid-19 Vaccines”  

I wonder, would the Catholic Church secretly grant my religious exemption in exchange for a private donation of a year’s wages? If so, that stinks to high Heaven, in the same manner that a man of wealth and taste, with $300 could opt out of the Civil War draft. Back in 1863, $300 was an average-persons yearly wage.

This article was on the Alex Jones website: Vatican: No Religious Exemptions From Covid-19 Vaccines  

by Kit Daniels  

October 4th 2021, 12:11 pm 

“The Vatican won’t allow any religious exemptions from taking the Covid-19 shot, despite the fact that many of vaccines were developed using or tested on aborted fetus cells.

Staff at the Vatican City must provide a health certificate – called the Green Pass in Italy – that shows a recent, negative Covid-19 test or a vaccination – and there’s no religious exemptions. 

But now the Vatican is slowly forcing staff to take a vaccine, starting with the Swiss Guard. 

“Those who oppose vaccination on religious grounds have often cited the use of cells from fetuses aborted decades ago in the development of immunizations, including in those aimed at combating Covid-19,” reported RT. “The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the oldest among the nine congregations of the Roman Curia – declared last year that, so long as no other option is available, it is morally acceptable to receive such vaccines.” 

The Vatican was offering other options, however. 

For one, the Vatican was allowing staff to submit to regular Covid testing instead of taking a vaccine. 

Presumably this is what Vatican staff who wanted a religious exemption from the vaccine were doing. 

Additionally, the Vatican City could allow staff who’ve already been sick from Covid and hence developed a natural immunity to it to enter the grounds. 

Granted, these options are simply mainstream solutions, but they do offer a counter-argument to claim that “no other option is available” to those unwilling to take a shot. 

As previously reported, three Swiss guards have resigned rather than take a mandatory Covid-19 shot.” 

Not to be out done by the pope, The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have said Catholics can receive the vaccines in good conscience given the lack of alternatives (huh?). If these Bishops did not understand that there are alternative medications. How could they foretell whether this shot was the mark of the beast or not? Better safe than sorry – no? 

So much for the “Communion of Saints.” This is a Communism of Satanists at its worst. Total authoritarian disregard, without a compassionate interest in parishioner’s concerns for their jobs, life, and eternal souls.  

This breaks my heart, for I was a gigantic Pope John Paul II fan. But this pope said getting a covid-shot was “an act of love.” Love for whom? Is this shot sympathetic to Jesus or to Satan? Anyway, this papal BS must stop!  Imagine, asking Jesus (in person) during these modern times for a covid “religious exemption”, to prevent laying our souls to waste. What would He say? I bet He would grant this exemption, even to a deplored person like myself. After all, we were taught Matthew 10:28, “don’t be afraid of people. They can only kill the body. They cannot kill the soul. The only one you should fear is the One who can destroy the body and the soul in hell.”  

From a worldly perspective, shouldn’t the pope be kinder to the Catholic community? Especially after losing all that hoarded gold in the pedo-tunnels. Doesn’t he need the donation plate monies for operation costs?  

After all, coerced and awakened parishioners are less likely to contribute to Luciferic tricksters. Whose only benefit is their claim to be the only path to Heaven. Astonishingly, the pope would have Christians believe it is “Heaven for me” along with our large donators. Likewise, it is Hell for thee, you sinful saints. The Church does not recognize our religious convictions. They do not care if we are living without vices and praying the morning Rosary and Chaplet regularly.  

Thank God, Jesus holds the Key to Heaven’s Gate! Mercifully, there was still time to change the road I was on and stopped following Papal authority.  

I cannot wait for our Savior * to come back to Earth in His Glory! I bet the Newest Testament to the Bible, consisting of achievements and abuses of His Church over the past 2000 years, will be enlightening. All I need to do, is find a more Christian way around this covid shot! Thanks for nothing – Francis. 

*I called Jesus, Savior, many times. Until recently, not realizing the ill-omened promise of this title. 

God bless ! 



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